Shoot The Hostage

So I cannot recall the exact film that the strategy has taken place in as it has been a popular type “Hero Action” over the years in multiple cinema and TV releases-I think the intention is of course not to kill the Hostage so much as to incapacitate or neutralize a given threat from the Hostage Taker.  The wounded or dead weight Hostage drops to the floor leaving the hostage taker with little option as to what they are going to do next-you might say that it is one of those Rounding Up strategies that Hunters use with some Wild Planes type beasts-where the hunted willing or not has been pushed into a trap of some description.

Of course whilst these things might look simple in film and TV and so on the reality is going to be different-we often see hero’s taking a bullet whilst carrying on some one man battle against opponents-though it has of course ben demonstrated that even low calibre guns and weapons can knock anyone to the floor irrespective of size or otherwise and again anyone that they are being held by-the simple truth of High Winds demonstrates such things.

When I was younger I recall going up to somewhere like Blackpool and on the sea front on occasion the winds were so strong that you could hang on to a lamppost and do a Superman impression with the rest of your body lifted by the velocity of the wind.

So what else is happening-well the Jonah reference might of course for some triggered thoughts of WHALES and whilst that is just one story we do have other such-as MOBY DICK also of course we have this meeting in South Wales of International Leaders.  Further to that I think it was Winston Churchill who said Jaw Jaw not War War again unsure where that popped up from though it is not a great idea to mention Whales without also giving a nod to Shark’s-JAWS perhaps another Moby Dick model and story even though the Fish/mammal? was of a differing kind of nature or beast.

So of course when we were in the WOMB assuming you had the normal human gestation that might have been considered as yourself being in the belly of the beast to your then growing mind and body and so on-so lots of little links and triggers  and so on that can easily be demonstrated to lead to other thoughts and links and so on-and at that time you were likely operating from whatever was going on in your mothers Head.  Whilst I have used all these WHOLE BRAIN thinking modalities and so on-I am unsure when the development or HEMISPHERIC LATERALIZATION and so on occurs-if at all.

Again my own experience is generally that you do not necessarily notice all these kinds of things occurring or happening to you when you are young and stressed or rushing to classes and so on.

So it is easy to demonstrate irrespective of SIZE that everyone likely has inside themselves a small fearful child set of terrors and fears and so on.  We do of course grow and some of us exercise and do weights to be bigger than everyone else though in reality that has not removed the small fearful creature part of your mind that is likely there in the depths somewhere.  I do not know where the bigger they are the harder they fall type quotes come from or indeed whether that is true-though you can of course apply such a quote to multiple AREAS of life.

Elsewhere someone was potentially unhappy that I used the GENERIC TERM -BULLISHIT JENKINS- of course if someone used the term a “BULLSHIT PERKINS” I myself might initially get pissed-however as someone who breaks up the alphabet and assorted meanings thereof anyone with that name has nothing to be overly concerned with-I had recently mentioned Brad Pitt dumping Jeniffer Aniston and my own mother is a Jennifer-and she does read a lot so may well have taken in a lot of KEY INS-as none of us as we go about our lives can avoid them-given they are seemingly used on all continents in all languages and so on.

So I might break my name up into “Per Key Ins” as an example-so as a small child I may have used unruly behaviours to get attention from mother Jennifer whilst competing with brother Tim and Father John and so on.  So we all have the potential to SELF DIAGNOSE and also the potential to take anything given at face value and misrepresent or however one describes such things.  I recall growing up that the name Perkins was often used in some comedic terms for some one who was being sent of to there death or mission impossible and so on.  I cannot recall exact films and sources though it was again a recurring theme.  Almost like the Platoon Commander or Sergeant saying “All those with a mum and dad take one step forward” and just as the Step is happening gives the ADDENDUM “Not You Jones”

So having mentioned Jones he was a popular Dad’s Army character having fought in the Boer War and we also had SMITH & JONES comedy duo for a number of years-not to be confused with Smith and Wesson.  An interesting thing about Smith and Wesson is of course that they’re headquarter are genuinely based in a TOWN CALLED SPRINGFIELD.

