Do You Cringe? Or Become SALACIOUS when you see the Words:-


It has now been sometime since I began this blog and I really do not now what is safe to write about and what is not safe to write about-I recently set a challenge for people to see if they could come up with there own character for a major animation picture and of course today is the deadline-I mean what if-what if they think that I will want the information and character detail attributes that they have so lovingly been crafting and putting all there energies into over these last 48 Hours.

Of course I am quite sure that anyone who has put any kind of work in will begin to see more and more links between the so-called SIGHT BEYOND SIGHT REALMS and the boring day-to-day life type information that most of us find ourselves living our lives.  I guess in judgment terms that so-called boringness is the choice that we have made for lack of EXCITING ALTERNATIVES and of course the TRUTH is that anyone can become or create for themselves a more satisfying life than they POSSIBLY currently have.

The other part about DEAR DIARY type pieces is of course that they are supposed to contain information that you might not find anywhere else about a persons private thoughts and feelings and so on-I just hope she is not reading this because if she truly knew how I feel about her-it could cause a situation.  I guess I will just have to let those thoughts and desires go and find someone else and just thinking that is tearing me apart I mean have you ever felt this way about anyone else-can you just walk away knowing that she could be the one-one person that was absolutely right for you from head to toe in every respect of the word SIGH.

What else well I was recently thinking about this issue of CLUES and of course I have made multiple links across multiple MEDIA and so on-so for instance I recently quoted the CHARACTER of FRANCIS URQUHART (You may think that-though I could not possibly comment) and that show for myself was something that I really liked-there was something SALACIOUS about the way the character BROKE the so-called FOURTH WALL in making asides and comments to the VIEWERS.

This is of course something we see in PANTOMIME-though rarely in BIG SCREEN DRAMA and that particular drama was even better in the sense that it was about Politics and Whitehall and so on-IT MADE POLITICS INTERESTING.

Likewise I am unure as to where else the FOURTH WALL is broken though I guess it must happen in THEATRE a fair bit in some form or other.  I noticed that KEVIN SPACEY was playing a US Character Version of the “House of Cards” character and he of course if memory serves joined the RSC That’s Royal Shakespeare Company not Raisins Sultanas Currents.

Where else well I was sat in the garden and a ROBIN appeared and started TESTING myself.  You  know how they will sit on a fence and then fly a little closer before darting of again-it was quite strange to BEHOLD there I was just sat quietly and the Robin was getting closer and closer before whizzing of again to a (I guess) safe distance.  That perhaps something that relates to Monks and so on (I said I worked at Belmont Abbey and the abundance of creatures around there tend to have that UNHUNTED or safe kind of existence).

What else well because of the Francis Urquehart quote I was of course reminded of the film WHERE EAGLES DARE and that was of course (if memory serves also related to that Arctic Troops Reference) so as I say when you peel back the layers of so-called sources and think and follw your own CLUE set you do often have more and more Ah-ha-not sure where the Richard Burton link is though of course I did recently mention Burt Reynolds of JJ (canon ball run fame).

I saw that Forest Gump was on yesterday when I was at work and again that is a Fantastic kind of storytelling and portrayal by the cast-that I am sure many a person can relate to in some fashion or other.

What else ummn well returning to the Diary theme I found myself wondering about early childhood memories and of course the first early wallpaper that I remember was having NODDIE wall paper-Noddy and Big Ears being chased by GOLLIWOGS-golliwogs were of course the Original naughty toys in the Land of Noddie’s Toytown? not sure what the place was called.  Further to that I also found myself thinking that the earliest TV character that I can remember was THE LONE RANGER with the WILLIAM TELL OVERTURE as the theme-I have not seen the more recent Johnny Depp release though reviews were not encouraging-having said that I have of course read many a review of a film and found myself being happy enough once viewing from a non critical viewpoint.

So these things you can of course go into the realms of SELF INQUIRY-I did perhaps previously mention how an Indian (I think) girl was one of the earliest kinds of nursery school girlfriends before dying of Leukemia.  My brothers (Timothy) Missus Christine also went through having that although she survived the treatment.

I also of course married a mixed race person-so I guess it can be easy to find THREADS throughout someone life when you go seeking for them-although many a TEACHER or MASTER does say that these things are only APPLICABLE in the meanings and so on that WE OURSELVES given them.

From the POINT of VIEW of looking back over ones life-it is easy to have returned to one or two of those threads though from a continued Existence it can perhaps be better to become WISE or WISER as to where the original thoughts feelings and so on ORIGINATED within your own life story and so on.

So what else do people put in diaries-well as someone who does not have a requirement of a work diary and appointments and schedules I guess most people perhaps have more than one-though of course most are perhaps of the P.A. (Personal Assistant) secretarial variety.

I am quite sure many a person does not keep a personal Diary given the SALACIOUS way in which people are often shown to think I WILL JUST HAVE A QUICK SNEEK PEEK.

I was of course also thinking where do we get such attitudes from in the first place-obviously we are perhaps of a CURIOUS nature and so on-though surely some inquisition and enquiry of others is unnecessary-so many of the teachings I find myself returning to are often related to this IDEA of THE HEART and so on-Who remembers Heart to Heart (WHEN THEY MET IT WAS MURDER!)-yes plenty of reason to not run around meeting people. lol.

Now a criticism of myself is perhaps this one of mentioning SAS when I actually have zero links to them-far to easy for people to think otherwise although I have stated that on multiple occasion.

However the other issue is of course that many folks do buy books and so on and you do come to realise that many of these things are MENTALLY at least a Two-way street in the sense that I mentioned Von Ryans Express and yellow Taxi and then thought-hold on was there a taxi of that description in one of those former SAS men’s Books? and likewise the Cakemix talk of recent days led to my thinking of the Mcnab stuff.

So they folks have CREATED they’re own Legend (for lack of a better term) and we often as youngsters and so on buy into those TALES OF DARING and so on.  So given that we buy into these things and so on-you do sometimes have to wonder what are the so-called sources that you might HOLD RESPONSIBLE for bad things happening within your World and Life-and it could for instance be argued that any of us lads who had all the military type toys as kids and so on and watched I WANT YOU TO DIE MR BOND and so on-could have been negatively affected by some of these influences-all though generally most of us (OVERALL) perhaps regard it as the other way around.

that is why I simply say take folks as you find them not as you might like them to be or indeed as an EDITED book can appear-books and TV/FILM are very often EDITED over and over again leaving out the toilet trips and so on-unless RELEVANT to PLOT.

So anyone can probably find that they have enough information within they’re own life to write a story of HIGHLIGHTS that could sell to someone somewhere even if it is simply CRAFTED into a third person and so on.

I do actually quite like that BREAKING THE FOURTH WALL THEME from theatre and think it has been used in Historical Movies far more often than NOW-the “Road” films with Bing Crosby and Bob Hope and Dorothy Lamour used to use them excessively-as did many an earlier comedy from the black and white film era-and perhaps one or two Disney editions-DID THE GENIE in ALADDIN (portrayed by recently deceased Robin Williams) say an aside or two to the audience?

Yes that of course another VIETNAM link he of course playing the shock jock in another film that highlighted that era-did Tom Hanks ever work with Robin Williams? I will have to do a search on that one.

Yes so BREAKING THE FOURTH WALL and utilising that as part of story or script and so on-these things INTERSTING simply because you can go on to wonder OKAY so we have identified a 1st,2nd,3rd, 4th Perspective and of course a DIE or DICE (think roll the die games) have six sides and each opposite side adds up to seven although that again was someones idea of cleverness in some fashion-who ever tried to roll double-six in a game of monopoly-these things are all calculated as moment chance-though of course we do not consider these things to RESET because we do not regard ourselves as having the ability to RESET.  We clearly do when you do the meditation and so on.

Anyway that should be enough to be getting on with and remember ALL MEANING IS THE MEANING YOU YOURSELF GIVE-as opposed to any suggested by myself-I am not being critical of anyone or any group here merely presenting another form of ENQUIRY EXAMINATION into BELIEF and so on and so forth.



Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

So A Systematic Process Of Enlightenment Eh?

So a systematic process of enlightenment eh? Well how hard can it be?  Yes means yes according to a new campaign in the United States state of California that has decided to apparently counteract the present confusion surrounding no means no campaigns-I am unsure as to how those sorts of ideas come about though in making folks think about issues of course maybe some realizations will be made of some sort or fashion.  Those sorts of campaigns are of course usually related to CONSENT issues in sex and rape cases and so on.

Now returning to the cake mix fruits that I mentioned yesterday-when you are young and so on you often (some of us anyway) have a habit of having sultanas and raisins and currents and so on as snack type foods and some industrious folks at some point or other came up with those little boxes with them in-I cannot recall the brand though I had never heard of them until later in life-I simply helping myself from the cake cooking ingredients in a kitchen cupboard somewhere.  The interesting thing is of course that as youngsters we do tend to group all those kinds of things as being the same when in fact from a KNOWLEDGE position and research it can actually be helpful to know what they are and how they are differing and so on.

