Another One Bites The Dust

Why I say I say boy the famous words of Foghorn Leghorn if memory is working in a satisfactory way.  So were I doing a Perkins On Sunday I would likely write about some Headline grabbing news that has gone on.  I hope you enjoyed your visit to Stonehenge Mr President and if you managed to work out the significance or meaning of the ancient stones and associated La-Di-Da beliefs let us know won’t you.  🙂

What else-so an American Celebrity dies and has managed to grab headlines though judging by the amount of plastic surgery she had-she would likely have had them removed-yes Joan Rivers of course a rare female comedian in that historically dominated by men World of stand-up comedy.  I cannot really comment as whilst I was aware of her existence it has been many years since I watched or saw a performance of any description-she was if memory serves correctly quite sharp and perhaps typical of a New Yorker pronouncing FOIBLES as VERBALS or was it the other way around? 🙂

Yes where else some joke player has been knocked out of a tennis tournament by a Japanese player-and at the time of writing this I am unaware of who his opponent is going to be-though he is getting quite a high percentage of the sports column.

Golf-not quite sure where they are at and we are of course on a Formula One day so lots and lots to be directing ones own awareness and focus and attention to.

Myself-well my drawing implements arrived and I set to work on creating my new website ideas in the fashion of an ARTISTE.  The drawing of mind maps and so on has for myself been a struggle despite the recommended usage from multiple sources and courses-it sounds strange to some of course because when you look around yourself at the World everything is usually in colour and with differing shapes and sizes and scales and one naturally assumes that no labels or words existed prior to some being applied-so am I the wrong way around in the sense that I do tend to operate heavily in the WORDZONE and clearly there is perhaps a vision or sight prior to the word-you might say it is an area where many a business could potentially make improvements.

For instance because I read and am word oriented I tended to be quite non-creative in the sense that I had not really developed the creative hemisphere of the brain where many of the intuitions and so on best operate-so in job terms looking at a job description at a job centre or in a paper or wherever is going to generally function only in the so-called logical realms-if jobs for instance had mini mind maps on the associated documentation you might get a broader selection of candidate than at present-the downside of course that many a business does not like staff that can think or act in other than expected fashion-the downside being that to quote MTV’s original advertising-if you are not part of the solution-you are part of the problem.

So the drawing and doodling and playing around with ideas on paper is not something I can do naturally though once I get going I usually find that the intuitive stuff expands and starts to get going in multiple unexpected ways and like I said recently you really can give yourself better gambling guidance through creating mind maps and so on for your chosen sports because when you look at them often enough you will find intuitive triggers happening all about yourself especially if you have continued as I have with some of the assorted courses that I recommend.

So lots of attention grabbing headlines on wars and disease and famine that you can sit and watch like a zombie or a more prosperous set of strategies that are interactive and skill building and growth and personal success oriented.

Yes I write lots of stuff here some nonsense other bits personal other bits uninteresting though for those that like to witness there is always some thing that can be taken away as useful or however one wishes to describe such things.  Mostly of course we have years of built up blindness to many of the most seemingly obvious of things.  This editor is now destroying any desire I have to continue to write

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