Springfield if memory serves correctly also the fictional town of THE SIMPSONS-and that series as it continue actually included many references to famous American authors and so on-everyone from Edgar Allen Poe and Mark Twain-so you might say that in SEASONAL CYCLE terms we are moving strongly into AUTUMN-anyone who wants to keep up with various LS courses might want to switch to having a session with the Autumn 4 Seasons soundtrack-if you have that in your collection.

yes it is of course easy to criticise my recommending such products though very often each new product development came about through so desire to find resolution to another nagging question-so you make progress with one modality and then find that another ISSUE comes to the fore and come up with a new tool to deal with the new nagging issue-and then you clear that one and another one springs up-though eventually I hope that folks can see you do reach a place of mostly calm and peace of mind and so on.

I am UNAWARE if any product exists that suggests get ANGRY though that again is a like it or loath it a popular strategy that many a person takes in life-over the years I have heard countless people say they use there ANGER to drive them and so on-so that might be regarded as the CHANNELING of ANGER into ALLEGED Pursuits that are going to benefit someone in some fashion-how well that works is debatable-though perhaps worth a company who develops products such-as LEARNING STRATEGIES taking a look at-HOW CAN I TAKE A POPULIST CHANNELLING ANGER PROCESS and turn it into an AWAKENING AWARENESS PROCESS or however one describes such things.

Many of us know from personal experience especially those affected heavily by extremists that RICHOTING from Canyon Wall to Canyon Wall is not an optimum survival strategy unless you are intentionally doing such activities to full fill some other purpose-again all to easy to drop into conspiracy theories.

So the daughter has returned home and attending her school in West Wales and I am back into eat sleep work repeat mode-although again it does need or require breaking up in some ways perhaps.  I have focussed a great deal on doing the multiple Learning courses and clearing out the MENTAL STATIC and of course when you have family and other commitments it can be easy to BACKSLIDE so to speak from your “RELIGIOUS” regimen.

What is a RELIGIOUS REGIMEN?  I think that can be any part of your life that you have invested a great deal of time and effort in whether through following a particular team or person in a particular sport or being a regular Cinema Follower and so on. 

What else-well I overheard an interesting snippet whilst having a cigarette at work about how another bloke rushes to the pub whenever the missus wants to watch some types of programs and all us of perhaps have aversions to some things that seemingly or strangely appeal to partners spouses or the opposite sex in general.  It is not an area I have written/published on very much though I have written unpublished articles on the matter and having heard folks speaking on the subject it is one that is VALID.

So for instance A MALE or FEMALE writer/author CREATES a PROGRAM OR STORY OR BOOK that is OFFENSIVE to the SEX that is being used within the story-HOW SO?  Well for YEARS AND YEARS we heard from the FEMINIST movement about how women were being depicted in INSULTING FASHION by men that a WOMEN would never create for herself-the examples are perhaps many and we often hear about these things in relation to sexuality and how women are “TURNED ON” by other than what us blokes think they are turned on by and so on-true or not one can never be certain-having had multiple girlfriends over the years I find that some have been quite mainstream and ticking all the so-called boxes of Stereo type “NORMALITY” whilst one or two others have perhaps had strange FOIBLES and so on that were seemingly unique to they themselves.

So what story of recent years was written by a WOMEN depicting blokes in a fashion they would likely never depict themselves?  There are of course multiple examples though the obvious ones are usually ones that have taken some SACRED to boys childhood dreams and adventures and so on and TOTALLY BASTARDIZED it in some fashion.

We do also of course see similar behaviour from other VESTED INTEREST GROUPS-how many Historical Friendship books have in recent years been corrupted into suggests of “MORE THAN” what do I mean?  Well historically men were generally heads of households and hunter gatherers and so on and had mates and friends and that was often depicted or reflected by multiple INNOCENT male leads and so on in books-however someone somewhere is only ever to willing to CORRUPT such things into other than the simple innocent friendships that they are.

Anyway that seems to be enough for today-I have some homework to be catching up on.

thank you for reading, God bless and be Well 🙂

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