Where else?  Well I did of course set a two day challenge that one or two persons may have considered as taking up-just to test there own mental aptitude and creativity-it is of course easy to opt for the STEAL LIKE AN ARTIST mentality in the sense that you can have a character that can carry out this task or function and has this power or that power as and when required within a given story line.

So in reality of course what is meant by current story requirement? This usually consists of big picture views of your own particular World-so you might be a company that is seeking to roll out new products and you want to ALIGN yourself with current World knowledge and so on within your REALM.

So a research statistic might be that Lithuanian Curry is becoming the latest EXOTIC taste and Latvian Kebabs are not far behind-and if you are in the FOOD INDUSTRY you potentially want a piece of that market-so could well go into looking for recipes along those lines.

Likewise a military general might have operatives stationed around the planet on various active service missions and so on and each environment might have its own SPECIALIST requirements for said environment.  Likewise it is no good having a major intake of Polar Warfare troops if your major stage of active war operations for the foreseeable future is in the jungle or where-ever-unfortunately everyone CRIES WOLF on BUDGETS irrespective of populations thinking otherwise.  I recall that America was said to have left huge quantities of vehicles and so on in the Gulf following previous major conflicts the shipping costs of a return trip for such things were not regarded as being cost effective.

So I actually think that the Local Regiment could potentially benefit or LEVERAGE extra funding simply from the fact that future King; Prince George Cambridge  is having his birthday on the 22nd and so on for the foreseeable future-these kinds of politics and associations can of course work both ways though when we look at the so-called makeup-of Royalty and Military and so on there is a great deal of cross-over anyway in the sense that the quote I recall from a somewhat dark political show ran along the lines of “You might think that-though I could not possibly comment”,  The MANDARINS that run through the corridors of power keeping the wheels turning are all I am sure aware of the strengths and weaknesses of such DETAIL.

Likewise a Firm such-as Disney themselves have gradually rolled out Disney Theme Worlds from Continent to Continent and there is no reason to assume that one or two of there competitors could not do the same.  I think Warner Brothers have carried our a similar type of strategy though of course these things can often be dependent on the MOGUL at the top.  You do often get the impression that many a BUSINESS is so linked with its CREATOR that when they leave or move on the Business goes into CRISIS although that word is often not used the shareholders and markets do not like words such as CRISIS being speculated in relation to some Corporations.  A UK example was of the firm Virgin where Richard Branson had sold off part of his empire and they did not prosper to well without him.  Famous American Cases within memory are of course the Steve Jobs “Years in Exile” from Apple.  So people react strangely in many ways dependant on belief as to how strongly a management team and so on can FILL THE BOOTS so to speak of LARGER THAN LIFE type MOGULS and so on.

So these DESIGN IDEAS can of course take us back to building from the grass roots of what knowledge is required at a foundation level for where you are intending to focus your time and energy.

Once you have systematized your process as to how you conduct yourself and so on and what area you are developing you can of course be more EXPANSIVE.  So many of the courses I have taken have been (for instance) related to Colour Theory and Frequency Theory and Compass Theory and WAVE Theory and so on and so forth-so really those might be regarded as a FOUNDATION upon which you can build any EMPIRE to your own specification and requirement.  Likewise too many BAD experiences can put you back seemingly for years and years (as in my own case)-though in reality I do have a LARGE DATASET of knowledge that I can impart to people either here in my blog or out and about when and as-if it is needed or required by folks. The area that I am working on in relation to CREATIVITY as I have mentioned over the last few days has been this one of IMAGERY and  I say it is something of a CONSCIOUS WEAKNESS though perhaps STRONGER in my NON-CONSCIOUS in the sense that I can do the exercises within courses to a reasonable standard and so on.  The weakness perhaps being that I have perhaps been harsh towards the ARTS WORLD (In General) throughout my life having of course grown up around musicians and so on and wanting to perhaps be “NORMAL” and not have aspirations and dreams that family have already gone before and done in some fashion or other.

So I can visualize and say things out loud and even write though DRAWING is somewhat neglected as I say often setting out with that intention and then finding myself WORDING.

I certainly think I have a somewhat far freer mental attitude than for many years though likewise never wuite feel as though I am OPERATING AT MY BEST always like I am missing some JIGSAW piece or however just on the HORIZON.  I do now that horizon strategy is of course another strategy that gets used by teachers rather a lot-the stepping stones to the horizon as it continues its stationary position and distance from yourself.

Yes so why do we teach people to RUB ALADDINS LAMP in the hope of a GENIE appearing when the closest match to that within any environment is the BOILIING KETTLE-how many of us have scolded our hands making a TEMPERATURE TEST on the side of a kettle at some point in our lives.  Of course they do say that many a PERSON THEMSELVES BECOME “CALIBRATED” for regularly carried out activities.  I remember my Hereford Grandmother was never seemingly effected by EXCESSIVELY HOT ovens and things that she was taking in and out of said ovens.  That is not to say that she did not use protective clothing and gloves and towels and so on so much as I in my own experience generally found such things to CONDUCT HEAT.  I think we use or take advantage of that PROCESS in RADIATORS and so on whereby heat is carried through CONVECTION to a certain extent-this is why even if you turn of a PUMP or it becomes broken in some fashion-you will not necessarily be aware straight away.

So again this is just putting thoughts down in a diary like type fashion and I am of to see if I can continue in my DRAWING PRACTICE VISION TO VISION hmmn what a concept-How can I integrate such ideas and learnings into my life in such a way as to be able to generate wealth health and prosperity.  Yes it helps to simply keep writing and processing and meditating and remaining ignorant to detractors who have not got your own best interests at Heart.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and be Well 🙂

So How Am I Advancing With My Other Project?

Well in many ways I have advanced exceptionally well and in others seemingly not at all-the idea was actually one that I have repeated here within this blog on some occasion and I decided well what you need is an AVATAR to bring the character to life somewhat within your own mind-it was perhaps for this effort that I decided to go to the animation masters in he sense that I searched among quite a lot of imagery online and so on and could not find something that FITTED the SPECIFICATION that my non-conscious was wanting or pushing myself towards.

So you might say that I have a CHARACTER and have been seeking to give the character attributes and values as to what the character is all about.

In relation to the Animation Theme I thought I could set myself a challenge:

So as an example:

You are reading through a usual magazine or brochure or website when you come across a competition from one of the major animation studios wanting a character and story that they can create a new line of products around, the DEADLINE IS IN 2 DAYS TIME, and you think yes this is the opportunity I have been waiting for I can create a draft of this character that I have bee thinking about for so long and actually WIN this competition to see my characters creations and designs up on the big screen YAHOO.

So the 2 DAYS UNTIL THE DEADLINE is of course a TIME PERIOD within which you can set to work on putting together a character and theme and story and so on and see how far you advance within that time limit.

I myself have of course been somewhat crawling in nature as to the IDEA that I have been developing and so on-however WERE DISNEY or DREAMWORKS or some other MAJOR STUDIO to say DAVE OKAY WERE INTERESTED_I know that I have some great ideas and materials that ALREADY form the BASIS for any such INTEREST-In fact you might say that it is the sort of IDEA that you wonder why none of them have already done it-you might say that it is once again in the realms of IN-YOUR-FACE stating of the bleeding obvious-though to be fair-I think that a CARTOON or ANIMATION presentation of such things would be THE PERFECT VEHICLE so to speak for the IDEA that I have-as I say I have a character and I have ideas as to story arc and so on and really where I have struggled is perhaps in the realms of other characters or TEAM or FOIL.  and the interaction of the Characters within the work-so you might say it is a matter of balance-we have all seen characters that seemingly have great teams around them or foils and so on and getting that balance of characters and CONTRIBUTION to the story is ALL IMPORTANT-so I have had multiple character type ideas that I have simply dismissed not because they were no good so much as did little to enhance the actual story or theme.

What we often see in MOST CARTOON type works is an OVERALL ARC with main characters and so on and the Journey and you might say that most of us when we develop such ideas find that more than one piece is required-so that is where we get the IDEA of the TRILOGY and so on.  The problem then in how can I INTRODUCE the characters within the first act , how can I move them forward within the second act and how can I bring the curtain down with some pizazz and razamatazz in the final act.  Yes as I say once you set out on many of these lines of thought and thinking more and more ideas come forward and you do often find yourself having to be quite RUTHLESS in selecting those ideas that you can go forward with and cutting those that whilst great do not fit the CURRENT STORY OUTLINE-it has been shown for instance that many an IDEA left out of ORIGINAL FIRST MOVIE finds its way into a second or third film further down the line.  So that is what I have been doing.

