Too Much Chicken In The Chicken Kiev?

Now because I seek in my writings to demonstrate the metaphorical shift between thought and Worldly domains in this realm known as now-I do sometimes find CONFLICT-and that conflict is often between maintaining STATUS QUO and progressive SHAPESHIFTING intelligence.

So a recent example that I gave was this one of the International Heads of Government meeting within the Belly of the beast known as Wales-and I also mentioned Moby Dick and of course we also had a Percy Jackson Sea Of Monsters (Bermuda Triangle) beast that many a sailor is thought to have been devoured by-though to be fair that was not a whale-just some giant whirlpool with a set of teeth if memory serves myself correctly and the name will perhaps return in time.

So in terms of my own everyday life and given that I work as an industrial cleaner  I can translate a similar set of circumstances within my work environment whereby some minor flooding problem required some plumbing action to be carried out.  So are we in a time of high plumbing call-outs?  I have know idea-you do have to remember that just as I can say and see how many differing goings on in the World are or can be MENTALLY INTER RELATED just as many people cannot see-and that ability to see the inter relatedness if you like whilst not a SOLUTION is a step forward in not having high levels of resistance when such events occur-you might say that when you cannot see such things you will likely have greater resistance than otherwise-especially given the costs of calling out plumbers and so on-and again such details as to expenditure are often dealt with mentally in terms of WIN/LOSE by the unaware.  With awareness a more productive WIN/WIN result or outcome can perhaps be latched onto.  Customer has clear plumbing and service provider has a wage.

Likewise in relation to the plumbing issue I noticed that the local newspaper headline was this week related to some kind of CANCER and again you might like to metaphorically or metaphysically translate that across thought domains.


So of course we generally have grown up and have strong beliefs that we are our bodies and it is only the MEDITATION that seems to bring you to other than those separated immature EGO thoughts and feelings and so on-and further to that is this feeling that early on in the process you are connected to everyone else-though as I have personally advanced I have found that to be less and less true in the sense that you can really tap into being a healthy mind spirited individual and so on quicker than you can load up on the beliefs in sickness and ill health and so on and the fact that other people are also HIGHLY ATTUNED TO NOW is not the same as being connected or anything to become PARANOIC about-you are simply gaining greater clarity and intuition.

Further more unless this blogging site speeds up and accelerates dramatically I will have to take my custom elsewhere because I really cannot work at the pace that the current model and design is working at-every time I turn the editor on I find new bells and whistles and the software becoming less and less usable-sort yourselves out WORDPRESS!

Yes so a collection of cells in your body that with practice and training can become greater and greater attuned and aligned with each other until you gain greater clarity and ability to see multiple events as though there is just one event that is the Whole going on of it all.

I spoke a while back about multiple processes and of course many of them will eventually bring you to seeing things in similar fashion to how I see them though advancement is of course a personal choice and some folks of course hold myself up as an example of what they do not want to become like?  IS THAT WISE?

Personally of course in some ways that might be considered wise though it does have to be questioned thoroughly from multiple angles-I spoke the other day about people clinging to SECONDARY type HIDDEN reasons for NOT CHANGING and very often they are linked to fears and old beliefs and can still keep folks locked up in non-beneficial patterns and behaviours even after taking up meditation-so I think over the longer course I have demonstrated and tried many differing modalities and can of course say what are good modalties and what are not so good modalities-those that are entertaining and those that are boring and dull and monotonous like many a blog article here-I tend to think that a lot of subtle humour and so on can be found in the dullest of works and pieces by some folks once you have gotten past your initial hurts and pride issues and so on.

I think one of the major SECONDARY type thinks that many person think they have dealt with though have not is this one of trying to CONTROL people outside of your own circle of influence or even people within any given circle-so for instance you may have not liked the way in which one family member treated another family member and sworn to yourself that you would not be like that or something similar and of course given that most of us have two parents it is easy to be critical of one or the other and so on-the problem being that in HOLDING ON TO SUCH THOUGHTS you could well be playing into the control that they may have at one time in your life had over yourself-such long lost buried thoughts do of course with practice and progress surface and give you AH-HA’s though again that is not the same as giving yourself a NEW course or behaviour and so on-I was thinking on this issue in relation to family and so on where especially for those of us that are single separated divorced it is far to easy to simply live a life of undesirable external influence that is not valid X MANY YEARS down the line from when such initial angers and rages and perhaps prejudices and so on were created and likewise rebellion against family issues whereby your rebellion against mum dad brother sister and so on is CONTROLLING you on a non-conscious basis when you would do better to release and clear and shift to a NEW PARADIGM and so on that is based on the CIRCLE of influence that you have NOW not then or whenever.

Yes these things take time as does clearing and having new philosophy developments and so on.  I am today awaiting the delivery of some new drawing implements for my mind mapping and so on and I am also trying to think of some questions that I can ask Marie Diamond relating to the SPIRITUAL CODES course that I purchased some time back-a previous question and answer session having being now RESCHEDULED.

Yes I also as I suggested the other day have to get some further thought and work done on my other website that seemingly requires greater attention than I have given up to the present moment-perhaps I can design on paper and then see if that works better than designing on PC-swings and roundabouts perhaps I like typing and drawing and visual and sound type areas are perhaps areas that I have to dramatically improve upon-if I had the money I would hire other people to carry out those tasks perhaps as always limited by my own unwillingness to compromise on some things and of course little desire to debate some issues that I simply do not understand or relate to.

I like learning and so on though likewise many a thing can require unlearning-in DR WHO terms you might think of shape shifting change as the TARDIS’ ability to be hidden in plain site of course we see similar models in multiple science fiction and everyone’s ability to think in such manner demonstrates that most people are far more able than many an other person is willing to give them credit for-ARE YOU ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE?

There is nobody here but us chickens!

Enough for today and Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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