I’ll See You’re Crisis and I’ll Raise You Five Crisis

Poker terminology is not appropriate Dave goes up the cry and in defence of my usage of poker terminology I have to ask why not?

Yes so most mainstream media are seemingly in Frenzy mode as to World Events and as much as I would like to be interested I do find that all the talk of death destruction and killer virus’s and so on has become somewhat tiresome-we have had growing Crisis upon growing Crisis-and again the things for the “common man” or person in the street  is that most WORLDWIDE infrastructure and dealings is carrying on as normal-so whilst it might seem that the USA and Western Europe is at loggerheads with Russia and parts of Eastern Europe most of the FINANCIAL COMMODITY dealings continue unaffected-you cannot tell Russia with all its gas and oil and farmland and so on what to do for very long-because they are whilst not as advanced economically as the WEST still a SUPERPOWER in terms of RESOURCES.

So you might say that until the VIRUS CRISIS hits some of the tightly packed mainland Countries and Continents that PARANOIA is going to continue to RISE & RISE and the only folks likely to benefit will be the Pharmaceutical Megaliths or Monoliths I always get confused as to the best terminology or word to use.

Again the best remedy to be able to go unaffected can be to become more economically independent and continue to develop your own awareness and so on with the modalities that I recommend-many people are not keen on the expenditure-all I will say is that you will likely find the MEDITATION the best investment that you are likely ever to make in your life and when put into those kinds of terms it might sound to good to be true-my own view is that the knowledge and awareness developed after a very short period of time can totally change the landscape of how you see the World and your own particular place within the World.

I myself am presently looking forward to the weekend as I really do want to have a good play around some more with my new project that I have been tinkering with-it was I thought a good idea then I kind of dried up in inspiration-so ideas are easy though seeing them through to completion or a level of satisfaction can be a chore-whilst those with financial resources and so on can afford to play those of us with meagre budgets are somewhat trapped in make or break zones and when the initial idea seems to have been flawed I find myself in the land of drop the dead donkey where I might be better off not throwing good money after bad-that same ideology can of course be used in most areas of life though it can still seem like a wrench.  What are the secondary benefits to not changing? what are the non-conscious excuses or habits that are being utilised? why is this bloody blogging software crawling along so slowly.

Enough for now me thinks-time to put the thinking cap on and so on-TTFN 🙂

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