There Are Of Course Other Links


So of course once you have become well versed in the following of trails you do tend to find that they pop up all over the place and the reason I mention that is because it would be very easy for people to think that I simply pick and choose those that are most obvious.  Richard Attenborough of course famously played the money man Hammond in Jurassic Park who create the technology and brought the Dinosaurs back.  Hammond was also of course the name of another Top Gear presenter that I spoke of recently and if memory serves correctly he actually lives in the Herefordshire region.

So lots of little triggers and ah-ha’s and the more you see them and so on the more you can write for instance and have references and catalogue and all the rest of it. Another interesting thing for myself was that Auto Trader Magazine according to the gadget carried out a SURVEY among its readership of favourite vehicles from the movies.

Nothing strange about that and I myself have written about a few-what was strange however was that Disney’s “HERBIE” was in the No.1 Position.  The Original Herbie “THE LOVE BUG” films appeared during the 70’s of course though an updated version appeared in recent years.  So I had or generally assumed that AUTO TRADER was predominantly a MALE type magazine preserve where the survey result suggests that the opposite is true-a number of popular to boys vehicles were left out and the survey result looks to have been the choices that you might expect from a women or female readership.

So that probably falls into the knowing your audience realms-whereby perhaps women readers are simply more likely to fill out survey forms and answer questionnaire’s that many a bloke would not unless there is of course some kind of INCENTIVE.

Many a survey will say we will enter you into our prize draw if you answer a few questions and the reality as we all know that some competitions are going to be more popular than others.  I see some popular food manufacturers often boast of large numbers of winners for draws and so on such-as “more than a million prizes, up for grabs” and the reality is that they probably sell that amount of crisps or sweets or pop per day-so when you see such PROPAGANDA you do have to think in terms of RATIO’S (In my Opinion).

What else is going on?  Well I had considered getting an Application form to join RADA (Royal Academy of Dramatic Art) though I probably have the wrong pedigree for such an organisation.  Yes many of the complaints about British Film and so on over the years has often been that many of the Royal or Official Chartered Organisations are somewhat geared towards particular sectors of Society and performance.  Having said that I find little to complain about when we see so much dross getting onto TV and so on these days.

The move towards “REALITY” shows and so on simply coming about because they are regarded as cheap.  So there has been a “RATINGS” based shift towards not making quality shows instead filling screens with all to familiar types that you meet at the shops and precincts and malls anyway. 

The problem being that TV/FILM used to be about stretching imaginations and giving inspiration and now its simply like day-to-day life.  I am fortunate that I stopped watching the TV stuff years ago in many ways-mostly through work hours and the kinds of show I used to watch were all late evening-so once you have BROKEN A HABIT and I include turning the TV/RADIO and so on ON as a habit you do often find that once your new regime is in place that you do not actually miss such things as much as you might imagine.  I never thought as a kid that I would stop watching TV though in reality I have watched very little for quite a few years now.

So I also noticed that a lot of HERO materials have been coming at myself left write and centre.  whilst movies such-as X-men did not exist when I was a kid I did have one or two annuals of such characters.  I mentioned the game Elite the other day and anyone who pays attention to the details of names and so on can likely learn a lot from such a game-many of the ships were named or given snake names-Cobra, Viper, Anaconda and so on and likewise there was a JAMESTOWN on many of the planets.  Jamestown perhaps in historical terms the name of early United States settlements-so the Cambridge guy’s who developed the original game were quite clearly up on there own research and knowledge base and so on.  So I mentin that because the new trailer had the name XAVIER. 

XAVIER of course being the given name of Picard oops sorry the name of wheel chair bound professor X of X-Men fame.  So again we have further links to explore-wheel chairs keep appearing I saw in Richard Attenborough’s Obituary’s that he had spent a few years in a wheel chair.  So that links with perhaps some of the links such-as Davros from Dr Who and Stephen Hawking and so on.  As well of course as the spinning big wheels and so on.  Perhaps I have some WHEEL related issues in the non-conscious that is seeking to make itself known in some fashion.  I cannot think of any wheel chair bound related issues in my own life apart from of course having to use one after waking up in hospital and so on-so unsure as to links though something is perhaps on the EDGE OF MY TONGUE AT THE TIP OF MY MEMORY.

So that is perhaps where combining ideas can work better than simply writing-by that I mean that I can pull a pad out and do some doodling or drawing and see what surfaces in the VISUAL realms as opposed to over reliance on this written format.

Well back to work today and an opportunity perhaps to see some of the changes that have been taking place in my absence. I am sure that they will be gearing themselves by NOW to “IRONING OUT THE ROUGH SPOTS” though of course the good old days is never far from some individuals thoughts and processes.  ~ I liked it when they used whips and chains and came dishonest as standard.  All this Human Rights stuff gets on my nerves blah blah blah.

Yes of course human rights is not something that many a company takes into consideration the phrase of course usually relating to some far off distant political landscape at the United Nations and so on.  Though it is perhaps surprising how many a company would do well to familiarise themselves with some of the International Laws and so on.  As many a company law or practice originated in some of those kinds of Global Laws-CUT OUT THE MIDDLE MAN of course can perhaps be the attitude to take with many a rumour or gossip or whatever.

How many times do we hear 2nd or 3rd or 4th party CHINESE WHISPER when simply going to ORIGIN OR SOURCE cuts out many an unnecessary debate or query and all the rest of such things.  Of course some folks in some roles get tired of TALKING TO BRICK WALLS or indeed perhaps think that KNOWLEDGEIS POWER and many a piece of information is REGARDED as being NEED TO KNOW.

The problem with NEED TO KNOW of course can be that it can be a DOUBLE EDGED SWORD.  how many times have I come across folks referencing materials here as though I am having ago at themselves or a mate of theirs when in reality I have little or know knowledge of what is going on in many a person life.

Yes I am not making that up I really do sometimes find that ASSUMPTIONS are made that I am on FACEBOOK 24 HOURS A DAY SPYING ON EVERYONE when in reality I perhaps acknowledge a notification once a week or every few days.  So once I was hooked up and plugged in all the time and now I am perhaps the opposite in the sense that I have gone in differing directions to many a person that I had on the friends list and so on.

Enough for today though BEWARE OF THE FALSE PROPHETS unless you can pinpoint and detail information as 100% accurate and GENUINE and so on.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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