I have persevered with the development of a character and outline of a story and World background that goes quite nicely and the DILEMMA is of course in the bringing to life in vision-hence my wanting to DRAW a little more and get that creativity and so on going.  Likewise as is suggested above I have ideas for these other characters whether they form a team or foil or villains and passing through and so on is more difficult.  Every great character perhaps needing to feel that more than equal to equality of characterization.

The Star Trek Problem perhaps where men in red died  early in many scripts whilst Hero folks in Yellow and Blue continued from week to week-yes exceptions exist though I do note from more recent TV and SOME Film that far to much emphasis is placed on MAJOR GOOD GUY/GAL and MAJOR BAD GUY/GAL and one or two foils around them and whilst I like that I do feel that an ENSEMBLE piece has not necessarily been formulated where multiple characters are BRAND NEW and FANTASTIC as a GROUP.


Well many groups are ENSEMBLE of already known or pre existing characters and developing an entire group that feels good and works in terms of story and script and so on rather than just in your head is a continuing issue.

Again another reason to try visual onto paper.  GET IDEAS DOWN, GET VALUES DOWN, GET ATTRIBUTES, Ask the necessary questions as to how they all fit together within the overall story arc and any given pieces within that story.

So yes-I do feel that having moved from the WRITING REALMS into THE VISUAL REALMS has seemingly put a little rocket Booster in my own efforts-as to any forthcoming actual product or result-well that again is a hmmmn The IDEA is GOOD because it has been with myself for multiple years and gone through multiple rethinks and so on and survived that kind of PROCESS so the issue is perhaps that one of SELFISHNESS in the sense of putting IDEAS and so on FORWARD to be CRITQUED by people and persons who have not necessarily been through such CREATIVE PAIN and TURMOIL and so on.


Yes it is surprising how much you can become somewhat ATTACHED and SO ON to your own CREATIVE IDEAS and so on and having to DEFEND IMAGINARY BEINGS and so on is again a STRANGE notion though one worth putting yourself in the position of having done-if only to see how wrapped up and self absorbed and so on you can become when YOU HAVE PUT THE WORK IN.

So yes I have done this that and the other and things are advancing not necessarily as intended when I set out though likewise I just have to keep on asking what feedback or learning has taken place through this development that lets myself know that I am heading in the desired direction-I PERFECT PRODUCT.

Maybe DISNEY and DREAMWORKS and so on simply buy character RIGHTS and so on AKA WINNIE THE POO though given today’s world I would rather go straight to BIG PICTURE and then books and so on than the other way around.  Yes easy to think like a mogul though obviously CREATIVELY you want to know that they feel the same way about your STORY TELLING and CHARACTER and so on-I think for all the criticism of Walt Disney down the years-he did have a way of bringing out the best of his workers when it came down to getting in those EMOTION ZONES and TRIGGERS and so on.

So that again part of the game of black and white whereby many of the so called MR BIG’S of any GIVEN MEDIA often have far more DETRACTORS than others simply for having put themselves on the so-called line and having the faith and courage to follow there own path and that path is often the one that is previously untouched by others etc.

Yes the trauma of character development and story development and interaction and knowing how long all these things can take is highly enticing when your feeling motivated and so on-and of course some environments I find myself in do provide a HUGE or MASSIVE number of CHARACTER OBSERVATIONS-easy of course to RUSH to VILLAINY though I do think a BROADER SELECTION exists within my own World than has perhaps existed previously.

So that another quick one that I have rushed out for something to write about. And of course when you write about any given topic or subject that can again be a MOTIVATOR in the sense that having made a commitment to continue with something you have given yourself an OMG.  Look back to 28/09/2014 when I wrote about this project and here I am in ………. without anything to show for all that effort that I was putting into that project at that time.  Well that is of course the way of the World for many people-we all think that we can do these things though continuing in a daily effort when other commitments and so on crop up and become detrimental to GROWTH.

Yes I will persevere because it has for myself become something that I could not have imagined a few short years ago-this project could actually be turning into a LABOUR OF LOVE.

Yes EXCEPTIONALLY VAGUE on my character and theme and story arc and so on though as I say if you want to purchase the IDEA it really is one that the WORLD needs to see in BIG SCREEN DISNEY STYLE EPIC-MASSIVE.

Well I could of course apply for a job with some of these companies though in all honesty given my background I simply do not feel drawn to apply to other people or persons-I think that is another one of these EGO debates-how much faith do you have in your own ability and how much does working for others detract from that-clearly my present paying work (for instance) is not a match in the creativity realms at the level that I work and likewise given the previous experience of my applying for other positions it would probably require a request from trusted sources to even get any attention from myself.

Ignorance has its own rewards when it comes to the daily politics that those of us who meditate have mostly advanced and escaped from (so to speak).

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂


Do Artificial Sweeteners Make You Ill

The reason I ask is that we do of course apply labels to just about everything and where once International Governing Bodies and so on came up with regimented systems in the creation of coding and wording for differing substances there has within the last Century perhaps been more of a popular public opinion type system in place.


Extremely hard to test of course though we do know that many a poison labelled as such will have a detrimental effect on your person irrespective of whether you have a belief in the existence of the substance or have even heard of it.

I think many of us have perhaps heard of the poison Arsenic and how that can rapidly kill just about anyone-there are possibly reasons as to why some poisons have greater effect on some people than others though in general a poisonous substance is of course USUALLY differing to a killer bacteria or bug though again after testing and so on these things are usually given appropriate labels and so on.

Why am I asking on this subject matter?  Well as I perhaps mentioned previously I have a lifelong disliking of SEAFOOD and FISH products they usually induce feelings of sickness and ill health.  I also perhaps mentioned that I have on occasion tried such products following the mentality that if I were ever ship wrecked on a desert Island and so on them Fish is usually the so-called food that you are to look for-does that mean that I would rather starve?

Well as I say I have perhaps tried such foods every so many years in the hope that my system disagrees with its prior or previous judgement only to later discover that the rejection (or however one is to describe my bodily reaction) usually remains the same.

So on this occasion another substance that I have a long standing dislike of is ARTIFICAL SWEETENERS-now whilst many foods actually have artificial sweeteners within the recipe (just check any canned/tinned food) I am not talking about those so much as the area of Artificial Sweeteners in Soft Drinks.

So I like soft drinks and am known to regularly drink the Coke Cola and Pepsi and Seven Up and so on and although I drink those SUGAR brands the reaction to the SWEETENER products is again a subject area of debate.  So I currently have something called Coca Cola Life and it is differing to regular coke in having a Green Label although the bottle and FONT SCRIPT follows the Classic Coke Style and ASSOCIATION of knowledge of the other products.

So they are perhaps saying “Hey we know some of you are keen to continue drinking Coke Cola though have concerns about the sugar content-TRY THIS?”

So I have tried this product and for myself as is always the case with DIET SOFT DRINKS THIS DRINK IS F.U.B.A.R.

What makes that so?  Well they talk of some people being employed by manufacturers and so on as FOOD and DRINK TASTE-TESTERS because they have seemingly gotten or developed enhanced taste buds and the ability to describe food and drink in ways that go beyond the average regular person (perhaps).

For myself all I can ever taste with ANY DIET SOFT DRINK is the SWEETENER and as I suggested above one finds that it disagrees with oneself substantially.

So all the major manufacturers have of course released DIET DRINK after DIET DRINK of the most popular brands giving them excessively changed labels for instance PEPSI MAX is actually DIET DIET PEPSI for anyone who can see through the marketing.

If just one of these drinks tasted as the ORIGINAL I would likely SWITCH though unfortunately as I say when you try a drink where the SWEETENER is the flavour that is not great product development (In My Opinion).

So of course millions of folks love DIET Drinks as part of the regular Diet and so on though for myself I have yet to find a drink that has added a SWEETENER where the SWEETENER has not become the FLAVOUR and who honestly wants SWEETENER flavoured anything.

yes of course SUGAR is itself a sweetener although of course we can say that it is naturally grown and sourced from cane and so on and also appears naturally in many plants and fruits-so why do these manufacturers (given the large amount of NATURALLY found Sugars) have such a hard job replicating that within the laboratory and so on?

I simply think that they gave up and instead the DIET BRAND LABEL TASTE became such a popular FLAVOUR within its own right that the SEARCH for A GENUINELY created SUGAR SUBSTITUTE within these brands is not being carried out.  Instead the flavour technologists and so on are perhaps themselves of the diet brands and simply keep on replicating those instead of the Original Product.

My advise is that until a Diet Drink Passes “ONE’S OWN TASTEBUD TEST” they will not be getting any custom from this individual. Many of these Drinks started appearing during my early childhood and none has yet to taste like the original in such a manner that is DIGESTIBLE.

Strange person some of you are perhaps thinking-well when push comes to shove I would survive on the diet drinks though as I say a desert island could not be found where Coke Cola grows anyhow?

