There Is Clearly More Space In The Sink

So of course I mentioned recently that we are seeing a lot of so-called Cliff references and going back to the time period that I was interacting with Bill Harris on his blog-a common theme that he maintained and repeated during those blogs was that the car has already gone over the cliff.

So obviously I have continued with my Holosync usage in the meanwhile and perhaps a number of meanings for what was being said and discussed on the Holosync blog was or has been beginning to make itself known-by that I mean that the long term users within those interactions perhaps had greater awareness than anything short term or NEWBIES such-as myself had.

So we have seen a million and one CLIFF references and I thought well actually there is room for more that have gone unmentioned.  so we have heard on Cliff Richard and Max Clifford and I mentioned Caliphrates and California I also mentioned Kate Bush and she of course wrote or sang some song about Wuthering Heights and HEATHCLIFFE hence her mention not being in vane.  Another is of course Peter Sutcliffe that has managed to escape inclusion upto the present time and I cannot of course mention the local regimental hero’s without giving a nod or reference to Peter Ratcliffe-he another of those former though perhaps less well known former SAS authors.

One can probably do a search and find a million Cliff related peoples and persons though I do hope that people can see how some of those already mentioned are quite well known.

So I also mentioned recently the SNP’s Salmond bloke and of course when I contextualize my writings another link that came through that was of course Satanic Verses author Salmon Rushdie he who famously had a Fatwah? issued for the books publication-he managing to upset his fellow muslims in some fashion-although in all honesty he is another of those characters that was perhaps famous for upsetting people rather than because his publication was any good.  he perhaps being one of those authors who was lauded left right and centre and then you try to read his stuff and think-what the hell is the fuss about.

So working in the Fowl Factory material of course one cannot go for many years without hearing about some National Salmonella scandal of some description-though my own thoughts are generally that if people cook any bug ridden meat correctly you will kill the so-called killer bugs and bacteria and despite what the press say-those who work in some of the producer environments do actually seek to reduce contaminants and cross contamination and so on.  It is in fact one of those high on the list  “what more can we do?” issues that is always there in the background and when you consider the outcry to number of birds killed you do wonder what all the fuss is about.

Damaging press is of course damaging press irrespective of the industry or profession that you are working in and it is far to easy for public opinion to be given Scare stories that do not take into consideration all the effort that has already gone into reducing some issues.

So I did wonder at what place in all the so-called cycles we are at and I think much of the problem OR knowledge could well be based in this balance of the sexes-we do of course traditionally at least have these figures of having a higher female population than a male population and of course that could well relate to who is controlling differing Countries and nations and so on-we see some nations over the years have taken action rightly or wrongly to remove the having children incentive.  So China had a one child per family for many years.  Some Muslim Nations and India type places have a preference for male heirs and so on.  S lots of differing nations have differing ideas as to what is best and most appropriate for they themselves and they’re own peoples and of course we also have the uncontrollable realms-many former Colonial Countries in Africa and so on who when left to they’re own own devices fell back into old tribal wars and rivalries and you might of course point a finger at Eastern Europe in that respect.  How quickly did Bosna-Serbia and so on return to “Historical Squabbles” as soon as the Jackboot was removed.  So whilst everyone complains about “COMMUNSIM” and Russian Heavy Handedness and the old Style Nazi type regimes we have seen multiple instances where we in the West have probably later thought-Hmmn perhaps those folks actually need a Jackbooted heavy handedness given that they clearly cannot or will not listen to reason without one.

Will Scotland fall into the same fashion that we know from History?  that is of course another debate to be had-all well and good not liking the Southerners though when you are not fighting them you will be squabbling and fighting with the neighbours.  So region by region of the World as we know it (if it was not already) when looked at from the position of Witness or Observer is becoming fragmented and insular and returning to tribalism and the same perhaps said of generational “Where we live or grew up estates” attitudes.

What else well I do keep mentioning Hereford and was thinking about the map issue in the sense that I mentioned St Peters Square and got to think about locations of Crosses around the City and the so-called meaning that they might be given-considering that Hereford is a Cathedral City and much of the layout of the city came about through the ideas relating to LAY LINES and MERIDIANS and so on-is it relevant?

Well an obvious thing for many a person is to take local knowledge and simply SCALE it up to NATIONAL and INTERNATIONAL or likewise take INTERNATIONAL and NATIONAL and SCALE it down to your City or Town or Estate and so on.  So what information might I get from visiting the CATHEDRAL with a COMPASS for instance-would that confirm my belief in the Churches usage of LA-DI-DA teachings?

Likewise most Cities and Towns have multiple grid Quantrants and those quadrants are again SCALEABLEdepnding on how much research and what knowledge base you yourself are working from.

