So continuing On from Another Unpublished Post

so continuing on from my earlier written unpublished post-the theme of which was How Can I develop An Artistic Eye?

So I wrote a post earlier that was seeking to address that particular question and of course the most simple thing that we any of us can do apart from the obvious of taking up artistic hobbies and so on can be to go into environments and then seek to identify (if any) themes exist that you perhaps miss when your going about your hurried and pressurised life and so on.  The reason that I have not published my earlier post was quite simply that I gave a quite lengthy and in depth explanation of my place of work and the environmental themes therein contained and then later thought-well although the explanation is quite innocent and the themes  not of a nature that can be complained about-the Company might regard myself as giving away process secrets and so on-so it will remain unpublished-although anyone who works in any environment can of course take a breath and look around themselves and see if any theme exists-you might say that the summary of a general theme or schema that anyone can see in my place of work environment is perhaps one of beaches and sand and waterways and islands and so on.

So in design terms there is a level of pleasantness within the environment that the industry itself perhaps does not conjure up when identified by the industry name.  As to any Psychological effects and so on-well such things are always up for debate and we do have to of course be reminded that the people and workers within any environment might be regarded as the heart and soul and so on-several recent emails have reminded myself of this fact in the sense of offering ways and means to step back from “Environmental Contagion”.

I think that that has perhaps possibly been done to death by myself already in the past although as always you do have to be vigilante in the sense that the emails did contain quite a list of “societal like contagion conditions” that any of us can pick up from environments and peoples that we find ourselves in regular day-to-day  contact with.  Great effort has seen great change in some environments that I find myself in and whilst one does always have to be aware of “CREEP” it can do no harm to once in awhile step back and congratulate yourselves for any identifiable progresses that have been made.

So what is “Environmental Contagion” well in the most simplest of senses it might be learning a new job or skill by being around folks who are carrying out that job-so a form of modelling is once again suggested-although the words used are perhaps because the mail was clearly seeking to target peoples who might want a remedy for other contagions that you might pick up-things such-as depression and so on.  Again I have already recommended courses and Teachers that offer Solutions to such things and of course many a person does not necessarily know that they are a “CARRIER” of such conditions-so I myself could be a carrier of depression and anywhere and everywhere I go brings out depressive thoughts and feelings in those about myself-I doubt whether that is true-though am sure I can find many a person who would rush to agree.

So whether we like it or not-we here in the UK have been through many an environment from Nursery through School-perhaps higher education and Hobby clubs and so on where any of us can develop characteristics and thoughts feeling and so on induced through forms of OSMOSIS or indeed the CREEP label applied above.

Now some huge debates occur with regard to this SUBJECT and I really do think that no matter how much pressure is applied to some people in some environments that somewhere on some level a personal or individual choice is made as to what happens next-so I recall that we have often had POW’s in various wars that have come out in support of they’re captors-that is of course not necessarily the same as reading a script out prior to being beheaded or mutilated as we have seen recently and of course anyone interested in the Psychology can buy related books and do courses and so on-in truth many an aid worker and so on in some of the danger zones and hotspots around the World will often tell you that most courses tell you to comply as much as possible with your captors and again you might say that a certain amount of common sense is at work in suggesting that in complying where possible you are extending your life and if you are extending your life then the possibility of escape or rescue and so on potentially exists.

Again many such issues have been debated time and again-so I recall a classic case teaching scenario whereby you are a survivor of a crashed plane-do you:- option A, B,C, D etc. and so on.

Surprisingly many an answer that you would think is the most appropriate action is not necessarily so-although how such things are decided upon is debatable-so with crashed planes modern science says stay with the vehicles and we can rescue you-though of course they have to know that you are MISSING and how long anyone waits prior to becoming concerned about MISSING persons is again quite long-many a person using the “Not Me Gov! ” rule of responsibility.

So we have the meditation technology to clear out what any individual might regard as unwanted detritus from they’re own heart and soul and likewise you can use such technology and techniques to become super Miss or Mr positivity and productivity and so on finding or creating new angle and so on soaring high where others fear to fly and so on.

Obviously the downside can be that others enforcing a status quo or regarding themselves as the local king and so on can find you a threat and then go to war with yourself with typical primary school bravado of name calling and slander and smearing and making threats against yourself and family-that of course often requires ISOLATING individuals in some way or fashion and the most obvious are those techniques already indicated-this is a reason I like to keep myself to myself having been a victim of such tactics and behaviours from multiple sources am not going to return to wasting time on ground that I am not going to fight or squabble over.  So all environments can potentially have such damaged and damaging peoples and the first question anyone could be asking about such behaviours is “Why would this person say that about this other person?”

Again can ways and means be found to guide people towards empowering behaviours as opposed to detrimental behaviours? Well again some folks might have to take such things into consideration as a job role and so on though placing peoples in a position where a certain level of personal responsibility is taken is surely part of life and growing up and development and so on.

So I spoke on this idea of the artistic eye and of course much of the dialogue above might be regarded as a theme that can be OVERLAYED time and again onto differing aspects and areas of life.  So you might overlay it as the theme of MOB Wars such-as those of the Italian Mafia or OVERLAY as the theme of Germanesque Tinpot Dictators and yes you can overlay such thinking over and into the REALMS of Differing SPORTS.

So returning to the development of our Universal Top Secret Gambling Technology-we can again ask such questions as to “What are the most appropriate theme and overlay that I can identify with this particular SPORT?”

So single events might be “One mans battle against the elements” such as tennis, golf, snooker, other Team sports might require theme relating to wars in numbers and battle tactics and so on.  So again we can very often identify particular themes and overlays that are unique to a particular sports-whilst others are clearly GENERIC-so yes if a generic exits it can be listed on our MIND MAP for the sport though in further questioning you probably want to IDENTIFY UNIQUE SUB-THEMES or SUB-OVERLAYS again in data base type terms you might think of such things in terms of a Title and then list-very often in RELATIONAL DATABASE type technologies we can have terms that are in both CATEGORIES dependent upon the function within a Given Sport.

So again we can categorise and sub-categorise and that can enable us to FOCUS upon our chosen sport.  So references can apply everywhere in the World (so to speak) though we can often take a particular indicator that we see in the media and think “I wonder which of my sport mind maps that article could be related to?”  You can of course do “Stepping into the shoes of the Author type visualizations” whereby some books I read are clearly written by golfers who use golfing analogies within the book and so on-so can you take a ARTICLE in your favourite MAGAZINE and see If you can IDENTIFY what sport (if any) a particular Author/Journalist/Media Guru/Celebrity Author perhaps follows.  You will often be surprised to see more and more Ah-ha’s as you yourself progress.

Any way that is of course my repetition and if you are triggered by anything here then you are clearly not on the same page as myself in terms of thinking in terms of TEACHING and LEARNING and so on as opposed to pointing fingers and crying wolf and so on.

So what ideas and aspects of life can be found as relational OVERLAYS and THEMES for your SPORTING MIND MAP?

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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