Durham Durham Durham Durham OH WA WHOO oo ooOOO

So of course the CAKE IDEA reappeared and THIS IS NOT JUST ANY CAKE-THIS IS A DOUBLE CHOCOLATE JAM INFUSED EDITION with the kind of SUGAR content that sends a DENTIST into HYSTERICS.

WIN_20140823_174847 WIN_20140823_180900 WIN_20140823_180908

So baking skills can be checked off of the list-though the decorating was perhaps beyond the scope of concentration the start to finish of an activity is one of those difficult areas whereby dedicating more than ** minutes to an activity can turn it from an enjoyment into a chore. All the so-called short-cut developments in the World are taken for granted by the youth of today where us older heads perhaps remember our impatience at having to wait to do this activity or that activity. Now all is rush rush rush I need to be on Facebook Twitter TV Watching catching up with my ******* and so on.  So slavery is often required by such peoples much like the I cooked so you wash up remedy deal that many a person comes up with.  Of course having someone else pick up after you is perhaps required in childhood though far to many peoples act that way in adulthood without any regard for the fact that all responsibilities should be compulsory required learning. (IMO).

Yes the countdown begins to 7:50 pm GMT on the BBC whatever that is when it’s at home-I think Hereford is actually some eight 8 minutes behind Greenwich in REAL REAL TIME as opposed to London FRANKENTIME.

Enjoy your evenings-I look forward to eating CAKE. 🙂

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