The best practice I have found seems to be to reduce every little bit or section of knowledge into a COHESIVE set of best practice.  So we can all attune to Musical Scale-we can all attune to colour charts and compass points-we can all attune to SCALE-we can all learn the best questioning practices and so on.

The problem often as I said previously for many a person being that we were trying to pour water into an already perhaps overflowing cup and in all likelihood that cup has not benefitted or serves us as much as we would have liked it to.  So Solutions are empty the glass or make the glass bigger or get multiple glasses.  So lots of differing ways of resolving various conflicting ideas into some forms of workable COHESION.

An area I have of course not mentioned a great deal recently is this DREAM ISSUE.  I know that historically I recommended WRITING THE WAVE as a book that has a number of modalities that can help with creative thinking and so on and I also mentioned some people who have spoken of DREAMS-we have of course famous DREAM speeches such-as Martin Luther and we have also seen in the PC SOFTWARE realms products Such-as DREAMWEAVER so the idea of taking and weaving dreams into workable solutions and awareness is not all that new though of course many a person wants that section of life t change and not this other section over here.

So if the CAR has already driven over or off the CLIFF?  what is the next stage or step of development in RECOGNISING that that is what has happened?  I ask that of course because many of us want to rationalise all the life errors and so on that we have felt that we have had.  We do often hear that knowledge is the booby though one does wonder how can that be when clearly those with knowledge seemingly have more prosperous lives than those of us without such knowledge’s.  I myself of course am still somewhat confused as to my UNDERSTANDNG of HOW DOES MONEY WORK?  Yes I see people say all you need is a WARE or PRODUCT that you can cell whether that is information or a teaching modality of some description.

The problem of course for myself being too many fingers in too many pies-does that have to be a problem?  Well it comes down to the TRUSTING of ones own thoughts feelings and judgement and of course when you have little trust in externals then the inabiltity  to TRUST internals either might be regarded as the impossible position where the only option is DEATH.  So many making the DEATH decision is having already gone off the Cliff.  Likewise that might be the extreme of the extreme for some folks though when you stack up the Positives versus the Negatives in your life it can be an easy choice.  Some people in some quarters as I have spoken previously keep SKEWERING THE LANDSCAPE.  So where once some black and white type choices were quite obvious-those with VESTED INTERESTS in the skewering will not give up-even though it could well be in there own interest.

So I see Child abuse is once again in the news and of curse I spoke on how many of these things are scaleable and transferable although we see differing statistics from region to region when we look at the overall picture then surely there must be some going on in some fashion that can POTENTIALLY be IDENTIFIED whether that is within your Community or city/Town etc. or Place of work or indeed family.

Well enough for myself to be getting on with-plenty of what is the view like from the bottom of the cliff questions to be asked assuming one survived the fall-not to sure on any of these things anymore given the teachings and meditation and life course and direction choices-what did I choose for myself and what was imposed by external vested interests?

Also of curse I spoke of wheel chairs and wheels and of course each generation has had prams and push chairs for the youngsters in recent years-so that perhaps another of those take something you have for one generation and apply it to a differing generation type of results.  Not sure if that is where the wheel chair materials stuff is from within my own knowledge base and of course memories from early childhood are questionable -possibly far to easy to go into what have been described as FALSE REPRESSED MEMORY SYNDROME and of course if anyone can OVER-MEDITATE then I perhaps fall into that category-of not having flowed the instructions to the letter of the law.

So where else can I turn my own attention and who and where can I turn for choices that do not include DEATH?

I see some jobs I might have been interested in have appeared on the board at my place of work-A STRANGE THOUGH TRUE ANECDOTE-is that I often find myself in trouble in HR prior to such jobs appearing on the board so CAUSE and EFFECT politics can be demonstrated if not proven and that is where keeping your own diaries and so on can pay dividends in seeing patterns and behaviours and so on of differing peoples SQUABBLES and EMPIRE BUILDING.  Whilst higher management may not object to myself applying for such positions it does of course not help my cause to have been hauled in for disciplinary action-though it might of course help others who have not been hauled in for discipline-so that is another EXPLORATION for the powers that be to become AWARE of. 

I can well imagine that differing group politics has taken place and I have identified the MAIN CONTENDERS on multiple occasions as predominantly 3 Historical Groups and FACTIONS  that keep reappearing over and over again-despite efforts of senior personal to better get along and so on.

If you’re gonna die-die with your boots on sang IRON MAIDEN and of course many a work environment has employees wearing boots of some description or another.

I’d like to go in and declare myself as SWITZERLAND though I do seemingly keep finding that vested interests will not let myself do that-so what can I do other than DIE? HMMN

Now one area I have not mentioned in relation to writing is and so on is of course NOR and that again is something that will keep on reappearing over and over as people do research and so on-so all these little tid bits that a Whovian might call SPOILERS though how spoiled anyone is in life roles is perhaps again open to DEBATE.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and be Well 🙂



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