So The Mother Mentions That Selfridges Has Opened The Christmas Department

So my mother mentions that Selfridges has opened it’s Christmas Themed Department and that generated for myself that most famous of English comedy words SMEEEEG-of course unbeknown to many a Brit is that SMEG is actually of course a popular refrigerator brand in some parts of the World-and actually many a person would probably like some of there Fridge/Freezers they being one of those brands that put all the so-called bells and whistles on they’re Fridges-what bells and whistles?  Well the high end market Fridge/Freezers and so on often (as an example) have crushed ice dispensers available as standard rather than some little cube tray that lower market Fridge’s have.  That of course just one of multiple examples of the differences of what any sector of society actually expects as standard-so if you read particular Household Magazines you are likely to see some of the more exotic bell & whistle merchandising-that can also include AGA cookers and so on that I think I spoke of before.

So speaking of cube tray-I do recall that I went into a local Leek’s  store (I think it was) and they have an entire range of SILICA GEL cooking trays and tins and so on.  They were a little bit more expensive than the regular trays and so on that we are accustomed though I thought they were pretty neat-the SILICA gel holding shape though FLEXIBLE meaning that it should be far easier to get cakes and so on out of the baking trays as you can simply pop them or push through the FLEXIBLE SILICA GEL.  So I have spoken on Silica of course in relation to Computer chips and of course they use SILICA gel for some plastic Surgery Body enhancement Routines and know you can COOK using Silica/Metal combination wear.  The Trays have some coated metal sections where you really do need the tray to feel and be solid as opposed to the gel like PLASTICITY of the MOULDS themselves-so that is cool in the sense that the traditional mould of course was used at the other end of the temperature scale perhaps for puddings such-as Jelly and blamange  and now they are producing Heat Resistant Gel Moulds that can work in the Heat.

Where else well why would I want to do these learning courses when I am supposed to learn at school says the not so little one-and in all honesty that is her own choice-I bought assorted courses for myself and not other people though of course it is easy to see how others can too benefit.  I mention that of course because her long awaited show Dr Who is on this evening so I/she may be baking a cake at some point.

Yes so I find myself returning to THE FRENCH CONNECTION-I mention this again because it is something that always bugged myself for many years.  At school during a FRENCH lesson-a substitute teacher could not handle the class she was teaching and SINGLED myself out as being RESPONSIBLE for the class misbehaviour-I was thrown into the lower set and that was equivalent to an ending of any language learning aspirations that I had-simply because a substitute teacher took a disliking to myself-anyone who bothered to look at school records would clearly have seen that the TEACHER was way out of order because there was no History for myself whatsoever of those kinds of disruptive behaviours-yes admittedly I was not part of any Solution to the substitutes woes-though from what I recall she was OUT-OF-HER DEPTH and OUT-OF-HER SOCIAL CLASS-nothing to complain about teachers teaching across Societal Class boundaries though they do have to understand that what works (for instance) in a fee paying Cathedral type School is very different from a public sector Council Estate School.

So the French Issue of course came back to haunt myself when I had that accident and of course more recently I found that USA cabinet women from XX years back.  So can Dave have a FRENCH CLEANSING?  Yes so knowing CAUSE and EFFECT can perhaps help in designing Learnings and Strategies that enable you to prosper as opposed to being at the mercy of out-of-there depth people or persons trying to single individuals out for SPECIAL ATTENTION as a way to bring others into line.  So that might be seen in business again where a new manager comes in and decides that X Person has to much influence that they are encouraged to think should be their own and they set out to SABOTAGE and ATTACK, ATTACK, ATTACK such an individual-to put it BLUNTLY-I have had several of these types over the years and I am still in place and they have moved on-so going after Dave is potentially more harmful to people that go after Dave than otherwise because they are not managing they are CRYING WOLF when no-one has played Wolf with them-that comes down to what is going on in there own head. 

I say that though of course reality is that I have little influence apart from writing these blog pieces and having “on the job” experience and thankfully my present managers all have a few years experience under the assorted belts.  So misbehaviours to look out for from NEW managers is often the Head/SCALP Hunting attitude of thinking they can cut of the head of a Hydra when we all know that such SCALP Hunting behaviours are MORE damaging to Companies than is given credence.

Where else well is the Premiership going yet?  yes of course we have seen many sports continue throughout the summer though some folks do like a life of the staple diet of soccer and so on-again it all comes down to focus though in all honesty I have found the single individual sports to be a safer playground than team sports though you can of course find goal scorer’s and so on in among any set of symbols on a page.

Yes I went through a phase of trying to work out all the game results though the DISTRIBUTION MAPPING I was using was perhaps limited or my area of focus was somewhat hazy jumping from one sector or window to another in a somewhat hazardous fashion.  So yes stick with your favourite team irrespective of what you now know though do not ome to myself complaining if you are aware they will this weekend be losing or winning or drawing THE INTERPRETATION IS ALL YOUR OWN and dependent on how much work and study you have placed into developing your own skills and so on.

I thought I was developing skills though very often one skill requires a sacrifice else where in your so-called suite of knowledge-strange though that may seem I guess it perhaps demonstrates that attention and focus and continuing to review and reset to a new set of eyes can make all the difference.

So I have not of course looked at todays fixtures though I saw that Rory pull something out of the bag yesterday in relation to his golf-can he carry that on-probably-though of course it depends on others outside of his control and how they themselves respond to his game.  You can only focus on your own game though of course some TEAM sports require that you work well with colleagues and so on-so it can be easy or difficult to pull back from the brink or deficit though each competition or game is an opportunity starting once again from scratch-the last result is irrelevant and you are only as good as you can be when you maintain how you are focussed NOW.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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