Is There Any Genuine Correlation Between Events

So another area that I have repeatedly spoken of is this one of Synchronicity and we always have to remember that whilst this event is going on in our own life that somewhere else someone else could be having a very differing experience although potentially or possibly caused by the same pattern or moment in time or however one wishes to describe such matters.

An example of this is that I a day or two ago I spoke of having a dream that I was able to actually recall and remember as though my mental faculties had a boost of some description-meanwhile I later in the day after writing that particular write-up spoke with my daughter and she at the time of my dreaming and so on was having a major Epileptic Seizure-so whilst no direct correlation exists I am likely to think or have an ah-ha of some description in the sense that those seizures are often related to brain electrics and so on and there could well be a correlation that we have our respective or differing dream states and those could well be considered to operate through or via our bodies electrical system-so mine was boosted to the point of having an unusually vivid dream and the daughters was malfunctioning in the sense of having a seizure.

So because I know and speak to my daughter regularly I am more aware of some of the goings on in her life than perhaps other people-though I can of course also see the news like everyone else and watch media and so on like everyone else-so there is always going to be a certain amount of correlation though again I usually like to think in meditation terms that we are better of being more selective as to FOCUS-so I might see grim news reports about ISIS EBOLA WAR SCOTLAND though when I step back from watching the news and so on I can direct my attention to activities and pursuits that are of greater benefit to myself-that could of course be practicing any of the course materials from the multitude of courses I have purchased or it could be developing my own system following in the footsteps of the masters and teachers I learned from.

So tonight is of course a European Football night and exactly why I am not particularly keen on team sports as a starting point with these kinds of learnings-not to bad if you treat your team name as a single entity as you would with individual players in other sports-though when you come to variables and 23 people of multiple nationalities on a pitch playing for a team from a particular Country and language the fear factor can heighten and likewise clues go awry.  Many a team has a team colour and may not be playing in that colour due to it also being the opposition teams colour and so on so whilst we consider “all thing being equal” and NOW to be the overriding truth-we are very often not starting from an advanced enough position to be finely attuned enough to see THE WRITING ON THE WALL.

The other issue is of course SHIELD and BADGES and MASCOTS-Have you those in your Mind Map list?

Yes so you see how the more you give attention to a sport-the more associative list extra’s can spring to mind

And the more associations you are able to recognise for a particular sport or club and outcome and so on the better-likewise when you carry out your question as I wrote earlier today you can also seek or quest for recollection of “sensory impressions” so I spoke on taking notes predominantly of sight though clues may come through other parameters such-as sound-perhaps a You’ll never walk alone chant somehow worked its way into your dream-or you are reminded of that cool air experience when you visualize “tumbleweed blowing across a desert plain” again triggers pointers and clues can be somewhat overwhelming to seek to sort out though the more you record information and then check your own data the more you can remind and reinforce those aspects that you think will bring you the information you most want to know.

So I also spoke on writing lyrics and verse so I could throw one out as an example for myself to check back with later.

The plane without a pilot flies high in the sky, though not as high the mosquito asks why? is there anything up there that I should be aware-the horizon this morning was a bright orange flare, they say that the farmer can predict a days weather-all well and good from the seat of his land rover-the sight of a tractor we see less on the roads-the exercise now is to touch your toes.

Yes so not particularly flowing though perhaps SYMBOLS can be plucked out for CLUES-you can of course use them in SINGULAR FASHION or in a group-so a single word might be all you need though usually you will find that when you look you can see more and more direct and indirect clues as you practice and research.

I do think that I seemingly require coming to a new position of being more centered sometimes and that can simply occur through listening to a particular course or modality-it might even be simply through focussing on a particular modality and asking what would this modality tell myself at this time.  Again each modality very often has some trick or INVOCATION of some description that you can use to remind yourself-or put yourself squarely in the zone of that modality.

Again whilst I have actively sort to think in terms of having an integrated system of sorts-that is not to say that some ratio does not exist between how successful prediction can be carried out better with one than another again for differing sports-so think about being a juggler and mix and match until you are happier with your own feedback response mechanism and learnings and teachings and so on.

This a little over 1000 words and I still have time to go and do some drawing and doodling and so on of my own-this perhaps a rather neglected part of the system in my own practice in the sense that I like writing and can hold a musical tune though am strangely not keen on drawing and doodling though that is perhaps rejection rather than not being any good-they say that when you practice and so on that you can get better though how true that is without some more accelerated modalities and attention I am unsure.

So I spoke on this issue of Scotland adversely effecting the Pound-what does that mean-well quite simply the pound against the value of the Dollar has been reduced-so you may have signed up to pay monthly instalments in Dollars from some Companies for particular goods and services and so on when the exchange ratio was that £1.00 was worth $1.70 and now the exchange ratio is that £1.00 is worth $1.60 and that effectively means that you are now paying more in your monthly payment plan than previously or however you have such things set up-of course that is a typical example similar perhaps to a non fixed rate mortgage type agreement-we very often do not consider these kinds of details in some greater schemes of things-though given the greater ability of anyone and everyone to have international financial agreements and so on it is worth taking into consideration as one of those Market aspects that can bite you in the ass so to speak.

Well that shoulf be more than plenty to be getting on with.

If you cannot CIAO FOR NOW when can you chow For 🙂

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