The Toxic Exotic Super-Recognisers

So we do all of course want to be able to identify where assorted traumas have come from within our own lives and it is not always as simple as pointing the finger at the parents and so on.  We are seeing Cliff Richard in the news at present and of course he was a popular singer to huge swathes of Society at one time-just as Denial Radcliffe (Harry Potter Actor) is popular to younger generations.  could listening to cliff Richard have had a detrimental effect on your life?  Another ever present that makes reappearances every few years is Kate Bush and I believe she is once again making a reappearance?  So whatever the generation there are peoples who had influence over peoples lives who may well have been operating from places of sincerity and honesty.  We also had of course from one era The PUNK movement and that might have been regarded as HONEST REBELLION in the sense that they said we are against SOCIETAL “NORMS”.

So exposure to any source or influence in any childhood could have detrimental effects later in life-though of course you can simply exist oblivious to some things until you yourself find yourself SURROUNDED by PEOPLE that BIG themselves up as REBELS when they are simply clinging to past Glories-every time Hereford United appears in FA cup for instance-we used to hear about some GOAL SCORED BY [INSERT FAMOUS HEREFORD GOALSCORER NAME] against Newcastle in the FA CUP.

CLIFF AND CALIPHRATES perhaps being where everything is at for many folks at present.

In race relations of course we have the NOTTING HILL Festival currently taking place-again those sorts of events often get Hi-jacked by peoples from this quarter or that quarter-though I think that particular festival has generally survived its origins and is still distinctively CARIBBEAN TRINIDAD & TOBAGGO type fair-just as (perhaps) is the RIO festival in Brazil though probably somewhat less exotic given the British Climate.

Bungee jumping and giving a BUNG  sprang to mind after the earlier piece so lots of Chelsea Buns and (yes I like Chelsea Buns) and other types of Buns perhaps on folks awareness list.  Name that BUN and DANCE 🙂

So of course the Carribean Festival might be regarded as TOXIC to traditional ENGLISH values though of course in all honesty most coloured folks I have encountered have again generally been more English than the English likewise peoples from other parts of the World-the shopkeepers will take your money and have the last laugh at your expense on any abuse you give them.  Where I live I often go to the local corner shop and notice local white kids in the shop coming out with clearly intended racist type crap and the store peoples probably don’t “GET IT” anyway so the kids just look like the asswholes and morons that they are.

So every one has the capability to be toxic and moronic though hopefully most people choose the “BETTER PART OF WISDOM”  I saw some quote regarding some General saying “Our Enemies Enemy Is Our Friend” type strategic thinking and I have spoken on that previously-whereby whilst it may have worked GLOBALLY in RELATION to Roosevelt and Churchill and Stalin the long term effects (for those in Eastern Europe) took a further 50 years to begin dismantling.  To have your rights and lives destroyed by POLITICAL DEBATES and WAR is of course THE WORLD WE LIVE IN.

So anyone can seek to PLAY THE ROLE OF Exciting Dr Who or Exotic Madam or whatever the problem of course being that far to many people seek to play those roles when they are supposed to be committed to pre-existing relationships and life courses-of course we all want something better and in many ways there is no escape-though at least having and owning your own mind is better than having it seized by [INSERT CEASAR NAME] or whoever.  Yes the rope can seem like it tightens initially when you use one or two of the modalities on my website though the long term reality is you will likely simply introduce a TAKE A WEAPON TO WORK PHILOSOPHY for many a dreg you find your self having to LIVE OR EXIST alongside and so on.  If that is beyond the scope of your efforts then you can simply write some names down with accusations as part of a blog draft or suicide note-who invented suicide notes-I most certainly would never leave one-as though post traumatic death wish note is going to do anything about the activities of some of the lowest of the low. 

Yes keep on writing and writing and witnessing and witnessing and break throughs will come-though of course there is little money or wealth to be gained in writing blogs such-as this one without a viable product and therefore INCOME of your own to sell and that perhaps comes down to CELEBRITY-whereby everyone can develop CELEBRITY whether through INFAMY or however though there surely are areas that are better than others.

So what are SUPER RECOGNISERS?  I have know idea they so them mentioned in a POLICE OFFICER QUOTE in relation to OFFICERS who were trained in the ART of being able to IDENTIFY known CRIMINALS.  I recognise soup of course quite easily-tomato is red, mushroom and chicken is generally cream, beef soups are generally brown-I do know that experimentation went into changing TRADITIONAL COLOURS to see if they made some foods more appealing-the most obvious set of rebels being those who do not want to eat there GREENS.

Of course colour schemes and schematics can make all the difference to success or failure-that is why seeing ISIS troups in BLACK is quite STRANGE they are not COMMANDO like Colours that you might expect from desert troups.

So they are very much Hitleresque with the “IN YOUR FACE” colour schemes.  We did see Civilian Organised type groups in America a few years ago-though again that was somewhat Hitleresque when you look at some of the Activities that his early recruits took up-and yes in many ways they were like CORRUPT Scouts and guides and so on.  you might say the same about how the ORIGINAL POLICE FORCE was set up in perhaps similar fashion and manner.

So even the most taken for granted ORGANISATIONS had debatable beginnings and so on.  I say debatable of course because the SQUABBLE and FIGHT for FUNDING GROWS.  The same is said of Military whereby many a TOWN or DISTRICT or REGION had its own ARMED FORCES often simply through the local Royalty Chains of Command and APPOINTMENTS, they keep on joining groups up and doing away with others and you do wonder whether anyone has ever thought t trim everything back to the simplest of basics. Much like that helicopter guy with the Hover Bike-he said he simply stripped uch of traditional Helicopter engineering away to enable his own creation to develop for PURPOSE.  so far to often ideas are developed and later when new techs are developed that can change the playing field few want or desire to go “what they regard as backwards” hen in science terms you are simply re-examining OLD AVENUES with NEW KNOWLEDGE.


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