The Sun Is Out and I’ve little to say…

So as I study multiple information outlets and news exchanges it can often seem somewhat difficult knowing what areas and subjects might be relevant and useful to patterns and cycles and what might just be coincidence-How SO?

Well we have recently seen a big European Manhunt type activity for some little child requiring medical attention and much assumption was made as to his possible condition based simply on the fact that his parents are JEHOVAH’S WITNESS’ and they are perhaps best known for refusing certain types of medical care and attention usually related to blood-the religion as most of us understand it is contrary or at odds with Governmental Law or perhaps simply any Medically trained persons associated Oaths-the medical professional and training usually has a built in expectation to help those requiring treatment of some description.

I have not written that explanation very well though am sure many a person will get the gist-further to that I think I mentioned that I do have experience of having gone to a Kingdom Hall at one time-I was very young and it was just another one of those religions that the parents dabbled with during the 1970’s.  If my memory is correct the Kingdom Hall I attended was actually on Belmont Road and not all that far from where I was living at that time.

These days of course I go passed a Kingdom Hall pretty much on a daily basis during the week as part of my journey to work-they having relocated in the intervening years and built themselves a dedicated Kingdom Hall-I mention that because they were recently in my thoughts for some reason although I did not see that story about the child until yesterday-so you might say that I dismissed the thoughts relating to Jehovah’s Witness’ because of the daily work journey-when in reality they were perhaps higher in my mind for a reason and that reason perhaps being that this is one of those CYCLE POINTS that we see in relation to that particular belief system.

So what else is going on-I see George Galloway is in the news for having been assaulted and the best person to QUOTE on such an occasion is GEORGE GALLOWAY

How does it go George?  Ah YES “POOR  ME, POOR ME, POOR ME A DRINK!”

Where else? I see mention of a FATWA being issued for ISIS personnel not sure on how that is going to work.  I mean if security personnel sort out such individuals away from the public eye can they then expect to claim any associated rewards that go with FATWA?  Further study required on that one perhaps.

We are also seeing a collection of International Governmental Figures gathering in South WALES and security will of course be top of the agenda-the Welsh suffer from many an ailment and we wouldn’t want them catching anything else.

I could of course mention EBOLA at this point-so all the news relating to Ebola has been changing what was previously known-incubation used to be a few days and death a high certainty-the present model description given is an incubation in weeks and super drug ZMAPP as a cure-so is that related to the fact that the outbreak was engineered and the strain that was released was already known to be  cured by ZMAPP?  Yes certainly strange speculation-though why would the most deadliest condition on the planet suddenly change it’s known model to MOSTLY HARMLESS-yes Hitchhikers guide characters can perhaps get a mention seeing as we are working in the realms of DON’T PANIC!

So there are many stories all vying for attention and of course any given person’s focus is going to be drawn to perhaps where they have Historically associated knowledge-I saw a headline talking of the return of X Factor-I preferred the predecessor Pop Idol in many ways though the format is of course not all that differing-I think it has been demonstrated that public support for the acts fades quite rapidly when they are not getting the associated press-that is perhaps why some of the campaigns for some people to win has not been in the shows interest-far better to support genuine talent that might actually carve out a career in the cutthroat World of Entertainment

Yes so patterns are many and cycles are many and choice is choice and I really do have those been there done that liked it loved it worn the T-SHIRT type thoughts feelings and so on going on hence the unchanging nature of this blog in many ways. 

Very short this one as my thoughts are all over the shop-I had thought about writing a piece on James Bond for some reason so that perhaps another Cycle that sprang to mind-did anyone create a sister character Jane Scond perhaps?

Yes this a shorty though I may write a more COHERENT PIECE LATER though am unsure if it will be published-I am fortunate in being able to save to draft without publishing everything that I write so why all the confusion in a confused World perhaps it is an easy condition to have. 

All very well people claiming they are benefitting society and so on though one does have to wonder at some self publicists and so on.

Enough Already!

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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