So many trades and jobs do of course still manage to maintain traditional Bank Holiday Holidays whilst other companies have managed to wrestle such Holidays away from the staff-very often fooling idiots at the negotiation table with short term incentive when many an older structure was already the better deal for the staff-these kinds of changes have happened across British Society where Pensions and so on have been traded away.  

Is there a way out of such one-sided and one-dimensional approaches to the current practices and changes that are taking place in an environment near you?

So what resolutions can you make as a resolution to yourself on a bank holiday-I did of course suggest that you can likely get to a point where every day should be a day for making new resolutions-like wise I also said there is a monster for every day of the week and of course the problem with my recent mentioning of words such-as CEASAR is that they are predominantly male and masculine whereas other words that I have used have both masculine and feminine equivalents-EMPEROR and EMPERESS perhaps  being the most obvious when we come to the equivalences of Czar and Czarina-likewise in my study of languages I have generally found that many nations split language into masculine and feminine whilst English does not-and that can of course perhaps be a source of confusion for some folks and not for others.  By that I mean that an International coming to the UK might hear words and phrases that for there own language is of the other denominational meaning and likewise English speakers are not necessarily as flexible of tongue to be able to pick up on some of the nuances of differing languages and sounds and so on.

So how can I fix such issues?  The most obvious is of course to practice and retune yourself to musical scales and so on that are pretty much the same across nations and likewise clear out historical confusions of past misunderstandings and so on.  As much as I would like t promote ideas such-as You only get out what you put into an activity-I have in Honesty mostly found such ideas to not be true-by that I mean you can carry an activity out until you are red in the face and have no progress.

Is there a difference to be made that can change everything-well self honesty does seem to be pretty high on the list and consistency and so on and again they are things that require some work and repetition and some might say discipline.  Maintaining your own focus of course when others often have ulterior or vested interests in not changing can be somewhat traumatic perhaps for some folks.

When you change your view and angle and perceptions and awareness and so on you gain greater insight into how differing people tick and so on and likewise that is not necessarily judgement as being able to simply point out where ERRORS are HAPPENING or however one would desire to describe such things.  The self questioning can become natural and as easy as externally referencing though again many people are already within positions of there life up to the present time where past decisions can seem like they are all binding and non-negotiable-failure to re-examine or re-interpret some thoughts and decisions made without awareness can perhaps HAUNT you the most.

I see many an expert say write down your goals in an envelope and stick them in a draw for a year and then at the end of the year see how life is compared to the goals and again I am sure I have done such activities in the past and not seemingly budged an inch-so what areas of my life am I failing to address that is resulting in the failure of these goals?

How can I address the goals with the knowledge and learnings I have now?  How can I benefit from having purchased this course and that course?  How can I benefit from integrating the teachings and learnings into my life? How can I know that my biases are working in the successful manner that I desire?  So apparently


Self questioning and answering sessions can be used though of course the ANSWERS can often come in mysterious ways-these things are perhaps dependant on how open you as an individual are to shapeshifting intelligence and being able to have some FLOW in your decision making and life course and so on. 


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