In What Order Would You Like To See The Cards

I should of course find it impossible to link much of the detritus that I write here though given the DEATH of Richard Attenborough I can perhaps enlighten peoples as to a few links.

So I spoke of being a fan of pop band Queen as a youngster as were many of that generation-and Brian May (guitarist) had written a piece entitled Brighton Rock though the reference did not really mean anything to myself.

So I see news on Richard Attenborough mentioning his popular appearance in “Brighton Rock” so look it up and we find ourselves with a “DR WHO” actor William Hartnell and some woman named Hermione who I mentioned quite recently though again my own research on that name was from ELSEWHERE.

So I thought I would include a link here to that particular film an old style Gangsta Plot-perhaps the British Equivalent to what we saw later from the Yanks-this film predates many American Gangsta type flick by a number of years.

I am unsure if the above link works because the developers of the WordPress Software have been playing around with allegedly making it easy though I am personally finding them to be highly irritating and annoying.  Again all the layers of “EASY USE” “BELLS & WHISTLES” takes people further away from the most simplistic of desirable functions.  Whilst my daughter (for instance) cannot type and likes “allegedly easy to use” click buttons and so on-as someone who can type and at quite a pace I do find that pausing to click on buttons and so on actually delays and slows myself down when I am in the s-called flow of putting thoughts down on paper.

So I am perhaps better suited to the most basic of text editors for putting ideas dwn and then perhaps transferring to “bell and whistle functionality when publishing or for viewing by other people or persons.  I think many a writer who can type perhaps adopts a similar philosophy.  The fewer “BREAKS” you have whilst putting ideas down the better things can feel.  That is my own take n such things and perhaps where the difference lies with SECRETARIAL DUTIES.  I recall when an Administrator that I had to create quite a few standardised templates to use and that was great because of the huge quantities of repetitions of letters I was sending out on a daily basis-though putting thoughts to blog or writing books and articles is perhaps different in that STORY TEMPLATES whilst they can and do exist can again be somewhat FORMULAIC great if you are selling well within some market sector and so on though if you like to think yourself able to work across many a GENRE or fictional Realm then the less “SOFTWARE INTERFERENCES” the better in many ways-you can of course if you have developed your own World (for instance) Terry Pratchett Discworld can create your own database of references so everything generally works with what has gone before or enables or allows you to develop around previous ideas that you gave to REDUCE CONTINUITY ERRORS and so on. 

So Dave walks down the street in his blue jeans and grey jacket, a distant cry went up and Dave spun round his blue jacket catching a hedge as he span-he was not noticing as he continued looking for the source of the cry.

Yes so anyway RIP RICHARD ATTENBOROUGH he of course regarded as a British Film Institution in many ways-I think that he was in quite a few classics when yu look through his bibliography so perhaps many a source of AH-HA’s to be had for those interested in RESEARCH.

I wonder if the new link function works-well here goes-reaches down to the publish button 🙂

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