Dreams Streams And Lucid Schemes

So I have on multiple occasion described my difficulty in dream recall and as is often the case I do occasionally suddenly find myself having the most vivid of weird dreams and wondering if can genuinely follow variance guidance given in vocalizing such things or making notes and mind maps and so on.

And of course multiple theory exists into dream interpretation and so on though that is perhaps for people working in career zones related to psychology and so on-my own interest is perhaps in HARNESSING the POWER within such imaginings into various forms of creativity and so on and that again perhaps relates to some of the questions that you can be asking in a self inquiry type manner or indeed how can I take this dream information and be led by it into a series of ever increasingly more powerful associations and realizations and so on.

So last night I found myself having an assortment of dreams with all sorts of little bits of STAND-OUT type Symbols and so on that I thought quite strange though also quite enticing in the sense that enough curiosity existed within my subconscious to perhaps go from a deep dream or image stream state to a more lucid and exploratory type state.

So the earliest part that I recalled was a section that may have been titled the House/Garage sale-I found myself seemingly being part of a family of some description living in a house that was having some kind of a House Sale and as I went from room to room I found myself witnessing differing people within the rooms going through a number of what must have been quite typical household belongings.  I went into one room and found a couple of people working there way through a linen pile happily chatting and oblivious to my own seeming presence making comments that you might expect of people at jumble sales and car boot sales and so on-another room that I entered had another household occupant seemingly seeking to put a broken wooden chair back together for an interested in making a purchase elderly gentlemen.  The chair was a typical dining table type chair from the 1950’s that seemingly had a wooden leg or part missing and this other household occupant had a great pile of assorted wooden table legs in a pile on the floor that he was going through one by one seeking to find the best match.  The pile of wooden legs to my mind were all mostly of a similar fashion and age one or two painted and generally of cylindrical type shapes and curvature.  Another area was that Garage area and this was not a bolt on garage so much as one that was seemingly up a level within the house-perhaps the property was built into the side of a hill though the garage was unusual in having a downstairs staircase.  The garage did not actually have any vehicle in it during my visit though was typical of a garage with a swing down type garage door-the room was also unusual in the sense that unlike your typical full of garden and engineering type tools and so on of many a persons garage this one was quite posh  in the sense that viewers were there to look at pictures on the walls that were part of the sale.  I did notice that I was not particularly happy going about the house perhaps wanting some peace and quiet and finding every room seemingly occupied against my own personal preferences for whatever particular reason-none was seemingly forthcoming during the dream-though it is perhaps an understandable theme.

Another room that I later found myself entering was a kitchen and on the way into the kitchen I found myself going past what could only be described as a miniature black poodle and this poodle was quite HARD looking in the sense of seemingly being over excited as though perhaps just returned from a walk or having been involved in some dog fight or high tension action this was simply apparent from the dogs almost aglow dark eyes that had that look that many a dog gets when over excited and unable to control or calm down as quickly as us humans.

So upon entering the kitchen another dog was leashed to the inside bulbous door handle although I seemingly found myself staring more at the floor-whilst know one was visibly present it felt as though this was where a household child had been hanging out whilst all the visitors were elsewhere in the property.  The floor had multiple metallic dog feeding and drinking bowls of multiple sizes suggesting that more than the dogs I had seen were possibly living within the property.  As I looked around I also saw a bottle of cooking oil that was seemingly somewhat out of place lying on the floor.  As I looked up from the patchwork black/white tiled floor I found myself staring at a kitchen sink and metallic sideboard drying area noticeable for the fact that a RECIPE book was propped up and opened on a particular page on the drying area and that again seemed to not logically fit the scene in the sense that few people think hey I’ll just get these paper books wet placing them next to one of the wettest places or water supplies in the house.