Yes that reminds myself of a teenage years trip to (I THINK) Barry Island-the place was scorching hot and some American GI’s showed up from some UK base and they had AMERICAN COKE COLA carried in multiple ICE BOXES that they handed out to some of us folks within there VICINITY and I just remember that the COKE was even better than the UK Edition-so even RECIPES are not produced the same from continent to continent and another story along those lines is that I recall having some aches and pains of one type or another in more recent years and a POLISH friend gave myself some Polish painkillers and they were somewhat far stronger than what are allowed as prescription in the UK-and contained substances within the recipes that are usually not allowed beyond Hospital Doors if memory serves when I checked the drug recipe I found them to be Eastern European Morphine type variants.

We of course have long History’s of so-called banned substance checking and so on and every OLYMPICS has found there to be some new variant of this cheat or that cheat being used by particular athletes-the problem often being some of the later “to be come well known” SIDE EFFECTS.

I have not taken any kind of medication for several years and likewise have been meditating for just as long so that perhaps an indication that my LA-DI-DA mentality has to an extent been working.

That is not of course the same as saying that dislike or bodily rejection of some tastes and flavours does not occur so much as I am far more weary and so on as to belief in the so-called HYPE of many a product.  Yes some or perhaps many things can have a Fantastic PLACEBO Effect though likewise  many things as our bodies go through assorted cycles can change-so a liking for one product at a particular age does not guarantee a continued liking and so on.

I mention that because as I have suggested being more attuned much of my SLEEP PATTERN changes throughout the year and likewise taste patterns can also change-we often opting for stews and broths and so on in the colder months when Summertime perhaps allows for more salad and rabbit food type diets.

The other issue tied in with this and perhaps required knowledge for some is that of THE PREGNANT LADY whereby they often go into eating and developing tastes for all sorts of weird and wonderful  Flavours-the non-conscious often knows what it wants and requires and the lady often goes searching for some kind of match or fit-we often hear of traditional favourites such as Pickled Onions and so on and GPS and DOCTORS and CONSULTANTS etc.. often explain these as DEVELOPMENTAL REQUIREMENTS of the unborn and developing foetus or child.

The Sultan in the consultant does not like raisins in his buns preferring instead what is in his own head.  Yes where these thoughts originate is trange enough though of course sultans and raisins and so on are often particular favourites for cakes and buns recipes and so on.  I said how I like Chelsea Buns and I do also like Christmas Pudding and regular Iced Christmas Fruit Cake that many a person in this day and age often rejects as being HEAVY foods as though there poor little bodies cannot digest a piece of cake unless it is full chocolate sponge recipe.  Yes the only difference between a light an heavy so-called recipe can be the actual ingredients in the sense of physical additives and so on.  Cakes then perhaps have a range such as those of soups through broths and so on and when you begin to understand the spectrum range in each field of study or endeavour that you research you can perhaps make more and more links and connections and so on and so forth.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

Amityville The House On The Hill

So there I am suggesting starting from a higher place on the hill and what pops up?

Yes of course the title is a pull out line from a popular song again going back to the 1980’s though of course I myself might of been considered to live at a house on the hill at that time during my life in the sense that I lived in the Tupsley region (district) of Hereford and the only way to get there was to follow the grand old Duke of York and march up the hill likewise the school I attended was also up that particular hill so you might say that having lived down the Belmont Road (A49) in the South of the City and indeed South Wye I moved to the North of the City and a district that was better situated for my School and likewise a somewhat differing mentality existed within the local Community or district to that which I had previously experienced living in the South.

The move was perhaps not to my own liking as I have suggested previously in the sense of differing kinds of attitudes and tribalism existing within differing districts-some changes you do not notice or miss and others you do-it could be argued for instance that for anyone familiar with having a local Shanghai type district that those Communities can be tighter and more closely knit although often around negative behavioural issues-whilst other districts can be knit around other type issues.  You could in fact possibly:-

Overlay a SPIRAL over any City Centre and then see where that SPIRAL overlays the PRE EXISTING Districts within any given location and likewise once you have carried our that task you could then APPLY another SPIRAL as an of-shoot of your main SPIRAL why carry out such task-well as I say you can gain insight into the Nature of SPIRALS of Influence within any given area and the attitudes that you might find along particular spirals and indeed BORDERLANDS.

As I say I lived on the Belmont Road and that was bordered by multiple districts that the road cut through and as a wondering exercise I learnt from quite a young age the differing types of other peoples that could be expected to be found in surrounding districts and areas-yes many a gang perhaps carried out similar explorations though it is interesting how you do take in on a non-conscious learning type basis the on-the-ground type knowledge for differing areas and so on.

The spiralling might also be considered in traditional medical type thinking in the sense that you could consider the main roads and arteries to be like your NERVOUS SYSTEM main roads and routes through towns and cities and so on and the lesser spirals as the  SENSORY CONNECTIONS within the sub-nervous system.

Likewise these things are not easy to apply together as SERIOUS and so on so you have to once again plunge into the ARTISTIC REALMS and a LEAP of the IMAGINATION.

The leap of the imagination is something perhaps that has to be returned to again and again until the shifts start happening for yourself.  I had an Email today from LS in relation to Spring Forest Qigong and Chunyi Lin and it explained how he had lived through the Culteral Revolution and lost family and Friends and so on and had as a young person gone to see an Energy Healer and the “FORGIVENESS”  teaching did not sit well with the mind-set that he had at that time in his life.  Many of Modalities relating to Christianity and Spirituality and so on all repeat this kind of a teaching of “FAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT” in his case he followed and suggests the Meditational type Mantra of “I PRETEND THAT I LOVE YOU AND FORGIVE YOU” this goes along with another modality or two that I have suggested where you visualize people or persons that you have had conflict with within your life on a STAGE and you simply keep on imagining saying your mantra to those peoples one by one or one as an example of all-there are many VARIATIONS on this teaching though as I have said-I personally prefer the MEDITATION first and this type of MANTRA later-the difficulty having been getting the Brain or Mind to a place of CALM in the first place.

So the pretence and fake it until you make it is popular teaching and I guess the same attitude can be said for people in NEW ROLES in LIFE the NEW MANAGER or NEW ACCOUNTANT or NEW [INSERT LABEL] and so on.  Many people LACK CONFIDENCE when stepping into a JOB in a particular role and only being in a particular role can give you the underlying skills said to be associated with any given ROLE.  Having said that you can of course be congruent and be honest about such issues-at least in CHAIN OF COMMAND TERMS these things are EXPECTED.

Likewise OPENING FRONTS of CONFLICT on to many borders can be a SELF INFLICTED nightmare and far to many a person I encounter WALKS STRAIGHT INTO THIS kind of a SCENARIO TRAP.  Defending or even going on the OFFENSIVE against IMAGINED opponents.

So strip away all of your own STORY and STRIP away the STORY that LED to the STORY and just keep on going until you come to see that LITERALLY everything is simply a STORY MODEL of some description-and that you really can clear most of these things out of your system and start over again from a place on the HILL that is not Amityville.

I cannot of course mention a Hill without mentioning Napoleon Hill-he of course another of the Famed Authors that is often recommended by many existing Guru’s as one of they’re own sources of enlightenment and so on.

Not sure why I wrote this peace though felt like writing and seeing what came up so just one of those types of pieces and nothing to get het up or overly concerned about.

I can also of course mention that having said the word Dandy in multiple articles that that was actually another comic that I recall from childhood that I used to get at the same time as my Beano.  They had a differing character set and model and I think attitude was also differing although now that I come to think about it-maybe that was the point in the sense that when you can see the overlays and themes you can see that they were not to dissimilar.  The difference between Dennis the Menace and Minnie the Minx is not a HUGE LEAP is it?

Yes I am not going to go down those lines of debate though obviously having looked at drawing materials related to cartoony type images and so on I am perhaps recalling many a childhood read.

I am also trying to recall the name of one or two of the other comics from that era though cannot for the life think what they were and I think one or two disappeared though the characters were integrated into the other comic STABLES to use a phrase.  So a popular character own comic disappeared though the character was saved through being moved into another comic realm.  These things have occurred of course in multiple ways where we see GUEST appearances by Luminaries in each other Worlds and Realms. Will you be joining in the Guest’s Quest.

Hmmn TTFN 🙂

So What Then Is Transactional Gesturing

An easy question to ask of course though meaning as always is within the realms of the hemispherical development of ones own brain and as we have likely  seen from many a personality within own our life times what we resist persists and so on and so forth.

So transactional analysis combined with ARTIST type modalities can bring you to once again view the World with a differing mind-set to that which you may have started out on your journey.

The most obvious interpretation is of course this one of exchanging of body language. She winks again and again and he thinks YEAH this one’s a cert strolling over to ask her name she meanwhile raises her hand to her eye and rubs her eye seeking to remove the mascara heavy eyelash that has worked its way into her eyeball.

