And The Saracen Screamed Cowabunga

So of course when we try to link all the goings on that we see around the World you really can simply write whatever seems most obvious and apparent to your own knowledge base.

In this case we have an Volcano in Iceland that shares a name somewhat similar to the fighting Cry of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles-The cartoon show was never on my own list of things to watch though it was popular among the next generation down-and I of course mention Ninja’s because we have been seeing a great deal of MEN IN  BLACK CLADDING in relation to the ISIS Movement.  So the World is perhaps becoming CRAZILY Mixed up.

Ninja’s of course traditionally related (at least) to Japan and Asia and so on.  The obvious link for myself was LEE VAN CLEEF who of course was another film movie star-starring with Clint Eastwood in a few roles and also playing a Ninja at one time.

California has had a Quake and that of course was the name of an early 3-D Shooter.  We also saw a SARACEN in multiple movies including Robin Hood Prince of Thieves and of course when we look at the Booze Trade you will often find that many a town has a Pub named the Saracens or some other middle east related Exotica.

So when travel was limited many a person could simply stick a couple of SWORDS on the Wall and give there business a exotic or inspiring title-though as the World Has opened up to Travel we are seeing the Consequences (perhaps) of So many IDEAS all spinning around in wild like mixtures.

We know longer associate many a past generation EXOTIC type idea with its original place of Origin.  So I spoke about the IDEA that you can control your own AURA FIELD (for instance) and speaking in relation to NINJA’S and so on-we do find that such things have existed in many ways in relation to the MARTIAL ARTS-whether it is KARATE or JUDO or whatever the latest popular variant is-you will likely find that you are given a point of Focus within your body that is regarded as your CENTRE of GRAVITY.  I could of course mention QIGONG as I could well imagine that some forms of MARTIAL ARTS perhaps have similar or related body movement exercises-if not the so-called related “Jap Slapping” or however one describes such activities.  It was interesting to see the Hiroshima Mudslides also going on-and again I guess it relates to how attuned you are or are not to the so-called greater going on of it all.

So of course consistent practice at such activities perhaps brings you into balance or alignment strongly enough to be able to know your own body in an in depth manner whereby you yourself advance to a point where you begin experimenting to see if things can be improved possibly even asking the questions-“How can I improve my Centre of gravity whilst practicing and creating my new modality?”.

Of course should anything be allowed to be easy? Well I do think that whilst anyone can do weight training and bulk up and so on-would you do those things if you could find modalities that can enhance or speed up the experience?

So Iceland Volcano and Californian Earthquake and ISIS clad in Gear that they usually make the Women wear.  So at least the double standard is not being applied and everyone can see that the men are prepared to wear that stuff too.  I see that Ebola is gradually finding its way into multiple Nations Lives and some debate as to whether to bring casualties “HOME”-I am sorry but that is a step to far (Yes the Yanks survived) though the idea that the same will happen throughout the World is debatable and  like watching a Horror Story UNFOLD whereby you already know what will happen when such virus’ and so on get into a mainstream population.  Okay so many a town has estates full of peoples and persons that many a Society could do well without-though you can all but guarantee when looking at the History Books that they always survive whilst third party individuals end up suffering because the wrong target’s picked up the bug or however.

There have long been claims (for instance) that AIDS was engineered in a LABORATORY and of course Society was non-plussed when it first appeared because the victims were all predominantly what mainstream society regards (rightly or wrongly) as DEVIANTS from Societal Norm-though as always-you always get those confused people who for whatever reason want to be different and you get such things seeping into mainstream Society.  So it (for instance) might have been created to Target Paedophiles and then spread into the mainstream heterophobic community before spreading into Society as a whole.  If EBOLA variants have been created in LABS-and given the History of the BUG-when we read books such-as THE HOT ZONE-we can see that these RETROVIRUS’ have existed and been known about for many years. EBOLA was known before AIDS going back to the 1960’s & 1970’s so plenty of time for experimentations to have taken place.

I say those years of course though what I really mean is THAT THEY BECAME OR WERE KNOWN TO WESTERNERS-during those years-those peoples and populations living in Africa and so on have likely known of such diseases and so on for CENTURIES.  The simply remedy’s they used worked-so why sudden change in the way the outbreaks are happening?

GLOBAL WARMING?  MORE VISITORS? PEOPLE visiting the caves for bat droppings.  Yes they are saying it is believed to be spread from a FRUIT BAT-so have the populations of the bats spread-it does not seem that simply to myself.  though of course any UN WORKERS & Missionaries travelling around assorted Countries handing out food aid and bibles and medicines could be spreading such bugs and of course most animals do not recognise HUMAN BORDERS AND BOUNDARIES.

So we cannot be sent to war so we have to be killed and culled in other ways?  well even that is probably untrue-when fear of failure to survive usually courses people to want MORE kids and so on-so in all likelihood we are be ging to once again see population explosions in certain parts of the World.  We keep hearing of genetically modified foods being EVIL and of course the reason being that they often change a plant in a minor way and then get some delusional COPYRIGHT.  The problem of course is that that most certainly should not be allowed.  How can COURTS and JUDGES know that such CROPS would nt develop NATURALLY in a thousand years or however long it takes.  All this effort to have genetically engineered foods now to feed peoples sounds great though the OWNERSHIP and other such debates could well see the corporations being TOPPLED and OVERTHROWN in a few years.  We see INDIA is refusing such crops after many farmers got suckered during a previous “WE’LL SAVE YOU” round from the multinational COMPANIES.

Probably better to focus efforts on developing crops for those Nomadic Regions-Deserts and places that lack water-not every visitor wants to drink juice from a CACTUS.

What is he going on about?

Well enough for now

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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