The WATFORD Jihadist

So there I was minding my own business and so on and of course get sucked into the Foley Death News including listening to some of the spoken message and I later found my brain screaming WATFORD at my conscious zone window followed by lots of reasoning’s as to why.  Such brain speculations and so on are of course completely unscientific and inadmissible in courts of law and useless and even likely deemed a red herring-though I of course did a quick wiki-I had no idea as to why though of course I do seem to keep drifting into the ELTON JOHN song and recordings list so that is perhaps why as to everything else well I suspect that authorities will have already perhaps pinpointed likely areas of Muslim Jihadist recruitment zones.

So what the hell was that all about-who knows though as I said when your brain screams it can be useful to make a note and see where the relevance or triggers and so on appear later.

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