Yes so that is of course an external narration of an event and a cartoonist for instance could take that description outline and throw something together as to the combination of gestures-a psychologist on the other hand might go into the realms or I’m Okay Your Okay type analysis and so on and so forth.

So the problem then for many a person including myself is that we have perhaps been beaten over the head with name-calling or big heads vying for attention to such an extent that the ARTISTIC SELF EXPRESSION of oneself becomes repressed and so on and one of the easiest ways to recapture and let go of many such a nonsense is to take up more creative type hobbies-myself with my writing has of course taken myself so far-though likewise I was not perhaps plunging enough into the ART type realms so am seeking to remedy that through my having purchased a book or two on DRAWING and again these things are choice.

Many books do exist though as they say you can be best seeking to be somewhat discerning in who you look to guidance from.  For myself I opted to some Walt Disney animation type master class materials and found them to by jolly good reads and teachings that work well with much of what I have previously studied.  Likewise I noted that the materials reference or quote other books-so that is following the learning chain although having said that I did note that I have seen one or two references previously.

A popular one in the ART world is Betty Edwards Drawing on the right side of the brain and I actually have a copy of that book and have been through it a couple of times though am not overly enthused by it-my Walt Stanchfield books are perhaps all I need and are highly enjoyable from a sense of understanding the cartoonist mind-set and so on.  If I pursue the cartoony type materials then I might perhaps step up to The Art Of Illusion that is slightly more expensive though again a classic for those interested in the animation sector.

What can be learnt-well I found much of the terminology to be fascinating in the sense that I can see how it relates to OBSERVATION and the BODY and SEEING in another way.  So for instance in the animator realm you can break the body down into Solid/Flexible/Solid/Flexible type structures and so on learning to see the PERSPECTIVES and avoiding Tangents that are apparently the animators nightmare-so yes really enjoyed the drawing cartoon master class materials and far more enthused by those materials than many of the high handed type books and so on that I have within my collection.

Is there value in such stuff?  Well again I think that given that so much that people do and say is coming from a misplaced mind-set or knowledge that any skills that you can develop that enhance your left and right brain interactions and so on must surely be encouraged.  Far to many people run around labelling things that they themselves do not pursue as this or that or the other-I would rather be an honest and congruent of mind person than many of the types of folks that seemingly live in the World about us-constantly making false claims about others without ever putting up evidence and so on and so forth.

I was surprised by the size of the LETS GO TO WAR majority in parliament-I personally had expected a far larger opposition-though the support was fro the position of an INVITE from a Country under pressure.  We having been called upon by the IRAQI Government to provide assistance just as Austria and many other Countries called upon the assistance of Adolf Hitler during the 1930’s.

Yes that is of course again a debatable topic though given the brutality and so on of the ISIS movement-one cannot help to think that ground troops are at some point or stage going to come into play.  The Aerial Combat mission against these types of opponents are not really of any value in the sense that they have not got a great deal to target.  Returning to the Vietnam theme we can remember that America pretty much went into useless Aerial Campaigns there with the Chemical Defoliation and the famous Agent Orange campaigns.  Given the desert environment or battlefield they could well be better of this time coming up with some chemical foliation system-much like the genesis project that we saw in one of the Star Trek films-the idea being that unusable land or planets could be TERRAFORMED into a Usable state.

So having studied multiple war and conflicts it does seem that the ENEMY as it were is one that is possibly shared by traditional foes.  I cannot see ISIS being of any value to either Soviet or Communist type regimes any more than they can be of use to democratic regimes-likewise the other BIG REGIONAL FACTOR is that many of those ARAB states are of course still Tribal and Clan based and have Sheiks and Czar like King equivalents that have been done away with by the rest of the World.

So can a region such-as the middle east be brought to a place of for the people by the people type thinking.  We are seemingly focussing longer on that region than anyone could have predicted back in the late 1980’s early 90’s.

Returning to the Region learning theme is of course very differing in the sense that I grew up with the Tales of The Arabian Nights and so on and likewise that sort of mentality of CLASSICAL Middle East does not sit well with the one that has existed throughout my own lifetime.  I remember when Terry Waite was a Hostage and comedian Jasper Carrot sang a song that ran along the lines of Take Me Home United Nations his parents (within the song) apparently holidaying in Lebanon.  The ground and players has changes slightly though not enough to wonder why we continue with the disparity of classical teaching with modern reality.

The same can be said for the Disney type Aladdin and our Pantomimes and so on-we confuse ourselves so easily and I guess that these things are not going to go away simply through the burying of ones head in the sand like an Emu at a Rod Hull Terry Wogan interview.

Yes whatever comes to mind will always mean something to someone somewhere-I see the yankee doodle dandy’s have taken the early running in the Ryder Cup and many people I have asked have not been all that interested in the Golf-I actually have gone through phases throughout my life where again I seemingly became addicted by the SPORT in the sense of flicking through channels finding a masters or some other competition on and then getting drawn into it-there is a certain Therapeutic Calming Nature about the game and so on and that battle against your own demons and so on-at the end of they day anyone who has tried even a mini golf game at the local funfair knows that getting that ball in that hole is often not as easy as some of these top ranking players make it and likewise it is not generally a team sport so in the instance of the Ryder Cup the TEAM element can cause the Usual MERCENARY TYPE behaviours of the players to have to be put aside in order for the greater good and so on-EXCEPTIONALLY INTERESTING DYNAMICS that can leave one bewildered-having said that I am sure many a person prefers to be out there giving such things a go rather than watching.  As I say I just wrote that because I know it is not a usual sport that I necessarily follow though it is one that has a pull you in type nature as and when it has come front and centre of attention.

So myself of course I am ging to go to my pens and pads and drawing implements and continue to develop those kinds of skills-I think I still struggle with  the writing side when I try to bring all the nouns and verbs and so on into correct formation and play and perhaps the drawing will remove some of that kind of mental crisis in the sense of the famous “SHOW DON’T TELL” kinds of lectures.

So I have a vocabulary that requires expanding and developing (In my own Opinion) so that more descriptive type words and thoughts are in usage as opposed to what is currently being delivered here.

Descriptive practice of course is this idea to take an object and then describe it and likewise descriptive visualization runs along the same lines and likewise the gesturing of animation whereby we are intimating something as opposed to the given impression.

So you can draw a human outline as a series of pipe like cylinders and then of course go into the realms of covering detail.  Direction is personal choice though it has been noted that it can be better to learn from the mistakes of those that have gone before than to seek to try and cram them into your own lifetime-start from a higher place on the hill is the message perhaps-though again these things are unique to individuals no matter how much we like to think otherwise.

The cross pollination and core subject matters do seemingly strike a pose for CREATIVITY and ARTISTIC ABILITIES-if we are all actors and agents then where is the safe house?  yes I throw that in there because in most literature and history we seemingly run into the idea of a safe haven or sanctuary place of NEUTRALITY within some warzone or other. I have seen this theme for underground operatives and for Cities and for Countries-this was something on my mind earlier this morning and I though it could well be relevant to some reader or other-so the SCALIBILTY of IDEAS in relation to SAFE HAVEN’S and so on could again be a present theme or overlay and an overlay for cartoonists might be the foreground/background paradigm and so on.  Again I like classical cartoon though I also note that Pixar has avoided to my mind musicals-so that is perhaps an option they have to exercise at some point though they are distinctive enough to be able to survive without going down the already trodden rode-and of course I recall from the daughters 3D Barbie collection that the opposition (if you like) had moved into that particular Disney Arena-so there is plenty of Heathy reinvention of the whell just as there is much to complain about and FOCUS whether of the individual or whatever arena or stage of life is choice and learning some of these things can be accelerated or slowed accordingly to present knowledge and requirements.

Thank you for Reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

The Ranger Isn’t Going To Like This Yogi

So I spoke on how I had during my younger years gone to a local library and pulled out a book or two on animation from one or two of the GREATS of Animation Studios-and further to that I had perhaps previously said how I was not from a background that grew up with DISNEY in the sense that I was not from a family that rushed to see all the latest new releases and so on-although the earliest films I perhaps recall seeing was The Jungle Book-it has been of course something I have made of for in more recent years in the sense of indulging myself via the indulgence of daughter-though one film that she has never wanted or requested is The Jungle Book-BOO HISS says I.

So anyway I decided that as I had recently spoken on the subject of animation and of that chap from Pixar that I would reacquaint myself with some of those sorts of books and materials-standard ART and PAINTING and so on has never held much appeal though ANIMATION does-my guess is that it is just a matter of FORM-in the sense that you could take DEADLY SERIOUS WORK and give it a DISNEY coating and so on-each studio generally building up its own style and reputation and NICHE etc.

