As I Look Down From My Place In The Sky

As I look down from my place in the sky, a minnow star who lives on the Wye, I ask those questions that go unasked, how can I live a life that is fully unmasked?

Does guilt and shame and prejudice hover, to close to truth to frequently ask?

What is being a man for all seasons? is bicentennial merely for treasons?

How can a light be allowed to shine brightly when knowing the truth could alter all reasons.

How to enlighten and learn from a river when all about us rejects true creations.

So I start writing verse’s to get the juice flowing and as often happens I run into blocks-an interesting book recommendation for those wanting to know what the last few Photoreading books have been:-I have just had a catch up session not having noticed email since the “Thinking Fast and Slow”-the books since then have been “Think Like A Freak” by the authors of freakonomics.

“The millionaire master plan” and “The path less travelled by a Scholar Warrior (Spy) Teacher” and I must say that they have to a certain extent coincided with some of my own reading choices though again I have perhaps read materials that are similar though differing.  That might again simply be a matter of TARGET AUDIENCE-though much of the intended message perhaps comes through whatever you are reading as you progress with any of the recommended causes.

Likewise I found myself wanting to find NEW or updated mind mapping materials perhaps the edition I have is an older edition and like many a technique new insights and so on can be found and developed as you progress.  I also found myself drawn to a book on questioning techniques-something that again I questioned on my website.  The book on this occasion was called “Leading With Questions” and a new version happens to have been published -I noted that some quite high profile corporate business leaders from particular companies had been interviewed in the creation of that book-so it might serve as a good starting point for people wanting to develop the questions technique and LISTENING techniques.

a huge criticism of many a management is this one of people wanting to see and hear what they themselves expect to see and hear as opposed to what is ACTUALLY being said and so on-so that book might help folks address some of those kinds of issues.

It is on my own to get list so to speak-I generally seeking to live within my meagre budget and of course expand my awareness and knowledge teachings and so on.

I think like many a person I WISH I had come across meditation and some of the courses somewhat earlier in life-as it can feel that you’re life has gone into “DRIFT” to a certain extent-trying to change things for the better in the face of self-imposed imitations or beliefs and so on.

we do of course hear certain types of propaganda from some quarters and often reject that propaganda because we reject the source-when in reality a better approach might be to think in terms of understanding the underlying truth of the words rather than the personal interpretation.

So for instance the Heterophobic community makes a big issue of people being in closets and the cleaning there off-and you could reject that because of your rejection of paedophiles and gays and so on-a better approach might be to simply think of doing such practices as a fellow heterosexual or whatever [INSERT IDENTIFYING LABEL] you personally ascribe yourself.

That might simply entail writing your own blog or private diary or whatever though as I say the only way to perhaps improve your life’s course is to often come to terms with many an aspect you have potentially rejected through prejudice-and PREJUDICE does include so many things that you again possibly want to think in terms of CHAIN REACTIONS-Whereby your letting go of this prejudice or that prejudice leads to a deeper prejudice and to another and another.  Very often we see teachers seemingly traditionally avoiding ANGER issues and we have seen that over and over again from many modalities-though anyone who WATCHED AND WITNESSED Hell in a Hand basket blogs perhaps saw some of those neglected areas of enlightenment being addressed.  Mr Harris was perhaps heavily criticised though I personally thought he had taken a fast track approach to bringing those of us following to greater and faster levels of awareness than we might of experienced otherwise.  Plenty of triggers and knowledge from experienced meditators and so on was included therein-I still think it worthwhile returning and having another look each year-given that I seemingly run into mental blocks and have to think what would so and so do?  and of course the best people to reference and ask can be those who have already trodden there own respective versions of these so called paths to enlightenment and teachings and so on-especially if you eel you have no where else to turn and are being targeted or hammered left right and centre simply for refusing to comply with emotional blackmail and or having people lean on you.

“Lean on me” has become one of those Gospel choir type anthems over the years though one does have to remember that the term does have more SINISTER CONNOTATIONS especially for those of us in the lower echelons of society or surrounded by peoples and persons who are control freaks or are simply stirring for the IMAGE RIGHTS of being the local mob boss or gang leader and so on.  As I have progressed I have found little value in seeking that sort of image-you might say that the “lives by the sword and dies by the sword” type references have a way of coming to fruition and again you are often better of clearing all and any of those types of thinking strategy out of your system unless you are a soldier of some description-in which case of course that is a life coiceand again earning optimum strategies favourable to survival and so on are probably within your own realms of interest.

Think I shall have a Chinese meal this evening-always interested in my TICKET NUMBER-I turn it upside down and raise it to the light and read it through the back of the paper and all sorts whilst waiting-strange though true I always find myself having ah-ha’s whatever the number I receive on any given visit or moment in time.

Thank you for reading and CIAO FOR NOW 🙂


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