Mildred If Its A Girl?

So that was interesting news happening on a Monday and broke up the somewhat otherwise continuous stream of Negativity a little.  I have no idea where a name such-as Mildred comes from though it is unlikely of course to gain the Royal seal of approval.

So yesterday at one point  I mentioned Swastika and it is exceptionally easy to fall into the trap of regarding that as Strongly relating to Nazis and so on-Who remembers Prince Harry and the uproar he caused in simply wearing his Nazi Uniform to a fancy dress party ( something like that) anyway  those who took up meditation might like to seek to change there opinion and of course wiki does have a Swastika page you can go and have a look at-the reason I mention that is because the symbol has great significance in that it is one of those symbols that has appeared throughout the ages and in archaeological records on all Continents mostly in positive terms through out history and clearly unless you are a believer in Aliens and so on that in and of itself is quite interesting.

So we because of our modern love of war films and so on and having members of families who fought the German’s or simply dislike fascists tend to get triggered into negativity relating to that symbol-though prior to last Century Nazism it is a symbol that is clearly in the positive realms historically (probably why he (Hitler) chose it).

Further to that of course is that you might be lead towards reading up on THEOSOPHY and the writings of one “H P Blavatsky”.  She was quite an interesting character and read and her books are well worth a look at by Photo-readers and so on as she is someone who studied Worldwide religions and occultism and so on and then came to some conclusions and theories of her own-yes the books are quite large though exceptionally cheap on Kindle and as I say they might act as a short cut stimulus for those interested in such matters-I happen to have some common themes dotted throughout my own History in the sense of research and she brought much research together into Theosophy and her books will speak for themselves for those interested in following that particular avenue.

So we are of course elsewhere seemingly inching closer and closer to full-scale WARS in relation to the middle-east and so on though that is not to say that the present AIR only investment is not one that is worthwhile.  Merely that I recall that many a previous war started generally with some strategic bombing campaign followed by some investment in boots on the ground-will we see the same this time-well it does seem to many that no-one wants that option and clearly the relational intelligence and psychology of the opposition is better known to those making the decisions than otherwise.  So whilst we have seen many a Western army rapidly make progress in Desert wars very often the opponent has some kind of revival and rally-the Historical Holy Wars for Jerusalem for instance saw that Centre in religious interest swap hands time and again between the differing factions and that was eventually represented in the streets and markets and so on where many families settled into a somewhat mixed blend of “LOCALS”.

So the indicators are that ISIS is far more formidable than the Usual opponents that middle east countries provide and that could simply be because they are mercenaries or have experienced multiple wars or simply that they are better motivated for themselves than they were when fighting (for instance) as Governmental forces-so they were not motivated to fight for Saddam Hussein’s continued grip on power though they are motivated at the thought of they’re own grip on power.

Yes leave such debates to those in the know.  As I say much of the media stuff does tend to grind you down after a while-I should also at this point of course mention the Invictus Games beginning in Midweek sponsored by Nazi Harry and demonstrating that even those that have been injured and so on during service in the Army can continue to live respectable lives and so on given the best of support and so on.  The Royal Pregnancy Announcement will perhaps also stimulate further interst in Kate’s appearance or not at those events with her husband Wills.

Returning to Scotland of course a president could be set in that if they become independent they could look to have a Monarchy of they’re own-instead of the President suggestion-were that to become discussed then the obvious Solution is one that already has been used in Historical terms is for them to invite a pre-existing Monarch or Royalty from elsewhere to ascend the Scottish Throne.

The most obvious choice person for that is KING HARRY OF SCOTLAND 🙂

Of course in reality most of us in the UK would probably prefer to keep Harry and send one of his Uncles up there Andrew or Edward-we do tend to see a lot less of the so-called minor Royals these days than in there own hey-days as young dashing officers-if they were ever that?

Yes we could clear out many a free loader instead of sending them to the Tower or Coventry-we’ll send them to Scotland-whose highest on the list? Probably that Ginger brigade-no not Harry I mean the Proper Ginger Brigade that lot with the Horse teeth.

Yet again of course we have little choice in such matters-though it could be an interesting development-I mean one of these lesser known Royals could ascend a Throne prior to Charles or William or George simply through the political breakup of the Unite Kingdom.

Still not sure on the best Colours for the New Flag though given that Red and Green are often bad for folks of Colour blindness that is perhaps not the best choice of Colours though again it does not seem to effect Countries that use such combinations.  I recall some stylist type rhyme years ago that suggested particular Colours should not be seen together.

Myself of course have continued with using the time available to continue on my own studies and writings and of course I will be returning to the weekday night job.

Where else can attention be turned well as they say no matter how much you progress you can become somewhat bored or disillusioned and so on and I do tire of seeing headlines screaming of the perils of Celebrity DEPRESSION I mean surely someone with related name and letters is more susceptible than anyone else-another area for debate of course though that for my own history and so on makes a certain amount of sense and of course it is all to easy in such circumstances to find yourself surrounded by people or persons who bring such feelings to the surface.

raising your Threshold of course only part of the story and learning various process and principles only part of the story and having or developing a more productive lifestyle only part of the story. Yes the Swiss side option surely holds great appeal for those feeling trapped and depressed and so on-how different can any given experience be from previous experience?

So Meditate-Draw and Doodle-Learn Questioning techniques-Learn Improved Reading and Writing Strategies.

How hard is that?

Yes it all seems so easy now I know or does it?

The answer and Solutions do seem to highly rely on pre-existing processes and procedures and so on-and that of course can be regarded as good or bad or dependent on whether they are freely available.

The continuing to exist in poverty mental TAX simply because you do not want celebrity or dealings with many an other person or peoples is troubling.

Whilst they say Jesus died for your sins so you do not have to-in reality there could well be something therapeutic in dying for your own sins and being selfish about it.

Thank you for reading God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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