Do Bears Swipe Salmon from Picnic Baskets

It is of course my duty as a self appointed Worldwide commentator-to come up with some worthy and punchy provocative Headlines-if you see them anywhere else you will have to forgive the writers for plagiarism-I have not seen anyone who has yet demonstrated an ability to know what I am going to write prior to my writing it.

Yes Scotland’s day of being able to “TELL IT TO THE MAN!” has finally arrived and it is one of those days where you would expect an EMINEM 8 MILE SPEECH

To be forthcoming-I do somehow think that whilst the NO campaign has been exceptionally weak and limp and so on that the YES campaigners will NOW show themselves to not be all that differing in the weak and limp and so on stakes.  Okay so I am English and should mind my own bloody Business though given the opportunity to have a Country you can Emigrate too right on your doorstep and so on does have a special appeal all of its own-and its a different kind of immigration when the Country has its own laws and currency and so on-the intermingling of Britain has been quite tame for my generation and an Independent Scotland would really ruffle and shake things up-I’d vote for independence from London and Westminster at the drop of a Hat-and yes I can still be English and like Royalty and Cricket and so on though the whole political landscape from all of the POLITICAL PARTIES is absolutely “D I R E”-when we look at questions as to why UKIP and so on has grown so rapidly and has so much support it is because whether you agree with Mr Farage or not he does actually stand for something and is not swinging left and right like a pick n mix bandit from Woolworths-something that all the other parties seemingly manage with aplume. all well and good saying that all the major parties have left and right wings and centre politicians and so on-my view DIVERSIFY split the bloody party into actual The Left Wing Tory Party-The Right Wing Tory Party-The Left Wing Labour Party-The Right Wing Labour Party-and so on.

No more of this nonsense and pretence of keeping the backbenches happy either-they can bloody well start representing the population instead of The Party.

Yes so where else caught my eye-well I already spoke on the question of the Red White and Hue so that’s a lame duck.

Oh yeah that was interesting-The Aussies making terror arrests one cannot help to think that they could have acted earlier and caught the whole Neighbours, Home & Away casts and thrown the Cell Block H crowd in for good measure.  I remember seeing all those Australian Lager commercials when I was younger and thinking NOW there’s a drink you won’t find a Head on-much like that yankee stuff in many ways-there is something about brewing in Europe that we do still seemingly  like to see a drink that has not been beheaded by the addition of to much water-probably saves them from washing-sorry Sheila bath’s next week. 🙂

Stereo typical humour that does of course get indulged in from all corners of the globe in one way or another though we are seeing some strange match-ups going on-I think China is now being seen to be cosying up with India and they do actually have similar kinds of population issues if not the same remedies and attitudes and so on-will be interesting to see what they are up too.

Yes this is one of those kind of irrelevant kind of throw stuff out there days perhaps-all the build up and then the IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN IN MY LIFETIME RESULT.

So A Black President could have a detrimental vote on the Scottish Independence vote in the sense that finding NEW previously non-achieved challenges to make claims about is seemingly becoming more difficult-especially given the growth of TV and Movie and Computer Games and so on-WHY?  Well people GET CONFUSED and all these MEDIA show things such as black President and so on very often well in advance of these things happening-so every one is SO ACCLIMATISED to such things via MEDIA REPRESENTATIONS and so on that actually having them AS AN ACTUAL REALITY becomes what I have previously and often referred to as a SHOULDER SHRUGGER.

So I forgot to come out and list all the multiple headlines that I had spinning around over the last few day-though some were fun-others serious-others challenging and the one thing I have not really done is pay much attention beyond a quick scan of the mainstream media-I am often unsure whether that is good all bad-people say you need to know this and that-though very often you do not need to know lots of stuff at all-you need the FREEDOM to be able to navigate through your life with the minimum of fuss and the minimum distress caused by people demanding attention for things that do not put MONEY ON THE TABLE and FOOD IN THE BELLY.

Yes if I were a politician I would surely use that phrase far more than you will ever hear that lot we’ve got say such things. When we go into the Psychology type realms and the classic MASLOW Hierarchy Of Needs and so on it does seem to be a quite sensible diagram of a model that most people can potentially when they think about it relate too.

So I had intended to once again return to my own THEME of THEME and OVERLAY and the reason for my intention to return to those ASPECTS was that we can ask ourselves a great deal of SELF INQUIRY questions surrounding THEMES and OVERLAYS.

What questions Dave?

Well if you can go to work and identify an artistic theme or go to the Supermarket and Identify an Artistic theme and go to the Doctors and Identify an Artistic Theme-you begin to see how you might be acting out non-consciously in relation to the themes that you have within your own life as you go about your life.  I said my works theme was like a beach or island and that might cause people to go into Holiday thinking mode-or play out Robinson Crusoe hiding from the CANNIBALS or swashbuckling Pirates of the Caribbean yes it might seem a stretch for some folks to see how long lost non-conscious triggers can be activated by these subtle background type things though I am quite sure that is does happen-likewise when you IDENTIFY such characteristics in your life and so on you can sometimes have a laugh and a chuckle and see how even when you have come to terms with character roles you may have played out how others around you are still playing out such roles-yes these again are not absolutes and one cannot say that a place called primary will trigger school behaviour from that age group or that secondary will trigger school behaviour from that age group and so on-though I definitely think there is room for changing some place and area names just to see or test such theory-I am sure that if compliance or behavioural issues and so on is not being invoked by present management and training techniques then you also have to look at what might be the other non-conscious triggers in the environment and of course-we all of us have multiple environments that we exist in and can do such life inquiries into.

I also saw that car tax disks are being done away with in the UK and thought that whilst improved technology does of course allow that to happen it does not follow that 2nd hand car purchasers and so on are going to rush to tax vehicles when they are supposed to-it is almost like chasing DODGERS is being give up on-yes we have cameras and computer systems-though given the amount of already existing and known dodgers of assorted car related laws  the idea that you can no longer display your tax badge with pride is strange-I would have kept them because the incentive to “GET AWAY WITH IT” is already abused by far to many a car owner.

What a strange lot of stuff to be writing on this Glorious day of Scotland clinging to the UK like the cowardly gutless and spineless skirt wearing alcoholics that they are.  OH YOU CANT SAY THAT. well I wonder what I would vote for?

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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