So I Use A Title For A Piece & Fail To Mention It

Yes so I used a title for a piece and then failed to reference the title in any way-of course the title was partially tongue in cheek in questioning why are people called DEFECTORS when they switch sides and so on and likewise why are people called double agents when clearly they are still one individual-what is the meaning of the double? inference.

Yes strange thoughts though I am sure that many a reader is well accustomed to such things from myself and the problem can of course be relevance or where can I apply such thoughts and so on elsewhere in the Universe.

Another interesting thing I found myself thinking about was the so-called LAWS OF ROBOTS that we saw in I-ROBOT I think it was again by an Isaac Asimov type writer where it was speculated on programming robots to be unable to harm humans and so on.  I cannot recall all the so-called LAWS though they had been thought through and of course as our FUTURISTIC IDEAS change then surely such IDEAS about LAWS can change also-can they not?

What do I mean?  Well for instance we see a lot of futuristic ideas relating to HOLOGRAMS so what if the law of Robots was applied to Holography.  the problem of course has been that in many developments especially software-that in order to bug test and so on-back doors and short-cuts and cheats and pokes were created and very often they still exist in the final products.  Some quite obsessive folks of course tend to spend a lot of time looking for such holes in software to exploit software and so on.

So it has of course been demonstrated on many occasions that you cannot seemingly create in tact software that is protected to the extent that it cannot be hacked or cheated and so on.  Other ideas relating to such issues are the ideas relating to SELF MODIFYING CODE and patterns and so on.  Again you could in theory for instance create software and then when the software is ACTIVATED the CODES REGENERATE AND MODIFY THEMSELVES.  Sounds great you say though of course “WHAT IF’S” always appear-so what if the code has regenerated itself so cannot be hacked though likewise an original developer cannot gain access either.  Of course you might say in Science Fiction terms that is what we saw in Star Trek with Data and Law-whereby LAW was FLAWED so DATA was created and LAW perhaps escaped being shut down or however one is to describe such things.

So lots of debates occurring very often in relation to what cannot be altered at least in theory.  Many an algorithm has been developed that are regarded as self learning and so on-that being one of the strategies that Computer Scientists tried to use in creating SYSTEMS that could beat the so-called Turing Test and so on. 

So again you might say that even those IDEAS were created with the “PEOPLE LIKE ME” Syndrome at the forefront of the mind.  We have heard for instance historically how Science developed computers to play chess and carry out many an activity that a Computer Scientist or Physicist might carry out though little thought went into the Nature side of things.  No one for instance seemingly said I want a computer that is like a thug-lets get a thug in here and model him.

As progress was made of course they did start realising that the “People Like myself” model that they were operating from was FLAWED and then started to come up with more NATURAL SYSTEMS modelling the World about us and so on-asking the questions of the birds and the bees and nature in general.

For that to happen of course there had to be greater interaction across multiple SCIENCE disciplines and that as I said previously happens more in Computers perhaps than any other field-though as more and more fields realised how they could benefit from computers they all mostly opened up to seeing the possibilities and potentials-the downside being that many a computer course was perhaps reduced to being the “AND OTHER” type modules and level of Teaching.

What do I mean?

well traditionally Computer Scientist type folks came with backgrounds in advanced mathematics and physics and so on and as other fields opened up the computer knowledge was expanded though the level of teaching and so on has perhaps always been in the realms of finding an appropriate level of teaching and learning.  So an exceptionally broad and diverse area of learning and possibly too many extremes of content.  So you could do one module and think the material akin to stuff you already know and another module that places your brain in pain.

Yes you might say that the core knowledge mostly goes unchanged and the same is true for many disciplines though of course breakthroughs often come about through making changes to CORE IDEAS.  That again might be where using SHERLOCK HOLMES type thinking comes into its own.  By that I mean the ability to shut your eyes and visualize and imagine a scene in some form of ASTRAL PROJECTION.

I cannot recall the specifics though understand that as being the way that the character of Sherlock used to go about much of his DETECTIVE work-I should also mention that whilst I criticize a lot of TV I did catch some modern updated version called surprisingly “Sherlock” that the daughter watches and did think it actually rather good-so I am not all HATE TV FILM etc.  Just think that it is too easy to get sucked into watching everything for hours and hours when in percentage terms very little is of a HIGH QUALITY.

