So as is very often the case at this time of year-the daughter went for one of her annual Big Hair Days.  I say one off of course because I do seem to find that it is on her so-called “Hereford List” I guess when you visit places often enough even those time periods can fall into routines of one description or another.

So hairdresser appointment at one St Peters Square for the afternoon and guess who gets to pay-obviously a simply cut is never enough in this day and age for most teens and I am somewhat well versed in having those “HOW MUCH” moments-though in all honesty I have generally always come away feeling that value for a quality cut or service was provided.

So she has her hair colouring and washing and straightening and cutting and I have to find things to do.  On this occasion I began reading some of the magazines provided-thankfully they have a mixture on this occasion-some car magazine called EVO that I’ve never heard of and that more generically known Good Housekeeping.

So not wanting to plough slowly through the magazines I give them all a quick photoread through and in all honesty they were somewhat uninspiring-nothing that someone who has reached my sort of age group has not seen a million times before. The car magazine full of wish list motors and comparisons-the vehicles very often same or similarly modelled to what has gone before.  They also has some sketched out “cars of the future” type materials and again I thought well you can make that shape and body-shell now-so again sketches by designers with little interest in the engineering that goes on underneath.

The housekeeping magazine faired little better and possibly for similar reasons-very little actual Housekeeping related material in the magazine-a few interviews with celebrities and of course the typical for women’s magazines “how I overcame my HRT side effects” or some such type stories.

So I then went for a walk and popped into a couple of the charity type shops further down the street-whilst they are generally full of clothes I generally have a quick scan of book shelves and so on.  I visited a shop that I had popped into on the weekend-I had picked up a couple of books thinking I fancied reading them and then decided to wait and see if they held appeal.  So today I visit again and the books I fancied reading are still in place where I had left them.  Today however other books must have been bought or purchased because there looked to be various new titles that had appeared on the shelves-multiple Andy McNab books appeared for instance-so I’m not the only one who tired of the Nick Stone materials then.

Of course choice is choice and having cleared out so much mental flotsam and jetsam the decision on direction that you want to take and so on can be all important.  So do I want to read CAR Magazines or SPORTS Magazines and so on.  Again whilst many of those types of materials obviously hold readerships in some quarters and perhaps have pass through readerships at Dentists and so on-the amount of “Shrug your shoulders” contents is usually very high and again they can keep you thinking of things you want in the future though making that future NOW is perhaps where everyone wants to get themselves.

So I returned to Hairdresser empty handed and waited patiently for hair to be finished.  I also paid whilst waiting and again that is quite convenient in the sense that a set price was given and it was relatively quiet so no queuing later should trade have picked up.  Some small talk with the staff on duty and one mentioned that they have had some turnover of staff during the last year though they are one again in team building mode and so on.

Those again are common type generational activities that you can see in some trades and types of business’.  One groups lives go separate ways and another group comes in and starts over as though they are reinventing the wheel though of course anyone who stays put whilst such activities are happening perhaps has a better idea of what they would like to see now as opposed to what has gone on in the past and so on.

So daughter happy with new haircut and styling though given the type of hair she has I am not sure how long the styling will remain intact-she has the type of hair that makes its own styling decisions and whilst she has all the usual type straightener gadgets and so on though he battle will know doubt continue through out most of her life short of opting for Sinead O’ Conner drastic shaves-though of course doing such things for yourself is often not the same as a hairdresser and the gossip and chit chat and so on.

So what else is happening-well I see Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage are both now seeking seats in the next parliament.  Both of course famous for Jeremy Clarkson LOVEABLE BUFFOON type behaviours.  The problem perhaps being that they could well end up holding the Country to ransom in some fashion or other.

That’s all folks 🙂

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