Oh That Is Interesting

So I found myself interested in studying President FDR the reason being that whilst I knew the name and of course studied History many of the knowledge was prior to more recent studies.  So fact number one was that he was mostly wheelchair bound following Polio though refused to allow that to be in his public image (probably would not have made President otherwise).  He was also the WWII President though dying shorty prior to the war ending-strange how US Presidents often do not survive war-at least perhaps not Democratic ones-though of course my US History knowledge is scarce at best that being a thought that rushed front and center of my mind what with JFK a few years later-3 name abbreviations could also be an issue thank god I do not call myself DSP.

Anyway that research was light internet research as opposed to better documented books-I still like book research purely for that reason alone in the sense that the well studied book writers do often have years of homework to backup the book writing skills.

Another sidebar name was some woman called Francis Perkins who of course stood out for myself through a shared name and of course my own strange History-I am unlikely to pursue that line of research though one or two facts are noted in that she was perhaps the first woman who held a US cabinet office position putting her in line for the Presidency.  Of course that never happened though she is perhaps highlighted in the Feminism movement type archives for her level of achievement at that time in history.

So of course I spoke on churches and that for myself at least takes myself back to reviewing my YELLOW BOOK as opposed to Mao’s RED BOOK.  The yellow book being written by that nun I mentioned a few months ago-the name escapes myself though the book is on my pad and I am going to go and improve my GRAMMAR once again.  I was also thinking of childhood group ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA (ELO) and that ever present song that we hear repeated through every generation since MR BLUE SKY.

so I am seemingly in the mood for throwing out little pieces speaking on this subject and that subject and building up my own kind of BRAIN FUNCTIONING LIBRARY. I can build up cause and effect library and so on assuming I make the appropriate connection in understanding the overall theme and life arc and so on.

Thank you and Good Night 🙂

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