Yes another area that I did find myself thinking about writing about was Buckets and Bouquets and for the life of myself have not decided on how that can be brought to useage-buckets and bouquets had been on my mind for several days and then a Polish work colleague working some overtime who we do not often see mentioned seeing the comedy show “KEEPING UP APPEARANCES” with Polish subtitles to another English colleague-I being in the vicinity of the conversation of course thought ahhhh-that’s interesting?

So how SHARED are THOUGHTS?  and how shared are interpretations of thoughts and how shared are ENVIRONMENTAL FACTORS?

I ask these questions because mentally at least I have had huge shifts and changes in my thoughts feeling and actions and reactions in recent years through my useage of Holosync and Learning Strategies Modules and meditation.  So if people come up with references and converse on matters that are in your SPHERE of THOUGHT is there any point to meditation?

Again all I would say is that conversation and thoughts and feelings that may have HISTORICALLY CAUSED YOU PAIN of some description-may no longer be triggered if you yourself have raised your Threshold and released associate or repressed issues that you had in your bodysphere or however such things are to be described.

Another interesting STAGE that I found myself experiencing was that whilst I was very much about releasing and letting go many an undesirable thought feeling attitude as the reorganisation has continue I do sometimes feel that I am once again accumulating materials though again it is perhaps being carried out in the manner taught by learning strategies that is about putting information in in a manner whereby you can get it out again quickly and efficiently and so on-so the brain perhaps developing into a dendrite jungle of links and communications and so on-I am not sure if it is just a stage you go through though as I say I have found it d be very differing to how the brain was operating when I originally started doing all the learnings and so on.  The other issue is of course the one of communication between hemispheres whereby do I naturally effortlessly and easily understand what information is coming from where and how it is best used and so on.  Do these things really matter that great a deal.

So a reversal of information interchange perhaps where the threshold was raised through emptying and now information is being sorted and assessed and stored in a fashion that makes it useable and so on.  Strange how such things work and of course one does still have that curiosity as to what I can expect to experience NEXT?  Am I the end product of a Bill Harris or Paul Scheele demonstrating the non-existence of a CHRIST Figure or what?  Yes I know names are shared and links exist and so on though I am curious about what is HEREDITARY and what is LEARNED and what were CHILDHOOD wishes and so on.  Does the Brain body still have the ability to carry on particular functions and so on long after a wish was made?  Can we all expect to suffer through having made some childhood wish to be able to use the FORCE or be like Superman or X bloke of the telly and so on.

So many debates to be had not only perhaps with others but with oneself and more on that separating WHEAT from CHAFF exercises perhaps-if existence is futile you will be assimilated and become part of the Borg collective.

So all beliefs can be tested until you really are pushing up the COFFIN LID and saying I vant to bite your neck.  So Dracula another character I saw a lot of as a child seemingly drawn as I was to many Hammer house of Horror type films and scary stories. 

I see that a Terrorist alert is happening in the UK though again the problem is always going to be related to where any of us is placing our attention at.  For most of us perhaps it is far to easy to dismiss such things as not being real when in fact you can argue that all threats are real just as are the PATTERNS and CYCLES that I seek to impart and teach to folks.  So in all likely hood we will remain at the higher level until inteliigence agencies are able to say that some travellers have been picked up for questioning and so on.  Though let us not forget that the most recent threats came from UNKNOWN TERROR CELLS travelling South on the trains and so on. 


So in Britain we of course had to deal with the IRA threat for many years and that was perhaps relating to a STATE and RELIGIOUS argument over ownership of a Country and so on and somewhat isolated in the same fashion as Basque terrorism is mostly within the Spanish bask region.

The Present so-called ISIS or Muslim type threat is greater because they are not seemingly working from a place of having to keep anyone happy-so the IRA to a certain extent had to keep the local support and Catholic population happy in order to operate-the Problem with fancifully named ideologues such-as Al Queda and now ISIS or whatever variant is being used is that not having to keep any politicians or vested interests happy means they perhaps have greater freedom to TERRORISE than not.

These things are debatable-though my own thoughts are of course that greater numbers of Police on the streets will do little to prevent such activities from REAL terrorists although it might quell trouble from the local estate yobs and BULLSHIT JENKINS’ type peoples and persons.

So we all have the ability to DETECT and BE FREE AGENTS as opposed to belonging to any given faction or ideologue-though that may not be the best remedy for everyone I have over the longer term found it to be healthier than being tied to some absolutist doctrine that is like a STRAIGHTJACKET.

Yes so once again just writing and writing and I will of course observe what happens and so on though as I say I think that when TERRORISTS strike we will all rue the day that we failed to consider that the threat is REAL.

thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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