So I liked Pixar Toy Story and absolutely Loved Toy Story 2 and then Toy Story 3 came out and uh-urggg-for myself the film was a major FLOP and one does of course have to question why-I think that ANIMATION WISE the failure was that it was TOO PERFECT.

Sounds strange perhaps to some though that was the overall feeling that I had from the film you seemingly becoming so ENCHANTED by the perfect animation and so on that everything else seemingly was lost-that can perhaps be an issue for animation story tellers and so on and I think they themselves admit to such problems.

However returning to the Historical Lecture type materials I spoke on this idea of sampling and how 100% sound-wise was generally regarded as ANALOGUE and HOW DIGITAL was regarded as a SAMPLE of intermittent slices and of course in the realms of VISION and ANIMATION the same PRINCIPLE is APPLIED.

So where standard TV at one time may have run at 24fps (Frames Per Second) an animated cartoon could get away with 12 fps and that of course is again like a sample.  However this takes us back into this other IDEA that has been proffered by many a GURU such-as Howard Gardner and many Hypnotist type NLP persons of the REFRAME and this IDEA that you can take any scenario and place yourself within it or likewise take any scenario and remove yourself from it-the idea being that you can associate with good thoughts feelings and memories and dissociate from painful thoughts feelings and memories-and yes these things can and do work-though as I have suggested my own experience is that you really are better of going down the meditation route prior to the NLP type MODELLING MODALITIES.

Now the REFRAME is CLEARLY a classic well used and known methodology-however in the realms of ANIMATION the question was perhaps asked as to CONNECTIVITY between shots-so how do you go from Jerky 12 fps to a smooth 12 fps and one of the terms that they use is the IDEA of a GESTURE and I thought AH-HA

So whilst much talk and teaching concentrates on this IDEA of a FRAME of some description and REFRAME-what if we moved into the idea of the GESTURE and REGESTURE.

I should of course explain that the GESTURE is like the suggestion that something is happening kind of perhaps like a motion blur that when run together in a SEQUENCE of GESTURES results in smooth ANIME.

So yes I though HOW COOL IS THAT.  The problem for modern Computer 3D animators is of course that you really can give life to absolutely everything (ALL OBJECTS-be they a grain of sand or a hair on the head ) within a World or Universe or Environment-though I actually have personally more enjoyed those films that have opted for some level of STORY TELLING that is not detracted from via perfection of craft-we as a species actually non-consciously prefer some level of stumbling and imperfections and so on-I recall seeing some program years ago where this very topic was discussed in that they CAN do these things.

Having said that many an EXPERT also says that given the PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT ideology that you can be better making a thousand footsteps of mistakes than having never set out on the Journey in the first place-although the classic humour is of course that you could well have someone else’s boots if you took the time to borrow them at the beginning of the journey.

Yes so I feeling clearly inspired even though I do not generally regard myself as being able to draw for toffee-you could say that I now have all the assorted bits and bobs in place and all that is required is some FOCUS and that is where I seemingly fall-my HABIT being one of being a WORDSMITH and they say no-one thinks in words only symbols though IF SOMEONE WOULD LIKE TO MAY FOR MYSELF TO HAVE THE SCANS AND TESTS I really do have difficulty going the other way round-picture to word-yes I see picture though word pops up in a PREMEDITATED fashion long before any detail of what a beautiful image or however.

So maybe the inability or that split second prior to any given event is because the information is coming in the fashion of a FRAME and I am thinking or need to be thinking in GESTURE.

I have not fully though through all the necessary ins-and-outs of moving from the REFRAME to the REGESTURE though that of course is a GENIUS CREATIVE in its own write-for those that do not know in computer programming we do have the term REGISTER and that is not to dissimilar from REGESTER is it not?

So the fool in a pack of cards is of course the JESTER for the medieval king and queen and that might be regarded as the 53rd and 54th cards supplied with some decks-hmmn.

So the clues are there even within the standard non-la-di-dah decks.

What else is going on?  Well I do of course have a father who is disgusted at the lack of opposition to the LETS GO TO WAR debate in Parliament-I said so you want JIHADIST JOHN to continue beheadings and so on and his SOURCES apparently say that the video material and so on only infers the actions and that they “THE VIDEOS” originated from American Sources as opposed to the standard Al Jazera type outlets of Al Queda and so on-I have know idea how much of that is true-though he did make another comment relating to this idea of Satan being called upon to remove Satan and one cannot help to concur in many ways-though obviously not from the same perspective-I being a warmongering LETS GET AT ‘EM type person.

Yes I actually remember the First Gulf War back in 1991 and that was perhaps the first conflict that had all the IN ACTION-IN your face live coverage from downtown Baghdad and so on and I was absolutely gripped with it like an addict getting his fix-I remember watching hour after hour of that particular conflict and of course we later learned of the other stories involved with that conflict.

So as I said previously you might say I had been at the HEIGHT of my COMPUTING interest at that time-although as is known I did later go and do Elctronic Engineering and Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence.

I should also of course congratulate India on its own MARS ORBITER-my University and Robotics Lab was partially responsible for the ILL-FATED crashed Lander that occurred a few years ago-they actually had a SECOND piece or part of the CRAFT-within the lab-I guess you build your models and mock-ups and so on and various labs around the Country that were involved all had various pieces and so on-though as I say my own experience was that I was working and had access to the lab for a GPS Project that I was carrying out and the Post Graduate Students whilst I am surely working hard on that project did have a penchant for playing Medal Of Honour-Call Of Duty type DEATHMATCH games on the supercomputer Network and Plasma TV’s.  yes that was of course one of the benefits of having access to such networks and kit and so on-though just about every man and his dog can now achieve the same level of TECHNOLOGIES.  Choice being choice of course-I think Plasma was one of those that never really took off though I think given my own acquaintance and experience that they are something that could have been carried further-I guess it comes down to TAKE-UP in the MAJOR Population Centre’s and so on-though having said that given a planet of 7 Billion and a healthy sense of perspective and ratios and so on-how many BUYERS from 7 Billion DO YOU NEED TO MAKE ANY KIND OF A PROFIT?

That perhaps one of the great secrets that anyone selling just about any product can find an audience of some description if they have not got one already-as I say I have focussed on my own learnings and meditation and so on rather than a product though if someone were to come along and ask for my input or however I could well give or provide some ideas or REGESTURES and so on.

Yes early work this evening and looking forward to getting on with some of my newly rediscovered artistic type abilities-if the theory remains within ones noggin for long enough-we do of course have brains that are always instinctively searching and looking for the next reinvention of the wheel-though I have found some areas of interest more appealing and once again inspiring-maybe I’ll be making a step forward in progress as to my other website that has been un-utilised considering all these guru’s seemingly throw up new sites on a daily basis for this project or that project-I have one project that I have been seeking to develop and  maybe the necessary skills are gradually making themselves known to myself.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

With A Rebel Yell She Cried More More More

So the popular lyric of a Billy Idol Song pops up and as is always the case I write about it-I have little idea as to why though I did of course following my bleary eyed post this morning decide to remind myself of the A-Team opening sequence and as expected it seemed like it was just yesterday that I was a regular viewer-In 1972 A crack Commando Unit was sent to a Maximum Security Stockade For a crime they did not commit-they promptly escaped to the Los Angeles underground-yada-yada-yada.

So that was the background story of a US Special Forces Unit from the Vietnam Era though again it can be noted that it was in fact based around a group of four much like the 4 Gospels that I mentioned earlier-and many a multiple choice question sheet of course asking for option answer A answer B answer C answer D-yes you can get more than the standard four though I do think that these things are perhaps in place for a reason of some description or at least it is an easy learning process when you think you can have a four within a four within a four within a four within a four-that of course returning once again to the idea of the FRACTAL type mathematics-whereby no matter where you go  within your zoom the mathematic will lead to a similar story or SCRIPT assuming any given group of peoples have been taught along the same thinking patterns and so on etc.

That same rational can also be applied when we look at many a LA-DI-DA MODALITY.  So a standard DECK of 52 playing cards has Four Suites and Likewise most TAROT decks whilst consisting of 78 Cards usually follow  the same Four Suites System-I have the odd one or two decks that break from such systems and whilst well thought out-I think you get to a point whereby such a system or methodology can become UNWIELDLY or out-of-hand.  That might be laughable to some folks though I think in ACCELERATION terms and so on that is where the most sensible LOGIC Happens.  When we look at PATTERNS we do not think UNLIKE THE MONTHS of the YEAR that a MISSING SEASON EXISTS-although it can clearly be pointed out that you can go to either Pole and only find one SEASON WINTER-or go to the EQUATOR and only find One Season-Summer.

