So If I Outlined A Description Of Ian Paisley

So if I outlined a description of Ian Paisley would you genuinely be able to know the difference between the now deceased Northern Irishman & Unionist and Abu Hamza?

When you seek to identify traits and so on between “FAMOUS” loudmouth preachers & politicians irrespective of culture and location you do very often find that apart from any given particular “CAUSE” that it can be somewhat difficult to separate them-that is not of course the same as saying that his cause was wrong though as someone who grew up hearing about the “TROUBLES” in Northern Ireland and of course having read some history and so on-one does tend to think that in a number of “PERSONALLY MOTIVATED” ways he was heavily against any PEACE PROCESS-quite simply as an external viewer it is of course easy to sound condescending and so on-though anyone who has built there life and invested heavily on a given particular cause is not going to be very happy about having to give aforementioned cause up-likewise the same can be said for his opposite numbers in the Catholic community.

So whilst I am sure he will get many a tribute for standing up for his community-you cannot say that some of the continuation of conflict beyond necessary was not down to that particular gentleman’s entrenchment when all the World around had perhaps moved on somewhat-perhaps a similar figure to Yasser Arafat of PLO fame in that respect and of course such individuals do seem to not be getting modelled all that much anymore-perhaps a GAP exists in the ENGLISH LANGUAGE market for some next generation PREACHERS & POLITICIANS of that particular mould.

Whether we like or loathe such characters of that particular mould they do seemingly have a particular level of Charisma or natural affinity or flair for RHETORIC.  Rhetoric is of course one of those words that gets thrown out there and people rarely beyond the Halls of Learning Institutions understand what that might mean-I think it is a worthwhile area of study for anyone wanting to develop communication skills.

Where else-well like I have said I have been seeking to develop a particular idea that I have had for some time and strangely find myself stumbling with getting going in any particular fashion-the reason that I mention this is that I had a recent email from Learning Strategies saying that they are close to releasing a new WRITING course.

I have of course already taken one or two of there courses in that respect such-as Four Powers for Greatness and so on and likewise million dollar vocabulary-and likewise with other courses I have learned to try techniques such-as mind-mapping and visualization techniques and so on-so in many ways you might say that I potentially already have developed through multiple courses with the company a wide and broad selection of ways in which to carry out creative writing.

However that does not stop myself from being somewhat curious as to how they can do a writing course that is significantly differing from other courses in the so-called marketplace.

We have predominantly in the West of course generally gone to School and perhaps further education and sat in class in a highly confused state as to genuinely knowing fully the difference between verbs and nouns and grammar rules and so on-and likewise some perhaps such-as myself have spent time in jobs or positions where a great deal of writing (in a particular sector was required).  Likewise like myself you may have bought and paid and purchased a multitude of creative writing books and so on-I have mentioned “Writing The Wave” a few times though in all honesty that is perhaps one of a multitude of such books and works that I have in my present collection-everything from “plot” theory to “Worlds” and “Dialogue” and “Story Arc” and yes you can ask myself a great deal and I can tell you the ins-and-outs in so many ways though developing a favourite “MY WAY” without stalling can be intimidating.

So you might say or think that I am an expert on such matters-though in all honesty I do seemingly find that I can create a “dialogue ” and that dialogue can be placed in a “Scene Location” within a “World” and of course you also have “Props” that your “characters” might be using within aforementioned  Story and so on.

So why is writing so difficult?

I think it can be the desire to feel that you are creating something original and new and previously untold-and whilst as above you can see how I can break down components that does often seem like a FORMULA and I remember as a youth how much I tired of particular formulaic type “computer games” for instance.  Whereby a Tool Known as a Graphic Engine was created and then differing characters and images were placed within the Engine and sold as differing games-much like we see multitudes of 3D fighting games now-so formulas are actually very easy though the real work is perhaps in the UNDERLYING ENGINE and that again could be related to your belief system or set of tools that you have developed for yourself-so Learning Strategies does of course have an absolutely massive amount of tools that they have developed and it will be interesting for myself to see if they are genuinely able to bring such tools into an integrated writing system-I think from Genius Code for instance we had techniques for getting past your own editor and the name of the course suggests it could be related to that in some fashion.

Yes so that is interesting for myself in the sense that despite all the courses I have taken both Formal and La-Di-Da I have yet to truly settle on any one given truly dynamic integrated writing system.

If I were of course asked how would I myself create such a course I guess I would have to follow there training and use the Photo-reading style or Model.

You are sat at your desk, your typewriter in front of you ready to begin your new masterpiece-you close your eyes and find yourself centred in a Featureless Virtual Reality Holographic Environment-a voice kicks in asking you to specify Genre, Time Period, Costumes, Props, Plot twists-yes I really guess I could write one for myself after all though in terms of raising awreness and enlightenment I think I might do something again a little different.

So for instance whilst I like the MEDITATION model that is used I was thinking about the IDEA of SLIPSTREAMING EINSTEIN (We are often told how relativity came about through his visualization of sitting on a light beam parallel with another light beam and I thought what if I was behind him as in motorsport and then carried out an overtake manoeuvre-that then got me thinking (because I recently spoke on computer game ELITE) that Newtonian physics does not of course necessarily apply and then I thought of Leonardo Da Vinci and his famous drawing of a mans scalar or proportional MEASUREMENTS (I think) and that drawing always reminded myself of those NASA type training human gyroscope.


So I was then thinking that instead of your typical sat in one position model what if you had some way to rotate and switch to differing ASPECTS of IMAGE STREAM so you could have a “dynamic multi phasic formula engine” so instead of what I described above you can actually choose via modular fashion the section you are currently working on.

Again these things have been done time and again in multitudes of ways and my own confusion is perhaps a demonstration as to why breaking NEW BOUNDARIES often comes about through using old techniques and styles and Learnings in an Whole New way.

So yes I must be excited about that course to have written so long and hard about it-likewise I was wondering when or if a Future mapping course might occur-I know that Mr Scheele gives lecture as does that Japanese chap though I would have liked the opportunity to have perhaps bought a book on the topic-may be that will be included in this writing course in some fashion.

So you may ask what is stopping myself from utilising such skills and I do ask that of myself though it is perhaps that ARTISTE temperament or questing for perfection or possibly beyond my skill or ability level-could it simply be that despite all the lifelong learning that I have carried out and so on that I am simply an over demanding perfectionist in the greater scheme of things and that quest for something new something different something that actually works for myself is heart breaking-seeing others prosper whilst I myself seem to struggle with some of the most basic of lessons in these multitudes of teachings and courses.

Yes to much diction not enough vision? hmmmn

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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