The Cry Wolf Precident

Now one of the biggest debates in many an ENVIRONMENT is this one of so-called CRY-WOLF and whether or not CAUSE and EFFECT can be demonstrated and so on and what actions if ANY were taken by the individuals involved.

So as an example I as a bloke might say “Hey Sexy” to a female colleague on a day to day basis without any complaint and then a year or two down the line suddenly find myself in HR



Likewise being asked to stop something and continuing is where lack of WISDOM is potentially demonstrated-if you are not asked to change behaviour towards someone and continue then you might be described as at worst having been foolish.  If you have been asked to change and ignore warnings then GUILT is perhaps applicable.

So of course many companies seek to implement strategies that remove the incentive for such behaviours from managers and likewise demonstrate that any given EXAMPLE is EITHER failure of the “VICTIM” to take responsibility from the start-or Failure of the “ABUSER” to take responsibility that has been asked of them from the Company.

So the problem of course in “some” environments is that the staff turnover is so high that many an abused or victimised person is in and out of the door before any alarm can ever be raised-and likewise higher line managers and so on do not want to have been seen or demonstrated to have aligned themselves  with such behaviours-so cover ups and face saving exercises happen instead of simply examining the FACTS and coming to a SATISFACTORY conclusion.

What do I mean by satisfactory conclusion?

Well a satisfactory conclusion might be that I for instance was “foolish” for saying “hey sexy” to a female colleague each day.

The female colleague might be “foolish” for having not sort to address the issue in asking myself to stop.

So we can of course see many a so-called swing and roundabout in such SCENARIO’S though I would hope that it can be seen that many a MANIPULATION occurs and that instead of getting bogged down in detail we want a SOLUTION FOCUS.

So a SOLUTION might be that all STAFF AT ALL LEVELS are given a HEADS UP on what are and what are not acceptable behaviours when employment begins.  Likewise regular quarterly reminders might be issued through out the yearly cycles.

The Solution then perhaps that we Place everyone in a position where they have to accept a certain level of responsibility for they’re own behaviours and so on.

So I might (as an example) have started saying “Hey sexy” to a female colleague because she has a habit of coming up and smiling and fluttering her eyelids at myself each day.  All very well saying “I not understand, JUST SMILE AT THEM” in whatever your first language is-though in BODY LANGUAGE TERMS-You are clearly sending out the wrong SIGNAL.

Likewise we do often find that some folks have ILLUSORY beliefs as to the People and personnel about themselves-yes it is all well and good a male or female wanting to be prettier or better looking and more attractive than everyone else though again you do have to have a certain level of “CONFIDENCE” or “EXPERIENCE” in dealing with how others PERCIEVE yourself and your interactions with them.

All to often peoples opinions of themselves is far higher than others regard them-some suggest that my writing my own blog suggests that of myself-though as I do not publicise the blog or promote the blog it might be said that the reverse is true-I simply write whatever comes to mind at given times of year and then see and witness how those things MANIFEST themselves in day-to-day life.

We are in the so-called Autumn to “Christmas Run-in”  Zone and whether people like it or not this time of year will see a number of RELATIONSHIPS ending as many a person in a couple decides they are Unsuited and or want to TRADE-UP to something better in time for Christmas.

So given that scenario we can of course expect higher levels of DRAMATIC SOULS misbehaving and all the associated NONSENSES that go with such dealings-and likewise those that feel they are TRAPPED in relationships or in allegedly committed relationships will likely take part just as much as the singletons.

So NOW might actually be a good time for those that want positive life change to be making and writing some of those GOALS and so on and likewise EXPECT such things to occur in MYSTERIOUS WAYS-I over the years “GIVEN MY TRAMP LIKE APPEARANCE”-My daughters WORDS

Often have a certain level of BEMUSEMENT as to some of the people I encounter at this time of YEAR perhaps people who have made WISHES or said a PRAYER and so on who immediately rush to sulks and derogatory scowls that they might be sharing a path or street or shop with a TRAMP.

That is not to say I am WHO ANYONE IS LOOKING FOR? so much as to say that given the MYSTERIOUS WAYS that many things occur ALL FORMS OF JUDGEMENT can most definitely CAUSE ANYONE to fall into SELF LIMITING beliefs and behaviours.  I had an email from Joe Vitale today and whilst quite rare I do remind myself that he is a multimillionaire that early on in his writing career claims to have spent time as a DRUNKEN  TRAMP.

So he perhaps an example of someone who hit rock bottom and then set out with a nothing to lose “WHAT IS THE WORST THAT COULD HAPPEN?” expedition into changing and turning his life around.  You might say I am someone who has hit rock bottom and stayed at rock bottom despite all the courses and modalities I recommend.  Unsure as to reason-I know it is not what many an external person claims- they usually wanting others to be what they most fear about themselves-having explored just about all avenues and thoughts over many issues-I think it is grappling with where you want to direct your life as opposed to how that interacts with the so-called “GOING ON OF IT ALL” that is in constant flux and so on-so we can attune ourselves and FLOW in the WISDOM OF THE FOOLISH thought-and the thought does not have to be the action does it?

Yes question and question and then when your ready to given up questioning question again-I have stayed in the word press CLASSIC MODE to write these articles as the all new word press editor is unusable even for the most up to date person with up to date gadgets.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂


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