And For Those Of You Who Like Freebies

I should of course mention that a memory mind fest freebie is currently taking place and the techniques used are again a little differing to what you may find in traditional learning text books and so on and the address to sign up is here

These techniques are generally closer to what you might expect to find in “Business Oriented” training seminars and so on-so whilst many a course from Learning strategies does have a broader appeal-those interested in simple memory management and improvement could do know wore than have a listen in to the Freebie.  Again it is a course that I have purchased and have in my own collection and those who have bought smaller modules such-as Ultimate You might find that particular sections are already known to you.  I think overall the entire package is useful and again COMPLEMENTARY to those that were used elsewhere.

The techniques included questioning and answer sessions and a number of the most basic of memory management techniques that it can be easy to lose if you are not using them in your day-to-day life-so they may have been the sort of techniques that someone who likes quizzes and so on uses or someone who carried on into further education-that should not put anyone who is a factory worker off-as they really are the kinds of techniques that anyone can learn and utilise in life-irrespective of present position or course-so for myself many of the techniques from some of these courses I wish I had been able to Utilise when I was in my so-called School days and further education days-since I have worked in a factory for ten years-it became easy to lose the most simply of memory functioning-and doing these types of courses can bring that back to yourself-irrespective of any one else’s desire to suppress such abilities from colleagues and so on-that of course possibly being one of the main problems in life being the people who stepped up a rung of the ladder and stamp and kick and lash out furiously at those outstretched hands of those below themselves and so on-I give that as a PSYCHOLOGICAL example rather than an ABSOLUTE-for instance at one time when I was seeking promotion and applying for many a job that appeared on the board for internal applicants-people would often make the assumption that they were promoted over myself-even for jobs that I never applied for? Yes that is true and the some of the behaviours of those promoted was of course debatable-the idea that you need to establish a powerbase through the crushing of figureheads and spokes people or persons of the masses is DEBATABLE.  In many ways I have seen the same patterns and cycles repeating over and over-where once there was an old guard of mostly British managers and so on-as the Company promoted more and more International workers-the plight of the English managers has become debatable-in the sense that whilst the assorted factions might all be smiles and cooperating in day-to-day working life-when push comes to shove decisions are being made is does seem that the internationals are gradually BUMPING OFF or TAKING OUT the British Managers and so on-is that true? Well I do think that PSYCHOLOGICAL PROFILING is under utilised and again another useful tool that can be used by anyone to identify character traits and stereotypes-that they themselves may currently posses or indeed those traits in others-when you know your own strengths and weaknesses you can perhaps be better able to not fall into some of the so-called traps-anyway that was a somewhat HUGE DIGRESSION from promoting the free memory mindfest-as I say I purchased the course because I like the various techniques and so on and am an AFFILIATE of Learning strategies-though anyone else might like them simply as another freebie that can be utilised in your day-to-day life.

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