So returning to developmental stages and learning processes you may recall that for those interested in GAMBLING that I suggested creating a Maind Map for your chosen Target Sport and further to that of course is the creation of appropriate question techniques to bring the best possible set of criteria and model to the fore.

So step one might be the thinking, step two might be the questioning-any type of questioning will do early on in practice as we do not want to deliberately restrict ourselves in bringing new awareness to the fore-though of course as you progress you probably want to be more expansive in questioning strategies.  Step three might then be to actually create or throw your mind map together-again early on it can seem a struggle though once you find your groove and just act as though NOTE TAKING on randomness related to your chosen sport.

So you have your mind map and now you want to design some relational meditative strategies to your chosen sport.

So combining what I suggested earlier-the Holographic Visualization with HUMAN GYROSCOPE.

You shut your eyes and enter your Holosuite Zone-A voice kicks informing you that you are now going to generate and become a fully fledged user of Gyroscopic technologies-the feel of movement through 360° Degrees can often be induced through sound technologies as you gradually become accustomed to your motion within 360° of free flowing surround you then set about asking where would you like to become attuned to-you can say I am now becoming attuned to the SPORT OF TENNIS-what time period of the sport of tennis would you like to visit? September 2014, Where is the present Tour Location? What character or prop would you like to be within this exercise-you could choose to be a player or umpire or ball boy/girl or simply a viewer within the crowd.  You could also choose to be an inanimate object within the scene such-as the racket or the net or the towel or ball-so lots of devices can be utilised into putting you into a state of FOCUS for where you desire attention to be placed.  you could also ask questions such-as what are you presently feeling, seeing, smelling and boosting the assorted ZONAL related sensory inputs-all once again to put you squarely in that ATTUNEMENT NOW-further to that you could then go through a series of questions that you ask yourself during such a process or procedure-you could speak out loud recording such sensory inputs with a recording device of some description or have a second person to note take or simply make notes following your MEDITATION.  you could also follow one sport right after another so we are now ging to go to the sport of Golf and re attune to that sports  present World Touring Location and again run through the same procedure, and then again with a third sport again using a similar set of mechanisms.

So once you have run through such a process and repeated it on numerous occasion-you can begin to seek to improve how you give yourself FEEDBACK-as I say this has been an area of struggle for myself though having said that progress is clearly made when we are not experiencing internal war so much as that QUESTIONING ZONE-that zone where your lack of knowledge or ability or confusion is likely pushing hard in bringing FEARS to the fore.

When such issues do arise you can of course go into What is the Worst that could happen? and so on.

So I am clearly writing this simply to demonstrate to myself that many things I think I cannot do-I clearly can and somewhere within the psych are racks of perhaps well practised excuses for not knowing-when strategies to overcoming not knowing can clearly be designed and developed.

Again you can opt for the writing feedback or you could once again go into the notes and doodling and drawing feedback all on where you have been placing you focussed attention.

Once you have confidence in your basic practice at bringing the non-conscious to the conscious awareness zone or windows of focus you will likely more and more find yourself entering grooves and flow of abilities and so on. Likewise when you now the excuses or the delusions that are possibly or potentially holding you back you will better find yourself positioned and able to let such thinking go-I know that the modelling of ideas is an excellent strategy though far to often prone to LIMITED THINKING being induced through people mistaking zmap for zterritory-so for instance many people go through stages or levels whereby everything is given some FALSE FLAG LABEL that clearly does not represent the truth of NOW.  For myself at least the Blavatsky model or representative idea of a WORLD SOUL and as above so below etc. is perhaps a more thoroughly thought through model though likewise many a modern modality uses this idea of modular based development whereby you work on one particular section of development and then another and another and then perhaps two together or three together and so on until you are at a level of ability whereby you can have full confidence in your progress and CREATIVE ABILITIES and CREATIVE FEEDBACK RESPONSE LOOP.

So here I have given an outline for perhaps a SECRET GAMBLING TECHNOLOGY and I could of course go on to seek to REFINE and develop such an idea until it is demonstrably usable and possibly usable by wider numbers of people-I have within my reading history a number of so-called expose’ type works on this Secret Underground Society or Cult or that one.  Areas such-as testing Psychics and so on never seemingly goes out of fashion likewise the industry surrounding the PUA community and the Neil Strauss book THE GAME and so on-so expose’ on secret underground gambling societies and so on will perhaps become more and more developed and the area that ANY OF US place our focus is of COURSE CHOICE.

So whilst some people are Scientists and others spiritualists and others sex predators and others gamblers-the direction that any of us take is choice and I would hope that those that have followed myself regularly can see that I have moved on from many a topic-those that have not are perhaps those that have given up on dreams and aspirations in favour of status quo or not rocking the boat or seeking to escape prejudice or reacquaint oneself with deeper levels of being and reality.

So one can become ones own way in perhaps a business life role and model and still have other aspects of life going on such-as family friends and FUN.  Yes I have perhaps not moved forward in some respects though in others I am no longer interested or invested in triggers that seemingly bother other folks so the BLENDER or MIXER or TRANSPORTER technological thinking and sensory inducement strategies combined with Meditation technologies and questioning and strategies can make all the difference when it comes as to decisions in life model and direction and interests and Hobbies and so on.

The one size fits all model that some seek to claim as an all encompassing reality does not fit the modular World that enables all of us to pick and choose our own respective suffering or not as the case may be.

Wow 1200 Words and nothing to show for it-I will have to go and practice my drawing and doodling some more.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well  🙂

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