Now Spurred On & Somewhat Surprised by your

Now spurred on and somewhat surprised by some of the positive feedback you receive you decide that you can perhaps pursue this line of thinking or enquiry a little bit more.

asking how can I improve my mind map for this chosen sport?

I know I’ll list associated colours with this particular sport, I’ll list the types of surfaces that the sport is played on, I’ll make a list of current top players and I’ll list equipment manufacturers and make a list of sponsors and so on.

Again the decision making as to sports can be tricky early on and that is why I suggested deliberately limiting yourself until you are acclimatised and confident that you are heading in the appropriate or right direction for what you yourself desire to achieve(In this instance successful PREDICITION OF RESULTS)..

Further to that for those such-as myself who have straightjacketed themselves in multiple ways (usually through to many chiefs and not enough Indians) you might think I need to improve my ARTISTIC abilities-how can I improve my artistic abilities? Of course you can take any number of the courses that I have recommended though for those seeking to use tried and trusted methodologies and processes you can look to see who were the INSPIRATION  or TEACHERS of my teachers-very often simply looking in bibliography of courses can give clues.

An exceptionally highly regarded work that I have never mentioned and quite obvious when you think about it is a book entitled “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron and her book has an accompanying course book and a set of note taking cards that can all be purchased for reasonable expenditure-again I say such purchases are your own choice and it is not for myself to say whether you will gain any benefit though of course anyone who has taken Holosync related courses will recall that he suggested having note taking cards and so on-so in many ways you might say that she has covered all the minimum basics of such courses-as to whether such systems work without the assisted meditation-I really do not know-my own personal experience is that I have little faith or trust in anything that does not use the meditation technologies-that might of course been the long lost life challenge I gave myself-though given the choice between struggle and ease I personally prefer the EASE option.

 So you may have now refined your mind mapping system you can of course for some sports list players and Countries and so on as well and also of course you want to come to a position whereby you can effectively see the clues and so on within your own work and writings-whilst some folks seemingly have little effort in achieving these abilities some of us have of course had to work a little bit longer and harder to get to a place of confidence in our prediction of results.

You can also as I previously have suggested simply monitor a sport without any gambling whatsoever simply writing your predictions down as a personal challenge and then seeing how accurate you have been in prediction when the actual results are in.

So that is perhaps a way to refine your mind mapping abilities and you can also of course seek to improve the visualization exercise perhaps with improved detail and the types of questioning you are carrying out.  so for instance you may carry out the visualization and asked what you yourself believe to be the best set of questions yet your write-ups lack the standard or delivery that you think you need to achieve your goal or purpose?  How can I improve my question and feedback response?

Perhaps seek to improve questions through the research of questioning techniques-some are provided in courses I recommend and I also have recommended one or two books that contain questions.

Likewise with the DESCRIPTIVE DETAIL you perhaps have to again perhaps lead with questions that generate descriptive details that you are not presently thinking in terms of.  So whilst in the visualization-you might be asking for shapes and forms and colours and so on-this as I have said is where I seemingly struggle hence my returning to looking at questioning strategies.  hoping to creatively improve that area of ability and of course I also at the same time have been seeking to gain greater clarity and reduce the causes of self sabotage and so on.

some of the teachers do of course always seem to ask-what would you do if you knew you could not fail?  that however for those of us in the lower echelons of society with long ingrained failure expectancy is completely useless and unhelpful in almost any way shape or form imaginable-yes being positive and so on is perhaps a long term aim and goal-though my own experience is that to many fights and so on are simply worthless distractions and TRAPS and given my present age and learning and progress I really would prefer to be handed a gun and go to die somewhere in some battle in a war than return to many of the issues that I have seemingly had to deal with in life-the worn the t-shirt of the life of hard knocks is one that may of us have had and whilst you are never to old to learn and adapt and change-the overbearing wholesomeness of some folks from more privileged  backgrounds who do not seem to have experienced so much suffering is a tough one to swallow.  If one step forward two steps back is the best learning curve then I am quite sure many of us probably think it worthwhile to be in the grave already-I recall a lady named Michelle on Bill Harris’ blog who reminded us that in reality we had little choice in our respective parents choice to have children and so on-so in that sense the choice in issues such as “I want children to look after myself in old age is paramount to indoctrinated SLAVERY” yes I am sure many a family member wants to look after elderly relatives in later life and so on though likewise having a life merely to fulfil such a SELFISH PARENTAL expectancy is reason enough to be selfish for yourself-that might of course sound somewhat harsh though again I merely when saying question everything about your life and World as you know it mean QUESTION EVERYTHING ABOUT YOUR LIFE AND WORLD AS YOU KNOW IT.

The piecemeal fashion of picking and choosing really does not in many ways work-you really do have to be brutal with yourself if not publically then at least in a diary somewhere and so on-you will often be amazed at some of the EXPECTANCIES of other people that you are non-consciously carrying around that when put to test and questioning clearly for many a person is simply on the most basic functions of HUMANITY completely inappropriate or WRONG.

So enough from myself at present I can feel blood seemingly creeping to boil and will perhaps continue writing in an unpublished fashion or even do some tapping and questioning as to where such thoughts and feelings are originating.

Thank you for reading, god bless and be well 🙂

2 thoughts on “Now Spurred On & Somewhat Surprised by your

  1. I don’t even know how I finished up here, but I thought this post was once great.
    I do not understand who you might be but definitely you are going to a famous blogger if
    you are not already. Cheers!

    • Thank you for your comment-they are generally not what I would regard as being of a worthy blogging nature-though I do like to just keep on writing and see what comes up into conscious awareness and so on at any given time.

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