So This Morning

So this morning after arriving home from work I wrote a quite brief unpublished article predicting a market crash and although those thoughts and feelings were predominantly related to a CRASHING POUND I have looked at some World Market data that suggests that another adjustment of some kind may well be happening-the problem for myself of course is that I am not a regular follower of Markets-I simply this morning saw some market or business news information at work and by the time I arrived home was buzzing with seeming heavy concern relating to the value of the Pound and how this independent Scotland vote could TRIGGER A CRASH.

Yes it is generally regarded that England is the dominant domain in the Union and where the Pound is strongest-though in truth it has only been the all of the UNION that has kept the pound stable or able to bounce back when it has been under pressure previously.

Losing a sector of the Pound Zone is akin to a France or Germany pulling out of the Euro and imagine how our press would be reporting that were it to occur-so in fact the POTENTIAL DAMAGE is far greater than any news seems to be reporting.

The other issue is of course that the cleverest money men and so on in the World are never that far from taking an opportunity to make a killing and until the outcome of the forthcoming vote is known the POUND might well be regarded as a TARGET for disruption or making a killing of some description.

The other area is of course this label BRITISH-are we going to REPATRIATE Scots living in other parts of the Union?

A great deal of effort goes into the selling abroad of the idea of British Products and so on and Scotland would lose the ability to use such selling tactics and likewise how will companies that operate in Scotland as well as the rest of the Union operate?  Will we have British and Scottish for instance-the removal of investment from the Union will leave the other Countries within the Union with some BIG decisions of there own as to future direction.

The idea that the Parliamentary leaders visiting can have an impact is somewhat Strange when we all down here would likely be thinking quick build a wall so they cannot return.

Yes the simple truth is that they seemingly did not take the separation issue seriously and that perhaps is best exemplified in choice of campaigners.  With no disrespect to Darling he is not what any voter would expect to have for such an important issue.  You would have expected an A Lister from the start-the problem perhaps being that the Scottish Parliamentary A Listers people such as Blair and Brown and so on had perhaps already moved on in terms of there own respective careers.

So money is becoming more and more central to the ongoing debate and as I say I had some expectation this morning that I was going to later awake to news of a crashing pound-okay that has not happened and such thoughts are no longer plaguing myself though other Markets are of course still open and things may change in the coming days and weeks.

I see that today is a big product release day for Apple of “NEW” gadgets and I also saw some story of some big online game experience called “Destiny” being released.  Neither grabbed my attention.  I also read a book that was released today by a popular blogger named Dataclysm.  The book was bought on pre release though in all honesty having been through it-I would likely not have made the purchase-multiple dataset comparisons and just general data calculations and so on basically givng a picture in numbers of what people are really like.  You might say that marketeers are likely interested in such data because it tells them where they can target next-assuming that correspondence were being honest and so on.  Some subjects and questions are of coursed specifically designed to engineer specific results.

That is why looking at multiple questioning technique type books and so on can help peoples improve they’re respective mental and cognitive functioning because when you know how questions are designed you can better respond accordingly.

So I of course already recommended questioning book or two and many of the writing books and journalistic type materials also contain questioning strategies as do courses I recommend.

So questioning techniques can perhaps make or break many a thought process.  The ones that can give the best stimulus can of course be those that make you think in terms of having already achieved your aim-you can of course see many a question being demonstrated in celebrity interview and could of course imagine what your own answers would be to such questions.

Likewise you can carry out internal inquisition into how you can improve your next set of ideas or feedback and so on.

As I say when you watch enough patterns regularly you will see the same old issues coming to the fore-perhaps a differing person though often the same drivel or however that some garbage is best described.

Enough for now I am of to get some food of some description.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and be well 🙂

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