How Can I Stay The Course?

So continuing in the recent vein of developing our top secret Gambling Technology-we have now perhaps created a mind map of some description and refined aforementioned mind map with further ideas and detail for clue pointers and related information pertaining to the chosen sport.

we have perhaps also refined our own particular version of a visualization exercise and the types of questions that we ask ourselves-so when a detail is seemingly missing from a write-up you can perhaps give yourself query prompts into remembering some of the finer detail that you may have missed or not recorded in your note taking or mind map.

For those unfamiliar with mind maps-they are an acclaimed WHOLE BRAIN THINKING system of recording information-and I have taken multiple courses that suggest they’re usage in day-day life can dramatically improve your mental capacity and abilities and so on allowing your brain to work in a more NATURAL fashion than many a standardised learning system and of course there is a WIKI

And yes I have also purchased and read multiple associated books on the usage and so on there of.

So we have mind map and we have visualization exercise and fully confident that you are now psychic and can predict any result for any sport at will you write down some predictions or perhaps even place a bet with a bookie.

A day goes by and the results are in and …

GODDAMMIT I knew I could not trust my INTUITION.

This is of course the reaction that many of us have perhaps had when a result or outcome has not occurred as we intended or PROPHESIZED.

So it is possible then to REFINE OUR FEEDBACK RESPONSE MECHANISM to reduce such self defeating opinions of ourselves?

This again is where having a diary or blog or mind map of visualizations and so on can come into their own because YOU HAVE A RECORD OF WHAT CAUSED YOU TO BELIEVE A PARTICULAR RESULT WAS GOING TO OCCUR.

So we can ask Inquiry questions.

How can I know when this result is going to happen in the future?  Do I have any clues or pointers to the ACTUAL result within my present writings or mind map? What are the standout points or features of these particular clues-was it a colour or label or word position on a page or emboldened and so on.  So have a look and again perhaps make a record of the clues and pointers that were appropriate to the ACTUAL result.

Can I ask my subconscious mind to prompt myself with these correct clues and pointers when this result is next going to occur?

These things are supposed to of course be debatable though my own learning suggests that you simply really can simply ask your sub-conscious or non-conscious mind to bring these clues to your dominant window of attention or zone when this result or outcome is next going to occur.

This is of course where FOCUS and so on is important-in the sense that if you do not respond to your own feedback nothing will change.

So whilst it can seem like desperation in some ways to consider gambling-you can especially with the meditation technologies perhaps take a longer perspective in seeking to refine your attunement to what you actually need to be taking notice of.

Yes we all have many areas of life vying for attention though I do think it possible to use these strategies and methodologies to improve your predictive abilities and results.

Are they influenced by other aspects of life?

this is an interesting one in the sense that we have all perhaps grown up being told how to tell the difference between truth and lies and so on-and we are often discouraged from truth in many a scenario-very often blatant honesty is regarded as rude-we see this especially in children who don’t want to give toothless old wrinkly granny a goodbye kiss and so on urrgghh. 🙂

So we end up thinking that our lying to ourselves is a GOOD THING.  My own experience suggests that again you really can be better of staying true as much as possible if not in life then at least in writing and description and so on.  I should of course say that I am writing this on my Surface Pad and that is true and I know it is true though you as a reader do not know whether that is true beyond having to take my word for it.  So I have been truthful in my own mind though you the reader may uery or wonder as to truth and may even SPECULATE.

I personally do not like many a speculation I hear simply because they are often derogatory-I do not know what it is about the human psyche that causes this though I know that I do it myself sometimes and others do it and it is potentially a damaging trait to maintain.

I recall a book I think it was written by James Joyce named Ulysses that was a kind of day in the life experience  (A popular among the literary critics) he also wrote  Finnegans Wake. We also of course had the famous Jim Cary Film LIAR LIAR in which he was unable to tell a lie and given his job as a Lawyer was the cause of much humour.

So you can have factual truth of what you see and know  before you and you can have speculative information of what you see and know before you and I think that for anyone to improve and so on you want to first and foremost reacquaint yourself wherever possible with actual truth as opposed to speculation .   Okay so prediction might be regarded as speculation though we are seeking to remove the many obstacles that we have built up over a lifetime and so on and work ourselves into the ZONE OF BEST APPROXIMATIONS and so on of what happens next-so whilst the patterns and so on are always moving and in flux we can become attuned enough with our own respective knowledge sets and we can question enough to be able to place ourselves in a  position whereby we are more accurately approximating such patterns and so on in our own lives-perhaps that is what a flow state is-again I have singled out one (strangely neglected) area gambling as a fun area to focus upon-though as I demonstrated yesterday with the strange dreams you can have quite general information that again you can have application for across many areas of your own life-as you peel back the layers of confusion and so on-though that is perhaps a beneficial side effect as opposed perhaps to your stated intention of an improved life or whatever your own respective intentions are-I know that several courses suggested stating more than one intention and then sorting them out into an order that you are happy with.

So staying the course then could well be seeing just how well you monitor your own responses to disappointment (or being wrong) or seek to find the clues within your own work and so on to an improved result the next time.

Yes these things are perhaps easier to write about than to carry out though hopefully as you respond to your own feedback you gain greater insight into all the assorted patterns and which ones you yourself actually want to flow with-success or failure whether we like it or not does seem to have been strongly related to how we self talk and so on and previous actions can of course still be waiting in the side lines to ensnare us-though I do  think that over the longer term the benefits of such practise as inquiry and questioning will outweigh any short term frustrations.

Fingers crossed.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and be Well 🙂

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