Will Scotland Have The Courage?

So the other area I have spoken little on is this one of Scottish Independence and the reason is of course because History suggests that a break away would likely lead to possible internal War-given INDEPENDENCE the pointing the finger of blame outside of themselves will have been removed-though of course enough generations exist to ensure that it (external finger pointing and blame) will continue irrespective of breaking way from the Union.  So from an English or UNION perspective the FLAG of the UNITED KINGDOM “THE UNION JACK” could well be up for grabs.

Will we Switch to a RED WHITE & GREEN giving Wales a position within the Flag that History denied them?

The UNION FLAG of course ties heavily in with the more Modern Function of Royalty and the Promotion of TOURISM.  The idea that the current Union Flag could be rendered Obsolete will potentially see the price of the old flag rise as it may well become a COLLECTORS item-especially those that have been made with superior materials-the SILKS and so on-when you count up all the Governmental Buildings and so on around the World that FLY THE UNION FLAG-You begin to see just how big an issue the SEPARATIST ISSUE IS and why many sides have played on the FEARS.

I think Royalty Wise that Scotland could of course want to adopt a Presidential Model (If Alex Hammond has his SNP way) Even if they gain independence I think overall that Scotland’s peoples would prefer the Royalty Commonwealth option as opposed to Alex Hammond President-I could be wrong of course though many a voter is Wiser than Politician give them credit for.

Having said that I am reminded that when England was given the opportunity to change Parliament to a more modern proportional representation system-Society strangely rejected that in favour of continuing with unrepresentative FIRST PAST THE POST.

That perhaps a demonstration that people like CLEAR BOUNDARIES and a CLEARLY DEFINED OPPONENT and so on and proportional representation can perhaps be described as MUDDY WATERS.

Yes I see that the Queen attended the Highland games and that of course has a Long History and so on and again I think in general most populaces apart from the UNELECTED HEAD OF STATE & ECONOMICS FINANCIAL Living Costs issue cannot really be complained about-though many do of course.  Having seen all the International Squabbles in Countries such as France and Italy and Presidential Dictators in South America and Africa-I think that the so-called BRITISH MONARCHY MODEL is far better than many a commentator suggests.  At least we always know where we stand with a Family Inheritance of the Throne and so on-far more stable than all the “Elected Politicians” can claim-is there a Country somewhere that can demonstrate a preferable model-without all the nonsenses-I cannot think of one though that does not mean one does not exist-of course Arab Countries are often Royalty based though often heavily segregated also in Religious terms.

So is my support of the Monarchy Model based in fear of change or simply a comparison with what goes on elsewhere in the World-I personally think it in the realms of COMPARISON that whether I like it or not we already have a model that works and given the societal “NORMALITY” that younger Royals Wills and Harry demonstrate I think the ability to complain is decreased dramatically.

So Scotland Decides and us little Englanders and so on have little choice as to the decision they make-outside our circles of influence-though an opinion can of course influence it is not the same as shouting from the rooftops.

So a separate Scotland with a NEW UNION FLAG for the rest of us and Scotland Unrepresented perhaps by the younger Royals?

Is that where the problem lies?

I could well of course be wrong-though the Prince of Wales is so for a reason and changing and trading titles is not particularly good for the Royals either.  If Scotland stays will “Bonnie Prince Georgie” be given some Scottish titles or perhaps an unknown “BUN IN THE OVEN” that we presently do not know of?

Yes the focus and keeping an eye on various markets of course does perhaps work when you know how to respond to differing news accordingly-far to many people think that change is bad because fear dictates to much-likewise change for changes sake can also be demonstrated to not necessarily be beneficial.

So study any area DILIGENTLY and then take appropriate courses of action whether that is being COUNCILLED FROM HEAD TO TOE with SILVERTOE or in any direction of your own VOLITION.

Yes I do go on and so should you-these things can be highly therapeutic when taken in the sense that they are given.

So I am off to do some more Drawing and designing and thinking about how I can better utilise all the tools and strategies and so on that I have bought paid and purchased-witnessing of course only part of the story-the other part perhaps having the appropriate understandings of what you can and cannot influence and your own place in the World.

This was not dictated because they are simply words from brain to screen and whilst I have taken on board many a teaching I also have to mix and sort and decide as to what choice is best suited to present knowledge and scenario.

I was also thinking on this issue of First Person, Third Person perspective whereby the Second Person is often left out in writing terms-we do not like read SECOND PERSON perspectives for very long.

SECOND PERSON: You wake up and look around to find yourself in a wooden cell with wooden bars, you try to move your arms and find your ability to move is restricted by the sheets that press down on your body etc.

