The Scottish Divorce

So like many a person who has declared a non-interest in what happens in the Scottish referendum I do find myself seemingly becoming more involved and invested in the debate though not necessarily for the reasons that people might think.  So for instance I spoke of having some ancestry and of course when I look at FACTS there is far more to the presented issues than meet the eye.

What does that mean?

Well I have of course read up quite a bit on various topics over the years and quite simply far to much credence is given to this idea that Scotland could not survive and that Scotland is economically carried by England and so on and so forth.

The actual truth is that when you look at CONTRIBUTION & INNOVATION to WEALTH CREATION-SCOTLAND PUNCHES FAR HIGHER per ratio of Genius’ or inventor or writer than can be said for other parts of the United Kingdom.

So you might say that the United Kingdom might be regarded as losing its brains.  I did of course not mention any particular names though I am sure that were any one else to check they would likely reach a similar conclusion.  So All the English you cannot share the pound with us is simply playing into the EURO debate,  The United Kingdom rejected the Euro and could now find itself once again having to DEBATE those issues.  Scottish nationalists probably do not want to say outright that they desire to join the Euro though anyone who follows where the Economic Trail leads can only ever come to that conclusion.

So Scotland leaves the Union and then joins the Eurozone and that currency (The Euro) become stabler at the expense of the destabilised pound and again that could lead to a POUND DEVALUATION.  The Parliamentarians are deliberately (In My Opinion) FORCING THIS COURSE of joining the Euro via the backdoor.  The seemingly long term objective of those in hidden POWER-ECONOMISTS and theorists and even Science Fiction writers have long forecast the World as coming to a place of three major trading blocks and powers-sadly much of that work has come from the Western manipulators with little consideration for other trading blocks that have developed and-or come to the fore in recent years-the makeup has changed though the scheme has not.

Another major factor is that it has been said that the YES campaign has the Scottish Women’s vote-and any one who doubts the power of the women’s vote in Elections should cast an eye back to historical parliamentary voting statistics for Westminster-whether they admit it or not it was the women’s vote that put Margaret Thatcher in power and then kept her there for consecutive elections.  So it will take some major changes or EVENTS in the time remaining to swing the tide.

Now elsewhere I spoke on the book Dataclysm and perhaps seemed somewhat negative towards the book and the reason for that is that the statistics did not match my OWN EXPERIENCIAL evidence.  I think I spoke previously as to how I spent some time on one or two dating websites and quite simply my experience on those sites did not match up with the data in the book-perhaps I was the anomaly though my own experience was that such dating sites are predominantly getting fuller and fuller of professional free loaders not actually interested in relationships so much as a free meal likewise I interviewed one or two dates for the reasoning and they were quite honest in the assessment that you are going to get sucked into always looking for  THE NEXT BEST THING.  I would certainly hope that anyone who has taken up the technologies that I recommend can see that anyone of any sex can actually gradually turn themselves around to be the BEST THING in there own life and that any need or requirement you feel for others in your life is  a STORY CHOICE-yes it can sometimes seem otherwise though returning to the theme of questions and continuation with the technologies will again in the long run likely bring you to a similar set of conclusions to those that have blazed the trail and gone before and so on and so forth.

Until next time 🙂

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