Wow So How Cool Is That

So of course having mentioned an old childhood memory game Elite I decided to follow the trail and was led to a new version that looks to be the proverbial dogs testicles-known as Elite Dangerous version are apparently already available for PC users and other versions will likely become available depending on demand. The game was famous for employing NEWTONIAN PHYSICS The visual trailers can be seen at

I mention that of course because I also mentioned Arthur C Clarke famed of course as the writer of the short story the SENTINAL that 2001 A SPACE ODYSSEY was based upon. That film again had a SPINNING CIRCULAR SPACE STATION

And of course looking upon what I wrote earlier there is of course A Big Wheel known as the London Eye so lots of links to Spinning Wheels and so on-and of course some of our earliest efforts at producing electrical ENERGY were I believe from the same concept of water wheels and so on-much has gone into Hydro electric and TURBINE ideas that of course perhaps work along a similar model.

I also saw earlier a Real Life Hover Bike Development on a video interview clip from Reuters and that looks to be in advanced stages. Though wired magazine also apparently covered it.

So apparently the Hoverbike (according to the Reuters Interview) has to pass Helicopter Assessments and testing though the research and work is very advanced-who doesn’t remember seeing the Stars Wars hover bikes all those years ago whizzing through the forests and so on-though these bikes are actually designed to fly far above such landscapes.

Of course you would think that if a Civilian Aviation Company can create them then so can Governments and so on-why?  well they do of course fit into that below radar type thinking and being able to skim along forest treetops is an obvious solution imagine what they could do with some stealth attachments.  If you have not seen the clip go and find it-top of the Boys Toys spending List.

So lots of spinning things going on perhaps though that might of course again take myself into the How Can I Fund a Lifestyle Like That?

The problem of course with some TV/FILM is that they have not been though through where engineers do have to think these things through-for instance I mentioned Transformers and of course they are similar shape and form to humans though many a robitc company has opted for more dynamic shapes and forms-so you see a TV Robot Scream MY EYE as though it is all important when in reality you can create the shape and human form (for instance) though have the actual sensory devices anywhere about your robots assembly.  That of course to some might not make sense-though in engineering terms you have to balance power needs and all the rest of those things to an optimum form.

So the idea of shapeshifting INTELIGENCE is not all that new and you could in Theory at least practice imagining what it might be like if you could reconfigure your AURA shields and so on-sounds strange though in many ways that is what a number of the modalities I recommend actually encourage.  so yes we want to get the best out of how we know our senses to work and we also want to develop that BODY sensory capability where you can stick a finger up in the air and know that it is like a periscope that you can  use to imagine positioning and spywares and so on with.

The periscope perhaps takes us back into Beatles yellow Submarine and Coldplay Yellow type territories though of course how do blind people sense yellow or red or blue and how do you know that you are working from the same dataset.  test must be carried out on differing peoples without differing senses in order to establish how they became functional in the manner that they are functional for instance.

So every one has capabilities that can be developed given a little practice and convincing and so on.  That also of course includes taking the most basic of written text and seeing how it might be considered as NOW elsewhere in the World whether for a sport you follow or simply WITNESSING the NARRATIVE as THOUGH YOU ARE THE NARRATOR.


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