So that is of course where we come up with other methodologies-we learn four seasons and then discover well actually this LONGITUDE and LATITUDE does not meet the given Standard MODEL.  I have of course seen many methodologies over the years that seek to compensate for these kinds of things-many very well though out-you could perhaps think of the Earth whilst being a Globe as having a CUBOID BOX around it-so that box enables you to work in a differing Mathematical System-whereby much like our water displacement when we get into a bath-it is often easier for many people to CALCULATE Depth Width Height of the CUBE Mathematics and then ask further mathematical type questions as to whether we can calculate Displacement of SPACE.  I am unsure how Geologists come up with EARTH WEIGHT Estimates though again these things perhaps come down to estimations as to the makeup of differing substances.  We do of course know that in reality everything has a Vibrational Frequency at Sub-atomic levels and so on and know matter how deep we think we have gone a next generation model comes along that gives further insight into what was previously only speculated upon.  Much like we had telescopes Magnifying glass then Microscopes and then we moved further into the Frequency Of All Things Systems-Magnetic Resonance Imaging and so on being a case in point-you perhaps get given some radio active isotope of some description and these scanners can trace the movement of said isotopes throughout your body and so on.  Likewise we know from our assorted courses that many a kind of information can be chunked up or chunked down and used accordingly in that fashion.

An interesting area for myself of course is that we often think of Hospital Heart monitors as showing that drum like sign wave pulse and I was thinking well actually a sign wave is not going to work in only 2 dimensional space either-and when you go to the laboratories and son on you do find that these things are often broken down into the Engineering CAD like system that I spoke of previously-whereby you have your top-down, your side view, your sliced view and perhaps a composite WHOLE.  And these things can again be considered to happen with EACH and EVERY FREQUENCY that we run through-whether that is down through the SONIC SPECTRUM or LIGHT SPECTRUM and so on-so you could actually consider yourself to be a COMPOSITE OF A COMBINATION of ALL FREQUENCIES and KNOWN SPECTRUMS and likewise in theory at least we can seemingly separate out all these things until you go into the realms of SCIENCE FICTION type devices such-as TRANSPORTERS and DR WHO like REGENERATIONS.

At some point all these things must surely have an ULTIMATE separating out-there has to be in most of our minds a nothing for us to be something-the polarities and yin-yang aspect coming once again to the fore.  Though it has been suggested that this is the reason why most ENLIGHTENMENT TEACHING leads to the BELIEF THAT THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE ALL CONNECTED STUFF of some description that is EVERYTHING-we not knowing that we are simply this stuff-go into the speculation of God not knowing they are God-I think Dr Who did something along these Lines when they did the Professor YANA story line of The Master not knowing who he was until he opened his pocket watch-YANA also of course a cryptic YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

So what has that got to do with anything-well we capture PATTERN after PATTERN and TRAUMA after TRAUMA and MAP after MAP and some folks have worked out methodologies as to how we can separate these differing IDEAS out into BEST PRACTICE USAGE and so on.

By that I mean that we can all to often think of time as only ever being concurrent with the standard watch one second at a time-though in reality of course these are MEASUREMENTS that we use to create patterns rather understand that really all these things have been INVENTED and that they do not really exist because we already are this whole going on of it all going know where and not doing anything and so on (Yes that review of the LPIP course has seemingly stuck more than expected)-these types of comments were what much of those courses were about.

So we then come to the CONCEPT of PAST PRESENT FUTURE and we say well if I am all of the patterns and maps and so on already-because of the oneness of all things then surely all these things can be demonstrably brought to the moment-by-moment space and we will call that space a label or place called NOW.  So we can separate out into so many differing ideas of dimensions of time and space though really it could be said that none of those things are real beyond IDEAS that we have given value to in some fashion or other.

I am debating with myself of course in writing these things down perhaps repetition is what works best and seeing this and reminding myself how comparable that is with teachings and learnings that I have learnt elsewhere-USE THE FORCE LUKE-YOUR THOUGHTS BETRAY YOU-SISTER-YOU CANNA CHANGE THE LAWS OF PHYSICS.

Yes we are full of scripts and dialogues and most are harmless though clearly others are not without issue-or at least not without issue until we ourselves come to a point of understanding that our reasoning is often flawed through inaccuracies as to understanding of what the designers and creators and so on intended in coming up with such teachings and SYSTEMS.

I used to think or visualize this idea of some grand at the end of time and space-cross like shaped tele-porter that worked in a Quantum Leap type fashion-interestingly for myself it has been a thought that has reappeared in recent years since taking up meditation-I think it was something I had in early childhood with the idea of a computer or parallel type World or realm that sent myself or other peoples into differing eras and all the rest of it.  Probably inspired by shows such as Sapphire and Steel

So again these things have been done so many times before though of course it does seem that little can be conceived that cannot be demonstrated in some way or fashion to potentially have already been though of elsewhere-those successful of course the ones that PURSUE and DEVELOP IDEAS to a PONT OF FRUITION of some description.

The UNRAVELLING has of course been where a huge chunk of my own SYSTEM and THINKING has been at in the sense that I wanted to bring myself to a point of HEALTH and WHILST the WEALTH part has not been forthcoming I perhaps have to once again plunge into the EXAMINATION OF HYPOTHESIS of thought.

The other issue was of course how can you be transported via some encaged module or with some push button device when you are already (In Theory) EVERYWHERE that you could be do or go-the practical applications are of course overwhelming to try and comprehend perhaps why so many teachers focus on saying give your self a reframe though please understand that whatever your reframe it cannot possibly be aware of all data at all points that your bodily system and so on is aware of-the conscious versus the non-conscious issue of course-HOW CAN I OPEN UP THE CONSCIOUS WINDOW? and who came up with the claim that you could not be aware of all things at all times consciously?

That is again a yin yang argument is it not?

What model or point of reference enables CONSCIOUSNESS TO BE ALIVE AND AWARE OF ITSELF?

Yes some spiritual related questions to think and dwell on and meditate on hmmmn

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

As the Chill Of the Autumn Wind

As the chill of the autumn wind circulated through the early morning streets of Hereford an eerily strange silence gripped the dim lit roads and a tension filled the air that was palpable in each footstep that our author had taken.

The occasional traffic and early morning encounters with people toing and froing  was seemingly noticed by its absence-something big was stirring and people would soon be waking to news of David Cameron’s speech and efforts at the United Nations assembly to GALVANIZE opinion towards meeting the threat posed by ISIL in support of British Interests throughout the World.

yes that is what happens when you try to be over lyrical and thought through though of course as a somewhat non-literary soul I have to really think to put such wordings together whilst these words and sentences are flowing without a pause-obviously the thought that many an author puts into there work perhaps justifies the cost and popularity of they’re efforts and rewards.

The most interesting thing was perhaps the side meeting held with Iran though that may not go down well with many other members of the United Nations you do need all Country’s to form some agreement and consensus-all well and good saying we’ll bomb here there and everywhere though it must be remembered that far to often these villainous groups simply melt away into neighbouring Countries-as was suggested by my recent article speaking on the issue of Pakistan.  So if Iran has a secure border and allows or gives access routes to allow or enable the shoring up of defences all the better-the other issue is of course that these things can be done with or without there support-as Israel have continuously demonstrated in bombing Iranian Nuclear facilities.

That is of course another somewhat strange PUZZLE in the sense that ISIS could be Israel’s greatest friend-HOW SO?  Well despite all the Jihadist talk from these groups they have been somewhat quiet on the issue of Israel-to my own knowledge at least.  So all these Countries that have long standing disputes and unhappiness relating to Israel are seemingly joining the effort against ISIS and yet Israel could seemingly in many ways sit back and cross it arms and be an outright spectator.

Perhaps when future historians look back on this time period they will be regarded as ARAB WARS relating to land and so on as opposed to Historical claims of these things being about Religion-we who have studied such matters know that Israel and the Jewish faith and indeed neighbours talking of the prophet Mohammed have the same route source and share many OLD TESTAMENT (think first 5 books) scriptures and so on.

We in the West of course seemingly find obsession with 2nd Testament Doctrine and The so-called Gospels of Matthew Mark Luke and John-my own view given what I know and haves studied is that you could join all these types of things up together in any fashion you wish so for instance I have done multiple courses with LS and I could take that teaching and then cross pollinate. That again can be done completely at random depending on your own particular course knowledge.

The real issue is perhaps that all these writers and teachers in reality might be regarded as all having gotten to a point whereby they are writing THERE OWN THIRD TESTAMENT.

So this blog could be the third testament for myself.

Yes sounds great what can I call the Books of David’s Third Testament-or you can just write nonsense that someone somewhere can latch onto and give meaning within the realms of they’re own knowledge set

Feng Shui Lavender Mach 2 bearing 724

Spring Forest Peach Mach 1 bearing 650

Genius Code Orange Mach 4 bearing 931

and so on and so forth-absolutely meaning less though I would of course have to look up the courses and wonder what the triggers for myself may have been in coming up with those names or details and so on.