So that scene then faded and I found myself seemingly on a path that was sculpted through a woods-to the right side was a seeming rock face with green moss and so on growing up the rock embankment-on the left side the slope was more gentle and furnished with rustic looking Autumn leaves and the trees and brown shapes of bushes and so on was quite well lit so could have been your typical woodland type scene that can be found in many a Country and continent around the planet or indeed quite locally.  Up ahead the path seemed to curve and disappear though the shape of a roof of a property could also be seen in that general direction-the scene was actually quite featureless though perhaps had more of the quiet and solitude that was missing from the earlier scenario.  Then as I turned gradually around to survey the landscape I became aware of the presence of a women that to my mind at least appeared to perhaps be of a latin type original although the clothing worn by her was quite simply appropriate outdoor type clothing that you might expect to see any nationality wearing -a mild light pastel green jacket and further to that a gentlemen appeared to be accompanying her-he was more of a typical white English or American appearance with a greying beard who seemed to have a number of people with him.  he and the lady sat on part of the slope and appeared to be giving some lecture of some description to the other peoples-so perhaps tour guides of some description.

I then seemingly floated up from that landscape and found myself in SPACE looking down at the now distant scene that seemed to have taken place on a GEMSTONE floating in space-I do not know the best way to describe gemstone type shapes though it could well of been representative of a destroyed planetary fragment or something along those lines although the vision I had was quite calm and peaceful and lacking in any sense of danger-as I zoomed out from that now distant rustic scene fragment or gemstone another green fragment appeared and I found myself suddenly parachuting down into this seemingly jungle setting.  The jungle whilst exceptionally green was also highly dense and perhaps of little light in comparison to the earlier woodland scene-I was not there for very long because a great ELEPHANT appeared and before I had time for anything it had it raised its trunk and I had seemingly dived into a cavern of some description through the elephants mouth.  Inside this scene was quite dark though I was in the company of a man with a lamp and he whilst holding the lamp with one hand was seemingly scraping away dirt from a mud wall that seemingly had partially exposed a TREASURE CHEST-this treasure chest was of course of the classical typical appearance that we expect our caskets full of treasure and stones and so on to be carried  in.  The image of the chest turned somewhat and the lid opened to reveal a PAD SCREEN it was seemingly a touchpad type gadget that was disguised as something else.  Again the scene faded and a new scene appeared although in this instance the pad disguised as a treasure chest had travelled with myself and was now sitting on a table in a typical modern day flat that seemingly had totally modern up to the minute gadgets a plenty and was seemingly less lived in than the house that I began the story with-so whilst the earlier property seemed somewhat lived in this property was whilst full of gadgets seemingly bereft of any kind of flair or personality and so on-if there was any story to tell it was perhaps that a very differing mentality existed between the two properties.

well that is about all I can recall from those dreams though I will of course be making that extra effort as I suggested in perhaps doodling and mind mapping and asking further questions to see what my non-conscious mind was trying to tell myself.

Whilst it is easy to be self critical and judgmental I though nope I will simply flow with it all and see what happens and see what questions and so on might perhaps give myself some further details and information’s that I may have previously ignored or left out from this summary so to speak.

How can I take the simple description of these types of  dream imaginings and turn them into useful information?  Could I take triggers and symbols and find associations elsewhere in my life that the information might be related to?

Yes so whilst we are often told that dreaming and imaginings and so on should be ignored or you might go doodally-when we write them out and then ask questions and so on thy might give us clues as to anything from health warnings to upcoming sports results to well anything really-we do tend to limit ourselves unnecessarily and whilst some are happy to let go of limiting beliefs others of course are only to willing to bash people over the head with them-as I have said if your not part of the solution then do not come to myself with your complaints-deal with the troubles in your own mind and perhaps use anything that I write as a general exploratory guidance rather than absolutes.

I see this is some 1800 hundred words so I am exceptionally short on the 5000 that I suggested at an earlier time-perhaps the problem is one of deletions and distortions and so on and as I say by the time I have perhaps created a mind map and drawn a little and asked a few questions the details can perhaps start boosting up the numbers  I recall at school how we used to have number counts expected on essays and I also recall that feeling of dread at not making the necessary expected limit.  I guess it is too late for myself in the qualification realms though never to late to learn how to apply more thoroughly thought through strategies for examining such things and bringing greater depth and so on to any work that I create.

thank you for reading, God Bless and Be well 🙂

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