Despecialising Collabotraitors

So here I am minding my own business when I get a top tip that I’m Vanilla and another top tip that Yahoo has better headlines with impact that make people want to open the lynx and I think to myself WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD. 

So I go and have a look at Yahoo to see what all the fuss is about and it’s Headlines simply failed to grab my interest in the manner that I was told they would-WHAT?  You need Headlines that grab peoples interest and makes them want to open the links was the recommendation and yes I am sure that news links and stories on Simon Cowell and Freddie Starr Ate My Hamster type headlines does grabs peoples attention though that market is already catered for and somewhat OVERSATURATED (In My Opinion).

Top news of the day is that the Jolie Pitts have married in France and you cannot get a copy of the 7 academy award winning Star Wars 1977 ORIGINAL version for love nor money.  So does it matter if a particular market spot is already saturated to death?  Well the interesting thing for myself in that respect is of course that I grew up in the Country of the red top newspapers such-as The Sun and Daily Mirror and Star and we have perhaps had a tradition of celebrating the Unique Selling Point of such gutter rags-I call them gutter rags though when you look at International SITES THAT GRAB ATTENTION you do find that The MODEL proffered by the Red Top Press is the MODEL of choice for many a person.

So I spoke on the fact that I own another site that I have not really utilised or built up in any fashion and of course I was tinkering-so whilst this blog site can remain predominantly as it is there is of course little harm in my setting my other site up in a differing fashion or CRITERIA MODEL.  The question then perhaps comes from asking those questions on WHO ARE MY TARGET AUDIENCE?  The problem is of course that many of us would like to create our own TV channel full of those things that hold most appeal to us personally-and you can of course with modern gadgets ACHIEVE that-the problem then being that you MAY NO LONGER HAVE YOUR FINGER ON THE PULSE.

So for instance I am not one of the so-called SCHOOLING ELITES that doors open to in terms of jobs in the UNITED KINGDOM.  I notice that is another story that is presently in the EYE OF SCRUTINY.  Does it matter?  Well I guess that if you want a top public life job you have to go to the PEOPLE LIKE ME SCHOOLS that people in such roles have a tradition of having gone too.  Whilst a School Name might open doors-that makes the assumption that the rest of us have any interest in such roles and so on. 

The problem for myself perhaps being that I am somewhat of an inbetweener-I think anyone who works hard and so on and goes for promotion and jobs and so on should be given the opportunity if that is what they want.  Likewise I am an inbetweener in the SOCIETAL REALMS.

What Societal Realms?  Well you could for instance stick a sports channel or NEWS channel on a TV and probably not hear a word of complaint or criticism  from myself even though I am not a big follower of sports and News and watch little TV.  Likewise if you stick a channel on with Jeremy Kyle and Big Brother and Coronation Street on you would likely find myself trashing the TV or topping myself.  So whilst I am of the background of council estates and the so called class that those shows are supposed to represent and target-given the ZERO APPEAL that the trash has for myself I am UNREPRESENTED.

You can of course assume that if I think the shows are TRASH that the viewers are TRASH ALSO?  I do not think that at all though I can see how such conclusions are drawn or created.  Likewise it might be easy to think that I have aspirations to Elitism and following show or TV materials that such people might follow-though again I find that even those kinds of materials fail to HOLD ANY APPEAL.  So the realms of the Beatles KNOW WHERE MAN perhaps.

Yes boring and uninteresting as I might be that can in and of itself hold appeal when you are surrounded by actors and manipulators and twisted sisters on a daily basis.  I think I spoke previously on the iea that all sides can be your best side though you could of course plunge into the realms of SIMPLE PLAIN HONESTY and NOT HAVING ANY SIDES.

Yes WOW all that text to simply say I LIKE PEOPLE WHO HAVE NOT GOT ANY SIDES? What might I mean by that?  Well obviously living in a World where an angle is expected of everyone simply NOT HAVING ANY SIDES or ULTERIOR MOTIVES and so on can be a HUGE RELEASE and a BREATH OF FRESH AIR IN AND OF ITSELF.

So of course the only way to not have any sides and live a simple honest existence is to be that in many ways though of course having to defend against THE DARK ARTS type peoples is unhelpful and again the DARK ARTS can come in many ways shapes and sizes-you cannot claim that they do not when people use materials here to try to bash myself over the head with.

For instance I have gradually been changing the so-called patterns and cycles that I experience and that can be hard when you are EXISTING AROUND an UNCHANGED SET OF CIRCUMSTANCES-so is my requiring the occasional kick up the backside the same as needing to be hunted? Is admittance of awareness of your own present cycles reason to be targeted by external forces?  who themselves have they’re own respective issues that should be addressed.

So it is all well and good trying to bash Dave for having HIGHS and LOWS and PEAKS and TROUGHS though it can clearly be demonstrated that anyone who claims they have not is probably being dishonest to those they are telling it too and even worse dishonest with themselves.

So why the title?  well many a sales blurb will tell you about how SPECIAL the new version is over thee old version and I saw that word in an ARTICLE whereby they the people involved regarded themselves as DESPECIALISING a product they iked that newer versions of had been specialised-kind of perhaps a BACK TO BASICS attitude.

So someone love the original Mini though does not necessarily like the current Mini.  That perhaps possibly Rose tinted glasses or simply recognising something for what it was as being of a particular time period and so on-much like many an 80’s favoured TV show has been ruined by a modern film and so on.  The cast and crew and time of your life are perhaps what gave you the associated emotions and so on and trying to RECREATE those things very often des not work for many a person-though perhaps can at least trigger memory or however you are supposed to think of such things.

if you are a SELF ADDRESSED ENVELOPE what would the contents of your ENVELOPE look like and feel like and yada yada yada.

What else?  Well COLLABOTRAITERS was one of those words that sprang to mind as being a word that requires EXISTENCE even if know use currently exists.

So what might a collabotraiter be in your life?  I know from my own study and so on that it could perhaps be a word used in relation to INTELLIGENCE GATHERING or EVEN brain hemispheres-perhaps one hemisphere is a collabotraitor to the other hemisphere.

Yes why do we not have more references to COLLABOTRAITORS?

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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