HyZyon McDougmore

So I mentioned recently how it can be demonstrated that each generation seeks to advantage the children through the imparting of what they consider to be choice names and not to be out done I thought well can I think of a name that has not gone before and in reality there are probably quite a few though being in a rush to get this piece out I just grabbed some letters and put them together and Hey Presto I can probably INVENT an entire Business Entity with a name like that one.

You’ve never heard of the Hyzyon McDougmore Corporation?

So you can of course come up with a name, a plot and then write towards having a deliverable book of some description.  I am quite sure that some Authors put great amounts of thought into the names and so on of characters within there novels whilst others just make them up or pluck them out of the air.  A typical example that springs to my own mind was the name Hermione-used of course in the ever popular Harry Potter Books-I had never heard of the name prior to those books and thought the author clever in choice of name invention-however as I have progressed with my own research and so on I have actually found that the name did exist prior to the Potter books-in fact (In all honesty) the Potter Books perhaps are a good example of what might be described as the best kind of PLAGIARISM in the sense that nothing new or original was therein contained though the author made BEST USE of pre existing ideas and so on.  I say made best use because I happen to like the series-of course an Elitist might of course sneer and say that is an example of my level of intelligence-however despite the enormous size of the later books in the series they do generally zip along at quite a pace in the “I can’t put it down until I finish stakes”.

So I say that of course because I have also over the years sought to read what might be regarded as the choice of the sneering elites and perhaps enjoyed some of those too-though I did find that I was less enthused with the “I can’t put it down” mind set.  So that might be good or bad again a debate to be had probably based around some Literary IDEA that READING is not supposed to be fun and you have to learn and all the rest of those sorts of things.

So you can adopt the little bit of everything-jack of all trades kind of thinking-or you can take too much notice of particular stereo types and so on and get carried away with PLAYING YOUR PART.  Your part of course being the typical son/daughter of parents from that SECTOR of society.

So I found myself recalling dreams more over the last few days and whilst I do not generally publish or write absolutely everything it can of course be a good idea to always be taking notes and so on and then seeing what occurs and how you are currently interpreting things.

A piece that stood out for myself was of course some article on the reflective narrative.

What is the REFLECTIVE NARRATIVE?  Well that is where you simply write a narrative or commentary such as this one and then observe and witness what goes on in and around the World as you watch.

So is that an OASIS album in your collection or are you just pleased to hate me.  Yes as I was going on about ISIS and so on it did occur that I was leaving examples out that were quite obvious ones-especially given recent news.


Yes every generation seems to have the word cissy to fall back on when seeking to isolate or describe peoples and persons-who would I use that word to describe at present-well I would use it to describe JEREMY CLARKSON.  The guy is famous of course for alleged “GAFFES” when in reality they are not gaffes because he has made a career out of such behaviour seeking perhaps to be the Duke of Edinburgh of the common man-though when you dissect many a gaffe you do find that whilst you like his TV SHOW-that he is perhaps past an AGE where he is allowed to get away with it-that debate of course one of is the MAN SEPARABLE FROM THE PRODUCT.

So he of course the Personality of a Popular Show that he invested much of his life in-the problem being that having never done a days work in his life-he comes out with Thatcher like statements against people who strike and lets slip “A little bit of racism”.   The middle-class housewives of his “typical viewer” will be saying “Oh  you are naughty Jeremy titter titter”.  Of course he would probably respond that having the sissy name Jeremy is what made him so tough.  He is of course the kind of person that “GIVEN THE FREEDOM OF BUDGET & LIFESTYLE” many a person would not complain of being akin too.

His perhaps being the zone of the middle class Rugby and Rowing Middle Englanders.

So where else can attention be turned too-well returning to the word plays of the TITLE I did find myself thinking how can I develop a next generation technology to aspire and target readership and investment towards.  However I did find that trying to combine the IDEAS that were springing to mind was not going to be that easy.

So I found myself thinking about combining IDEAS relating to NANOTECHNOLOGIES with IDEAS of SHARDINAL VECTOR COORDINATES and IDEAS relating to ENERGY>

The problem being that the SHARDINAL VECTORS idea came first and I have not a clue as to what my subconscious was seeking to impart by that.  We do of course hear of SHARDS of GLASS and VECTORS are related to mathematical functions.

So does my mind require that the looking glass or EYE OF HORUS be RECONFIGURED?

Yes strange though true-of course I did play the Game Elite years ago and that was a VECTOR GRAPHIC’S GAME and was for my mind at least somehow related to the IDEA of THE SENTINAL if memory serves correctly-I mention that because I also spoke on Movie Series TRANSFORMERS and that of course had character SENTINAL in the 3rd Movie and Arthur C Clarke also wrote The Sentinal short stories as have multiple other writers.


So yes several IDEAS floating around and the HOW is bringing them together into a COHERENT shape and workable form that is the SOLUTION to a particular problem-or perhaps not-given NEUTRALITY you can of course create and develop anything and then find a USEAGE LATER.

So I found myself thinking of Nano-tech of course because the ULTIMATE is perhaps this idea of WATER that RECONFIGURES ITSELF-thing ODO character or RACE in Deep Space NINE (more Star Trek).  That was of course a more liquid like Mercury-and of course we saw the same of the Later Terminator.

So metals like water and shards of energy.

Yes as I say I am writing the information here because they will not go away so SHARDINAL VECTORIZATION of?

Will create enough?

To cause the ENERGY to?

And that is how your Nano Tech will work in demonstrating?

yes so following trains of thought though of course getting through each step of a Creative process can be troublesome-though the more you do it the more CONVINCING you become-in the sense that ANY WELL THOUGHT THROUGH INTERDIMENSIONAL IDEA that is given  good strong BACKGROUND and FOUNDATION can be used by any WRITER to convince people or persons of the VALIDITY OF?

Well enough for now-possibly more later THE BEATLES link has not yet of course been discussed here by myself though I did have a brief SUP to John Lennon-IMAGINE THERES KNOW SCOUSERS, ITS EASY IF YOU TRY, NO STOLEN HUBCAPS, NO PARASITES

Yes highly unfair of course and in truth although few ever say such things I generally from my own studies think that The Rest of Britain would do well to BOMB LONDON.  If there is an EPICENTRE of BLACKWHOLE BRITAIN then surely that EYE of the STORM OF HORUS is to be found in the SOUTHEAST.

I could of course go on and on though pinpointing and linking ideas across differing realms when uncoordinated is troubling.  Answer the QUESTION?

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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