Oh Has He Now

So I spoke earlier on the subject of writing and I could of course have mentioned that popular author Steven Pinker has recently published and now has a book out on some of my very confusions.

The problem is that even when you sit down and seek to write well with all your nouns and verbs and so on in appropriate placed positioning that you can find yourself answerable to a mafia of one description or another-so even if you write extremely well in a pleasant populist manner as Steven Pinker does I am quite sure that an expert on such matters could pull his writings apart and find many a contradiction or breaking of rules.  Each Language  from many a Country very often whilst starting out with a common set of ground rules very often goes its own way quite rapidly when wars and so on have occurred.  I spoke on Henry VIII previously and how he and his minions set about creating the Church of England when the Catholic Faith refused him a divorce-and whilst in general terms little changed-changes were made in interpretation and understanding of previously accepted doctrine.

Likewise the creation of Professions has confused the issue further whereby each profession very often has a professional body and they come up with there own specific ground rules for writing articles and publishing within the profession or field.

So is it genuinely possible to strip everything right down to “CORE BASICS” and be successful-well that is of course something that history will perhaps dictate-though we are of course reminded that “The car has already driven of the cliff”.

So I think Mr Pinker’s book is in general terms a good commentary on many an issue and the state of play on modern communication and language-was anything new therein contained-well something I have not seen in a long while that he did include was the idea of “CHAPTER 4 The Web The Tree and The String”-that might be regarded as a classical way of understanding syntax that I thought was  easier for myself to understand now than I might have done many years ago as a child being introduced to such teachings-likewise my more recent learnings in the field of Computer Science and so on again used those kinds of teachings in the explanation of computer programming syntax.

So you might say that diagrammatically at least the Foundations and Fundamentals have mostly remained untarnished and therefore it might be concluded that it is merely a matter of stripping peoples mental processes back to the so-called perfect basics if such a set of basics exist-why would I want to do that?  Well you may not though the long existing problem for many a person is that we are bombarded day-after-day from all angles with variations on core teachings and if you are not able to backward engineer well enough to that core then you could well feel somewhat hapless r however one is to describe such sentiments.

So anyway he is a popular modern successful author who has written a work on what might be regarded as Foundation English and whilst for myself it goes into the library as one of many-anyone who is not so keen on such books and would perhaps like one in the collection could do no worse than purchase his professed teachings on the subject.

Where else has my mind been wondering-well I did find myself returning to a perhaps previously unmentioned author named Roger Penrose-he is perhaps one of those mathematical type genius’ from Cambridge and his works are worth a look at for those that like to think they know mathematics and computer theory and so on-not for the faint hearted though I do think that his work in many ways is more understandable than that of his contemporary Stephen Hawkins.  Choice is choice of course though if reducing everything to number theory is part of your choice then he could be your author of choice. He also in his works explains some theory that one or two of you may have heard about elsewhere such as the Laws of thermodynamics and so on.

Why would I recommend some of these authors?  Well as progress is made you do generally come to an understanding that we each and everyone of us is living via the creation of an INTERNAL OPERATING SYSTEM of some description and that operating system might well be described as a collection of your living processes that you have accumulated throughout your lifetime-and of course the meditation can clear out much previously harnessed junk-giving you perhaps the ability (if you so wish or desire) to put together a more empowering or life enhancing set of processes and beliefs and so on.

So yes I read quite widely though perhaps the one area that I have mostly seemingly avoided in recent times is that of your regular day-to-day “made up” fiction and so on-maybe that is where my own weakness lies in the learnings and courses that I have taken and so on in the sense that having had a lifetimes of such fictions and so on I am keen to stay on firmer ground.

So can someone do writing courses and not avoid fiction? Well in all honesty I actually in writing terms prefer to write fiction and that is perhaps where the difference is-in the sense that you can learn “serious process” in order to create “fun process”.

We all perhaps have an internal desire to have a certain level of fun and so on in life and it really can be restrictive when you “for whatever reason” restrict that natural flow of fun or however in your life-I know that was something I myself did for instance in multiple ways and quite simply that was a REACTIVE behaviour perhaps to unwanted attention-whilst it is all well and good some teachers saying that behaviours that do not serve you will fall away that is not the same as saying that individuals or bad influence’s and so on will fall away.  So again that can come back to environmental factors and very often the GULLIBILITY of some people and so on in some environments.  I have witnessed again and again over the years how what might be regarded as stupidity or teasing or joking around has been believed by folks without the acumen to question what they are being told-I suggest people learn to question and question again until your own truth is one that is perhaps more life enhancing for yourself and others than some nonsenses that reappear time and again.  Of course as I have said I often relate to plain simple honesty better than not though unfortunately some peoples or persons version of plain simple honesty is so far from reality (merely for they own seeming amusement or to punish others) that long term one does have do seek new solutions to age old learnings and understandings.

So two posts already today though I did feel that I owed a post due to not writing one yesterday and of course my blogging software actually allows myself should I so wish to schedule publication of posts-so I could be at work or out and about and a post is published via a TIMER-that I think pretty damned cool as a function and one that I might utilise at some point just for testing to see if it works though having said that I do not at present take out and about any gadgets that would let myself know if it worked.

The other issue I seem to have found myself having is this one of word count-I am of the belief that most of the pieces that I write on this blog are or have been somewhere in the 800 to 1200 word count range and multiple writing books and courses and so on suggest that 5000 words would be a better daily target range-so again that something for myself to think about-I know in one course that in visualization terms and deciphering knowledge that the same process was utilised three times in a row to let you know the information in a differing format and I thought well could I write 1600 words per visualization to give myself a grand total of 4800 and then perhaps a further 500 words in summary or conclusion of that particular strategy or technique.

Again these things are often time related and how willing we are to sit down and simply write and write and write until you are passing through your own usual mental blocks and so on-so again it could simply be a case of writing so many words on differing aspects relating to the same matter or constantly switching and changing g until you get some previously unseen or unrealised potentials coming through.

I do hear some experts giving the most beautiful descriptions and so on in exercises and that is perhaps where I struggle putting visualization of any sort into a format or context that can build the scene for any third party reader.  I perhaps can do regular communication dialogue and so on easily though struggle in World and Environment DESCRIPTION-so would perhaps have  colourful characters in un-enchanting worlds when very often in cinema it is very often the Worlds and Music and so on that maketh the Film.  We seemingly forgive poor quality story and dialogue if the SETTING is of a HIGH QUALITY and the same is often a true complaint when circumstance is the other way around-we hear about how an inspirational or quality story and dialogue was made on a shoestring and that is the reason for less impressive settings and so on.

I am sure that all producers and project coordinators and so on have to seek to find a happy medium somewhere within the mix of what is currently achievable-and the further I have progressed once again returning to mediation and so on the more I have come to the conclusion that there is no such thing as bad publicity so much as interpretation of what is good and bad-a mudslinger can throw mud as much as they like though in reality you do not have to accept the mud as your own truth or indeed lower yourself to answering or debating topics that you have little or know knowledge of-the more you raise your threshold and so on the more you tend to become more discerning in what you are willing and not willing to accept in your life.  I think I have seen multiple ASSERTIVENESS type teachings coming to the fore this week also so that could be something to consider for those pattern watchers and so on.  How assertive are you and is it possible to stay on the better side of being assertive without falling into the so-called borderline realms of bullying or mischief making and so on.  That is of course another area of debate though I do hope people are seeking to stretch themselves a little as they progress-I know that I certainly am though again I do feel the present time is one again a time for myself to extend those stretching exercises or goals and stepping stones a little further.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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