That is of course as anyone who has studied cyphers and codes knows one of the main themes and issues in that traditionally at least you have to have a shared knowledge of the KEY to any given cypher in order to decrypt-however I have found as I keep on repeating that many of the MEDITATIONS can take care of these matters for you in the sense that anyone and everyone can get to a level whereby they are creating and developing they’re knowledge and dataset and so on with little need for trying to TYPECAST or FIT data to an ASSUMED COMMON KNOWLEDGE-so allies needs common data set and so on to be able to communicate-though likewise you also need shared sets of codes-if everyone is operating from a place of enlightenment whereby they pick and choose the information that they feel APPLICABLE to themselves then all interpretative requirements can take care of itself to a certain degree.

Yes it really was quite quiet on the walk home this morning I almost expected some magical big yellow taxi to pull up driven by three witches with one shared eye and the fresh prince sat in the back commenting on the dice in the mirror and then remembered tv series Taxi with Danni DeVito as the evil little boss man running the garage and so on so references really can go in to many directions and we always choose our own.  Interestingly is of course that some American car Manufacturers tend to give cars names according to Indian tribes I was think about this of course because we heard of Tomhawk missiles being used and during WWII indian tribespeople were used as code communicators because people such-as the Japanese were unable to translate the dialects and so on.

My favourite films were strangely enough some of the more weirder ones-I spoke of New York of course and that was sang by Frank Sinatra and his daughter sang these boots are made for walking though that is a digression-yes Frank Sinatra starred in Von Ryans Express and Cannon ball run II to name a couple of films though when you look at the life and times of his collection you could probably base an entire coding system on Frank Sinatra were you of that mindset.

Yes its is easy to simply run with tunes and music knowledge from your own life and times in many a circumstance-the downside of course that most modern music is forgettable and the last 10 years does not have any really standout head and shoulders above the rest types of Singers and personalities.

Where else-well I am just writing any old junk that comes to mind at present though a thought did occur to myself in relation to the A team and George Peppard who played Hannibal not Lectur Clarice-no Hannibal of I Love it when a plan comes together type quotes-yes the opening sequence of that show is so memorable that I guess that is what a hook is.


Dear Dave

Dear Dave

Any more of your lip and you might just find yourself becoming acquainted with some size twelve concrete boots.


Hi Mongo

That’s all well and good but I am a size ten and this is not Italy or downtown New York at the height of prohibition.

So you might wonder what I am speaking on and of course I simply take whatever comes to mind at any given time of year-at present part of my route to work involves the crossing of the Edgar Street Car Park and in SPIRITUAL & BUSINESS TERMS much learning can occur when you pay attention to Lorry Parks and so on.  I see that much has been spoken on immigration in relation to Calais-though my own THEORY is that in general you can get an idea of HAULAGE PATTERNS and gain great insight into where the deliveries are happening and so on and so forth.

So concrete mixers at Edgar street and I am thinking concrete boots and “she’s buried under the patio” type thoughts-there is of course the continuing search for a missing youngster-and we have multiple cases over the years of bodies and remains and so on being discovered within freshly set concrete and so on-Fred West perhaps the most recent and infamous.  Elsewhere on my route there are of course some concrete type stone bollards and I happened to have noticed that someone has perhaps shifted them or carried out a drunken test of strength perhaps-the stones happen to have ring hooks in them so may once possibly have been crane hooks or weights that they used to swing into  those larger building when knocking them down.

The other thinking was related to that was of ANCHORS-prior to the now common theme we have of metal anchors and possibly still used by some folks in some areas of the world is this idea that you can fill a net with stones and use that as an ANCHOR-I am not sure on all the water related drag and how much is actually required though am sure that these things have probably been found to be dependent on depth and current and so on.

That of course a quick and easy “MAKESHIFT” way of serving a purpose.  So Mafia famously suggest the usage of concrete boots and as I say the building and construction industry is perhaps having an up rise in business or coming to the fore so to speak in planning and application and so on.  I would probably know more if I was reading the appropriate business press and more knowledgeable etc-of course with construction comes all the associated large construction business’ The McAlpine type firms and JCB who make many an assorted vehicle “tool” for large sites-diggers and all the rest of it.

Another angle of course might be that of archaeological and I have of course on numerous occasion especially for those interested in GOLF suggested Ian Morris as a possible writer of choice-Why The West Rules For Now-War, What Is It Good For and so on-I have as I said previously found his books to have been in my on experience highly compatible with Holosync and the Latter of those two was far more noticeable in effect than the first-that having been earlier perhaps in my Holosync usage and I as reading all that group of authors anyway-the Jared Diamond type peoples.

So your advancement possibly dictates your experience and although not mentioned I did buy into his inbetweener books also-and that was more related to the statistical data analysis-so he released a book and then a book of the support data and then a further book that was along similar lines and as I say thoroughly good reads to anyone who has not read them and is interested in History and Economics and as I say I cannot prove the shift I had-though know that one most definitely occurred and was something of a shocker as it was totally unexpected.

So you might say that you find something that gives yourself a shift and decide yep that’s obviously what I want or need or like and you continue with it or run with it and so on.  Likewise of course I am reminded that one or two teachers criticise pupils for lack of LOYALTY or being like “kids in a candy store” though I have my suspicion that given my own usage of multiple courses-how can you not be like a kid in a candy store?

Having said that of course I did at one time run a shop named “The Candy Stop” at Butlins in Minehead and was highly successful in that role-the worst criminality was of course parents bringing kids in and then leaving them to shoplift as though the staff were going to allow that-I had good profits and was asked to continue working for the firm-though circumstance were not to my own satisfaction at that time-I do sometimes wonder what might have been had I stayed on working for them-though of course having grown up with grandparents running a similar type shop and garage I was perhaps more natural in a shop kind of environment-although I have worked in multiple environments since that time.

So what else?  Well I see that Liverpool had a somewhat great escape in the League Cup perhaps one of the few “BIG” clubs that still takes interest in the HOME NATION competitions and of course I had mentioned the NAME PAISLEY and Liverpool did have a great MANAGER of that same name so getting all these inter-related snippets and going lateral and so on can make all the difference in the World when you continue to pay attention and focus and so on.

I early mentioned a jack Nicholson Movie reference of course though again that was something of a horror story and again had a very famous door and axe sequence-so we all of us have lifetimes worth of these kinds of references that even if not directly applicable to our own life in the so-called NOW-ZONE could well be applicable to someone in our circle or life or MASTERMIND GROUP.

So choice is choice and I prefer to seek to enhance ideas and teachings and Soul development where possible for all-rather than being one-dimensional I seek to look for new angles and perspectives and break through where DEVILS FEAR TO TREAD.

yes always more to say and say it someone somewhere always will though of course I am still trying to get my own process idea together and it simply seems like a FOCAL BOTTLENECK for myself-perhaps putting to much INVESTITURE in the fact that I having invested in an idea have turned it into work and work of course can have many a NEGATIVE CONNOTATION for many people-clearly myself included.  So what I perhaps need to do is reacquaint my IDEA with the idea of it being something that I love and can invest time and effort in and so on-the flogging the dead horse feelings can perhaps be at there height just prior to getting that CLICK where something shifts and you begin to flow in the creativity of something creating itself-these things often regarded as this idea that SPIRITUALITY or THE WORD OF GOD or HOWEVER COMES THROUGH YOU and that is perhaps differing to many an interpretation of this ALL POWERFUL ENTITY LOOKING DOWN FROM THE SKY.

All though when you think about it of course these are things that fom an imagination POINT OF VIEW we all of us can do-you can visualise yourself up in space looking down upon the peaceful blue oceans of your homeworld below and use such thinking of course to relax yourself and so on-so such things are practice and PERSONAL VISUALIZATION PRACTICE and ART and CREATIVITY is a HIGHLY DIFFERING methodology to that of sitting like a couch potato and watching TV and so on.

Likewise it is easy to imagine that some folks think that my recommendations are CHEATING to gain this ability of that ability-I disagree-you are using tools and techniques to perhaps ACCELERATE or ENHANCE abilities that anyone can develop.

and concepts such-as cheating are of course themselves-DEBATABLE.

My saying you can have a fearless nature or presence does not for instance mean that you could still not be hammered on a night out or however one wishes t describe such events-so yes improve your MENTAL ABILITES though do remember that if you want the abilities for FITNESS and SO ON then you’ve still got to do the actual PHYSICAL SIDE such-as your gym work and swimming and martial arts and cycling and so on.  Yes you can probably think yourself slim and fit and much of that can work-I know because I had that mentality in my younger years-though likewise I also know that CONGRUENCE of BODY IN ACTION can also be of value-that is perhaps why were you to do a course such-as paraliminal walkabout you need to be doing such activities when listening.

That should be plenty for most folks to be getting on with me thinks.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