So given that we do not like reading and writing in SECOND PERSON-do you ever find yourself in scenario’s where YOU, YOU, YOU is often used as a Finger pointing weapon of some description by persons external to yourself?

Yes I want you to consider that aspect-we write predominantly in first and third person and often in day-to-day life spend huge amounts of time in SECOND person-Why is that?  Is it a lack of balance?

I know in Psychology studies and so on that whilst I have not studied that area much in recent times-that when you take the standard model of Communication

That far to often miscommunication occurs when one person is operating from an adult perpective and another a child perspective and so on.  There were 3 differing perspectives that were generally diagnosed as being INTERWOVEN.

separating out where you yourself communicate from in relation to others around you can make all the difference-far to often people have not got the necessary skill to switch between the so-called differing aspects.

Are those aspects actually required?

Well as I said previously there is  great benefit in CONSISTENCY and understanding that psychological model can make all the difference.  How many people in positions of responsibility try to play “Both sides” of the coin instead of simply operating in one zone.

I know many a manager who sensibly (In my opinion) operated from the position or perspective of one consistent zone-likewise I see some individuals who seek to swap and change and so on and often such dealing can come back to later bite you in the ass.  I se that perhaps more from trainer type individuals who in the absence of manager often step up or into the shoes and that does not necesaailry work for other staff if they are normally other than in that role.

That is one of those “Prisoner” dilemma where in reality you are better of finding your own ZONE of consistency and being settled in that ZON rather than swapping and changing haphazardly as sometimes happens.

Having said that the “SINK or SWIM” perspective demonstrates that some people do not come into there own until forced into a scenario that demands that they “SINK or SWIM”

Such scenario’s can make or break people and likewise demonstrate TRUE COLOURS-whether they are good or bad-at least a level of CONSISTENCY might well appear or form.

So that was apparently my SIX HUNDRETH post the reasom perhaps for my wrting so much today-we also have a FULL WOLF MOON hence my perhaps reading some Jurgen Wollf writing type materials.

So a German named author and a German(fest) teacher-are we in the time of GERMANS-hmmn I will have to monitor more carefully for tinpot Hitlers and so on coming to the fore.

Yes so KEP THE ROYALTY FLY THE FLAG and If NOT we get the opportunity to boot the SCOTS out of our UNION FLAG and put in place those that remain.

I did of course speak previously on the so-called FASCIST SYMBOL that actually for those interested in INTELLIGENCE had many pre-existing meanings-some of which have been adopted by those unbiased by Brief Historical Dictators.

I often wonder why UKIP has not got the Symbol in its Flag and Literature-though of course given there links to Fascism and RIVERS OF BLOOD type historical parliamentary speeches it is ONLY A MATTER OF TIME.


No thank you he is as far from a Winston Churchill as you can imagine-I think in terms of finding a Winton in the present Parliamentary types-people would like aspire to A BORIS that of course another name with somewhat Horror Inducing relations.

Can anyone find a tradition English Name in Parliament-PERKINS is of course an English Name as are all my names and cannot be claimed to be otherwise-so I often wonder where do some people find the bollocks to have a go at myself-when they are clearly not operating from a place of firm foundations building on Rock as opposed to sand?

Yes I recall there was a Biblical Tale similar perhaps to the 3 Pigs and we have all heard THREE Brothers types stories-I think that was also used in many a modern movie or book.

So returning once again to the numbers issues.  Will Dave Ever stand for Parliament?  Unlikely given the modern makeup of parliament and the suck-ups and so on that are operating in those realms.

The defining boundaries between many scenario’s can of course be muddied in many ways though I do hop that those who use the technologies I recommend have a better idea of what are good and sensible beliefs to adopt and what are simply outrageous misrepresentations and misbehaviours that can be shot down quite rapidly should the Wiser MAN or WOMAN choose to do so!

wow 600 Hundred Posts-and nothing to show for it-How can I change my Economical Model to one that divides the spoils equally?  Yes I saw a reference to TREASURE at some point today and wonder when I myself might partake of some of the rewards.

I will have to start applying for COMMENTATOR JOBS as none have seemingly been forthcoming in being offered.  Of course when asked for external opinion many a person is sent into depression by the self serving selfishness of those about them.  far better to deal with those that want to empower everyone than not (In My Opinion) your own Tower of Babel is only as good as the opponents according to some vested interests.  The Royals perhaps lacking opponents might be better with one up in Scotland to be locally compared against?

When we are looking to take the beneficial seeds out of some of the seemingly worst of case scenario’s.

Why are the Polls so close?  The Hangover from the vote either way will continue for many years,

Enjoy the rest of your World as no one can have your World for you 🙂

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