When Horace and Horus Joined Together In Chorus

When Horace and Horus Joined Together In chorus, the horrors provoked response-I do not know sang Horace to Horus does one tonight have plans, for the audience before us horrors ignore us and I worked so hard on this script-I joined you in chorus and sang notes before us my harmony does so inspire-why Horace my dear the horrors before us know nothing of holding a tune-I’d be glad to join you for supper by moonlight the chorus before us is doomed.

Yes you can think yourself strange though playing around with such ditties can often lead to further IDEAS and of course some are simply witty anecdotes and others have underlying AH-HA’s.

So I spoke earlier on the issue of ISIS not to be confused in anyway shape or form with sisters because that could take us into the realms of the CATHOLIC CHURCH and of course with the Roman Empire I spoke of came the Catholic church and surprising as is may seem the Church and DEITY be they King Queen or Csar very often intertwined the belief set-so the church was in many ways no different to SHAMEN type characters that we see in some fictions-in fact the church actually adopted and integrated many of the “old style” witch craft type practices into a more unified and coherent “body of knowledge” so for instance Cathedrals and Churches were very often designed and positioned on so-called Energy Hotspots and Lay Lines and Meridian Points and had to face in particular directions and so on.  In fact the FAILURE of alternate religions to use the most basic of such knowledge is perhaps why the Catholic Church still globally dominates.

I mention the Catholic’s of course though what about Church Of England-well when Henry VIII could not get a divorce sanctioned he simply created a Church and when we look through the History books and so on I cannot really see huge divides and differences they seemingly drifted further apart and then came closer together and then further apart and of course new Religions joined the debates forming a Chorus-though that might be considered similar to the OVERLAAPPING AND OVERLAYING of SINE WAVES.

Not of course to be confused with Sinus Waves As that is another body related breathing apparatus.

Plenty to be getting on with-I am not sure who has the best patterns to be attuned to though the global ones do seem to be better than local ones-or at least being able to see the sins and symbols can potentially enable you to prosper whatever your own SCALEABILITY TABLE and knowledge.



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