I Am Not A Collabotraiter I Am A Defector

So Friday being as it was an early work day for oneself I once again found myself somewhat short of time in making a small gap in my day to write an article-and of course life can become so hectic that we keep on going in the same fashion for days weeks years until some incident or accident causes us to have to think or soul search our deeper values and those cavities and crevices and inner recesses that have great big “NO MANS LAND” “KEEP OUT” type signs & protocols within our heads.

Approaching as we are the 31st August and it being just a day a way you might of course see some REMEMBERING DIANA materials perhaps appearing in some quarters-THE DAY THAT SOMEONE DIED-often reminding some of us of how we wished our lives had taken differing courses and actions and so on-for myself of course the day always takes myself back to the circumstances as described here https://davidsimonperkins.com/2013/06/29/princess-diana-my-guilt-and-shame/

So for the female population she was perhaps in the realms of living the dream-having gone from Fairy Tale Princess to Mother and Campaigning to raise awareness on various issues and lending her profile to charities and so on-and for blokes she was perhaps in the What Princess’ are supposed to be like realms in carrying out those kinds of activities-and of course when your in the Celebrity Realm whether through birth or inheritance or marriage then there is perhaps greater pressures and greater falls from grace to be seen and the Royals whatever anyone’s opinion is are of course family’s like everyone else-so I myself was clearly from my own thoughts and actions thinking of her in better terms perhaps than most of Society was-my own recall and memory was that the AFTER DEATH mourning and so on did not match the PRE DEATH British Societal Opinion-WHAT A DIFFERENCE A DAY MAKES-I know it is regarded as bad form to speak ill of the deceased though I can speak ill of the living and for myself Society went very much into the realms of CROCODILE TEARS. 

I perhaps had a more balanced before and after opinion or view in thinking that Charles had generally acted with quiet dignity and so on throughout all the mudslinging and so on that was generated after they separated-You do have to remind yourself that THIS MARRIED WOMEN publically cavorted with multiple FILM STARS AND SINGERS and all the rest of it during the marriage-so Britain perhaps has a strange way of deciding what is and what is not acceptable from the differing sex’s irrespective that the same hurts and ill feelings and jealousies and so on can be generated. 

So I in my own mind at least preferred to think of both Charles and Diana in better light of reality than was given by mass public opinion and my action in associating her with a small child in CRITICAL condition at Great Ormond Street Hospital reflected that TRUTH of my own mind.

So The reason I bring that up of course is because I have found myself very much thinking about SAINTS-know not the football club or Simon Templar but those that the Church has decreed as being worthy of honouring in such fashion. I include the wiki so folks have some idea of the expected traditional requirements.


Now of course SAINTHOOD has a number of names associated with it we here of Saint Peter, Saint Paul, Saint Francis, and so on-so I was very much in DECIPHERING MODE in the relational realms in seeking to gain greater clarity on MAPPING and how the early church had chosen particular peoples and names and of course how many a CITY or TOWN or DISTRICT was MAPPED out with DIFFERING Churches given as locations to particular Saints names-does the map generally fit all Cities for instance?

What do I mean by that?  If you take a given Centerpointe within a City such-as London and then look at Church locations surrounding that Centerpointe are they mapped out in the same fashion from district to district (for instance) so is Francis always North, Peter West, Paul South and so on.  The other issue is of course that we have some relational PHRASES ROBBING PETER TO PAY PAUL, two little dickie birds sitting in a tree.

Of course society has long since moved away from many of the doctrines and ideas set-up by the Church though to my mind many Churches and Diocese and so on still exist and can of course be used by anyone to perhaps work out greater clarity and awareness and so on-that might again of course be in the realms of the BACK TO BASICS that I spoke of previously.

When your in a confused landscape it can possibly help to find ways and means to re-centre or re-coordinate according to your present level of awareness and knowledge-having the ability to return yourself to a centerpointe perhaps.

So I mentioned MAPPING and again as I have advanced I have found that the shape shifting Intelligence ideas do come into there own though the homework in many ways does of course have to be done and maintaining some level of faith and hope that any blind spot that you think you have at present is perhaps illusory.

So what characters within your own life do you have those signs up and around, I mentioned the deaths of course of multiple family elders during this blog though I am perhaps not of a generation that remembers where I was the day JFK died or Elvis died and so on-I mention that of course because I know full well where I was when Diana died and was trying to figure out the difference’s in thoughts feelings and attitudes-we have had multiple other famed peoples die in the intervening years since and again I have not had the same kinds of reaction-I was a big Queen fan though when Freddie died did not wish his spirit to anyone and likewise Michael Jackson.

How can I distinguish between CELEBRATED CHARACTERS and PERSONALTIES and the INFLUENCE or thoughts and feelings and actions and reactions that they may or may not cause myself to take?

I mentioned Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt getting married and again that relationship came about we were told through his having to split up from Jennifer Aniston (popular coffee shop FRIENDS comedy actress), and so on-so again relationships are often buried for most of us non-celebrities though having such exposure publically seemingly comes with its own set of rules and troubles and tribulations. Best Wishes to Angelina and Brad and the Children, they have seemingly stood the test of time in the meantime have they not?  ICONS AND SO ON TO A GENERATION.


Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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