Motion Sickness

As a youngster during my primary school years I suffered from MOTION SICKNESS-quite simply not something that everyone wants to know though in the personal exploration realms it is something that I can perhaps think back to and have a related AH-HA.

You see at that age (perhaps 4 through 7/8) it did not matter whether you put myself in a car, a van, a bus or a train within a very short period of time I would find myself experiencing  feelings of sickness and nausea and possibly claustrophobia and the need to leave such an enclosed space or vehicle and of course a certain amount of vomiting.  I have over the years of course dismissed such things as you do as simply my body not being very good at adjusting to those so-called kinds of motion oriented environments.

Now the problem for most people who suffer from such a complaint can of course be that others do not suffer so profoundly-so what was differing in my mental capacity and development to that of other people and persons who did not suffer a great deal from such a complaint-I should also add that I did gradually overcome the ailment in the sense that it seemingly gradually disappeared of its own accord during that period in my life.

So was I or did I have a natural affinity or attunement to “EARTH MOTION” and “GRAVITY” that gradually through experience and training (going in vehicles) I lost?

Sounds perhaps strange to some though I think that it is interesting in the sense that given that we take a year or two to learn to walk and talk and explore then many so-called human functions and abilities and so on become naturally attuned to without ever wondering how we came to be like this or that.  So whilst as I say that I later adapted to experience of being able to travel in vehicles and so on without complaint-was my inability to not suffer from MOTION SICKNESS a demonstration that I have a BASELINE attuning to the Natural motion of the planet somewhere within my psyche?

Was I at that time perhaps operating from a differing set of Hemispheric functions.  What?  Well I as I have previously stated am not altogether certain on how science comes to many a conclusion that it does-so for instance many a teacher speaks of the problem of not being a whole brain thinker and people being lateralized in some fashion.  I of course had some family who were right brain dominant and some family who were left brain dominant in the sense that some were left handed and others right handed.  So was I a naturally ambidextrous person through inheritance and at some point had mental pressure in seeking to fall into line with the “normal” around myself?

Why ask-well given my history of INJURY to the LEFT side of my body-I do have to perhaps wonder if that was simply through being unable to fully function as a one side dominant person.

We do all of course perhaps have a memory of a dream where we are falling and suddenly wake up and the problem for us as youngsters was perhaps that during certain times of development we very often felt a need or requirement for naps and so on and knowing when we are asleep and when we are awake was perhaps again something that we were not fully able to know or comprehend-the nursery I recall attending actually would make us sleep towards the end of the day following our daily bottle of free milk that I think was a common hand out during the 1970’s-Maggie Thatcher had not at that point carried out the milk snatching that she later became nicknamed for PRIOR to later going on to be leader of the Tories and Prime Minister.

So I suffered from motion sickness in regular vehicles though recall not suffering particularly at fairgrounds and so on and in fact later on I was perhaps HARDIER in relation to Extreme Fairground rides than folks who had not suffered motion sickness when they were younger and so on.

Why write about such things?  Well an area and or topic that I often find myself returning to is this one of FEAR-we are often told that FEAR is good for us in many ways (from some teachers in some quarters) I suspect given my meditative experience that you are actually far better of without the  vast majority of FEARS that you could well be carrying around in your body or noggin.

Why?  Well as someone who suffered major injury and so on as I have stated previously it is all to easy to find yourself going to PROTECT mode and when that becomes a habit in one area of life it can very often become habit forming or spread across multiple aspects of life where the COMPARISON and so on is innapropriate.

By that I mean that a function that is used to successfully perhaps navigate in one area of life is adopted in areas of life where the GIVEN RULE is simply WRONG or INNAPROPRIATE.

Again these things are for personal development and exploration rather than absolutes-though my own experience suggests FEAR is an area that is all to often played or boosted by some teachers in some quarters with little attention being given to those of us who have reason for HIGH LEVEL OF FEAR-simply through experience of INJURY and so on-likewise it is al to easy for some folks to PLAY ON FEARS that are there own thinking and projecting such issues on others whose FEAR is related to completely different and non-related issues.  Another area that has bugged myself over the years especially from Hypnotists are phrases such-as “When you go to bed This evening” as soon as a time of day is given it can adversely effect those of us who work unnatural hours such-as nightshifts and so on-I often think that in relation to staying up and setting down for a sleep that reference to a given POINT of DAY is irresponsible-even if it is being given for a SOCIETAL NORM.

Anyway enough from myself I am of to watch DR WHOM.

TTFN   🙂

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