Star Trekkin Across The Universe-Only Going Forward…

Yes I do not know where that old tune came from though it was definitely in my own head as I awoke earlier.  I guess that song is an example of compressed and speeded up sound though perhaps not as useful or enlightening as some of the courses I recommend.

This week has seen some great build up to a Scottish Referendum Debate that I believe took place sometime yesterday evening.  My only real observation was that every time I saw a reference to the debate-I could not help have a BLACKADDER chuckle.  Yes another “You could not make it up”-the one fellow of course named Darling-and I was almost tempted to find a TV and watch to see if Salmond kept calling Darling Darling.  Blackadder a popular UK comedy from a few years ago for those who are unsure of the reference-the comedy did actually have many name related and wordplay jokes through out the various series set during various time periods.

So Salmond of course a strange name perhaps to want to play about with in the sense that you could rush for the Salmon (fish) option or rush for the Almond (nut) option in how you think of why’s-should such a though occur.

Just one of those things of course where Scotland of course is generally regarded as being famous for its Salmon-just as is the river Wye here in Hereford-though in all honesty I think you tend to see far less of them now than perhaps when I was a youngster.  The almond is of course a nut and the origin SURPRISE SURPRISE of Almonds was THE MIDDLE EAST-so there is perhaps a Scottish Jihadist after all-although I notice in my research they are also spoken of in India-as I say my own knowledge came up with thinking it was an ARABIC NUT and then double checked with a quick internet search.  I think I used to eat DATES as well when I was younger and again they are generally regarded as being from the Middle East.

So all that just because some Scottish bloke from the SNP has a name that can be played with-well apparently he won the debate though of course-you might say the impression I have is that both sides are heavily relying on FEAR even though my own thoughts are that SCOTLAND will vote for independence.  I am possibly wrong though given the long history of Anti-English Anti-British sentiment that comes Down from the North-one would think the result an already FOREGONE CONCLUSION.  A bit like the DEATH PENALTY DEBATE that the UK population is denied whereby every survey ever conducted since we gave up the death penalty has voted for the return of the DEATH PENALTY.

So all this dragging along over some long term debate that one generally thinks is a foregone conclusion assuming of course that pollsters are getting genuine responses from the people they question and so on.  I of course can also recall reading the Jocks and the Geordies in the Beano comic as a kid two gangs usually having a fight of some description-I throw that in of course because I mentioned DURHAM in the title a few days ago and that is up in that NORTH EASTERLY section whereby a halt to a Scottish Army advance was made (do not quote myself) just one of those tid bits that came up during research.

So do we need Scotland and will the break up of the Union be all that bad?  Well I think that whilst the Scottish people are well known for fighting ability and hard drinking I am not so sure on the Sailing-I mention that because they do seem to continuously speak of OWNING NORTH SEA OIL and that is FALSE-much as we in the UK like to claim North Sea oil preserves and so on-quite a lot of the assorted oil fields are actually INTERNATIONAL WATERS and whilst most Countries usually have a vested interest in owning they’re own coastal waters-to say that water beyond those is your is up for debate.

The same debate is being had f course in THE SOUTH CHINA SEAS at present whereby CHINA has claimed Oceanic waterways and so on that other Countries regard as they’re own in INTERNATIONAL WATERS.

So plenty to do on the RELATIONAL THINKING STRATEGIES.  My return to work was of course uninteresting as is many a job when you have carried out a role for so many years-and they apparently passed an Audit without myself being involved so I feel SOB SOB surplus to requirements.  Of course the truth is no matter how much anyone invests in work or job and so on generally with Multi Nationals and so on NO ONE IS BIGGER THAN…

I have to take a sojourn at present though perhaps another piece later depending on that ticking thing.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well. 🙂



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