4 Countries In The Union & 2 Have Had A Vote


I would like a vote as to whether I desire to stay in the Union with Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland and Northern Ireland can consider themselves goners already-I do not see why English, Welsh and Scot Soldiers and armed Forces have to die for the Northern Irish right to wear Bowler hands and Fly Orange Flags.  A next generation of paramilitaries is always on the Horizon and the three sensible Countries should vote Northern Ireland OUT straight away for starters.

So we keep hearing about DEMOCRACY yet given that VOTING has only occurred in a couple of the 4 NATIONS clearly someone somewhere has a very differing idea as to democracy and the DEMOCRATIC PROCESS as that which is actually defined by International Experts on such matters.

Further to that is of course that we see the same old garbage in relation to Europe and European Union IN-OUT Votes-we have of course mostly inherited that which was signed up to and so on by previous generations-and these things in debating terms generally keep far to many peoples focus on the PAST.

So Now I do of course continue in seeking to improve my own understanding of various meditation rituals and technologies and so on-some I promote on my http://www.silvertoevelocity.com website and of course since the time that I originally created that site the World has moved on in many ways for many people.

Since that time I have of course created and began regularly writing on this blog and that in all honesty has been an experience of both highs and lows, ebbs and flows, in one sense I wanted to be quite bland boring and dull so that the bullies and nonsense generators and so on would fall away and I can probably say that has mostly happened.  Likewise I have reported on multiple technologies I have tested and tried and of course recommended some type of books that folks might want in the collection.

So as an example I have suggested a book or two on EFT or TAPPING technologies as the BODY MERIDIAN and PRESSURE POINT work does seemingly speed up healing progress and releasing and so on. A book or two on History and Writing and Questioning and so on.

So I might be again now considered to be further down the road and fully able to start thinking about developing my own technologies and so on and as an example I have recently given a quite light outline that absolutely anyone can use to seek to improve there own enlightenment and awakening process and so on. Whilst I suggested the appliance of gambling-overall the FRAME WORK was there to be applied to pretty much any aspect of life that you desire to change or however you want to look at things.

So is that a full circle?  well the big concern that I have is of course that many people have enlightenment type breakthroughs (even without MEDITATION (as I did)) and instead of being congratulated on there insight or development they get BRANDED in some undesirable fashion or other and of course-at least in my opinion-such branding assumes that you relate to these things-I know that I personally did not relate to things I was being branded as-so I went on to find a MEDITATION TECHNOLOGY that raised my THRESHOLD rapidly in such a manner that quite simply trouble makers are more likely to find themselves behind bars than being continued to be allowed to do that to other people.


Now I in a number of blog posts have said some quite OUTRAGEOUS things-though I do have an all-encompassing view-that as I have stated on multiple occasions MY READERSHIP ARE USING THE TECHNOLGIES THAT I PROMOTE & RECOMMEND and those TECHNOLOGIES will make all the difference in the WORLD to how you relate to WHAT IS WRITTEN and said here and so on and so forth.

So I was thinking that given that all language and all that we read is a SCRIPT of some fashion or some design-IS IT POSSIBLE THAT A SEEMINGLY OFFENSIVE SCRIPT appearing as some kind of BLOWOUT actually has that EFFECT within your own MIND/BODY/SPIRIT in the sense of clearing blockages and ENERGY HEALING and so on?

That is not of course an invite to be outrageously offensive to all and anyone as you go about your life though I do sometimes find that having WRITTEN such BLOWOUTS from time to time that bodily pressures and so on also dissipate with them.  Now other MEDITATORS or perhaps more experienced meditators will perhaps be in better position to VERIFY whether there is any truth to such things-though I do think that given the demand of many a role in life to SUPPRESS and BE POLITE and so on that many of us perhaps have built up pressure upon pressure to NOT BEHAVE IN PARTICULAR FASHION.

So whilst for myself the occasional BLOWOUT might be a form of ENERGY BLOCKAGE RELEASE-someone who is the OPPOSITE and ALWAYS BLOWING OUT might find that being MORE LOVING AND CARING could be there way of releasing such pressures.

Given the WHOLE COIN NATURE of many things we convince ourselves down the years this does make a kind of sense to myself-that is not to say that I will continue in my writing BLOWOUT type scripts as I do notice that most of the teachers I follow and recommend and so on are clearly masters in the sense of not seemingly having such thoughts and feelings and issues contained within there psyches.

We have of course heard of some Spiritual Masters that are questioned on the HOWS and WHY’S as to them not seemingly demonstrating or becoming ANGRY and so on and of course they could merely be lying or have simply gotten to stages where everything that is likely to TRIGGER or CAUSE such thoughts and feelings and so on has already been put through the SELF INQUIRY and RELEASING type actions by them.  For those of us who are still part of MAINSTREAM populations and working and living among others-the choices can still seem somewhat difficult to navigate.

The other issue that is interesting for myself is of course that when we become heated and in those kinds of mental zones or raised fight or flight and so on that we can actually have heightened abilities and sensory awareness’ and so on-an example was the other day when commenting on the Scotland wasted opportunity-I was quite descriptive where I have often claimed to be lacking in such abilities STRANGE?

So I might as a writer or commentator want to achieve that zone and descriptive abilities without wandering into the realms of RUDENESS AND ABUSIVENESS and so on-I will have to have a think as to how can I use or tap into the descriptive nature that we seemingly gain when in heightened sensory states without falling into the potential TRAP of alienating READERS and so on-yes I can say people read at there own risk and I do say use the technologies I promote-though I do not want to go down those routes unless I know they are part of some GRAND DESIGN of EFFECTIVE HEALING PROCESS or however-so as I say we all know that LAUGHTER can be a remedy and as I suggested I have on some occasion felt as though SPIRITUAL GNOTS were leaving my being or body when I MEDITATED upon what I had written.

I have an early work day today so perhaps more later-I was going to look at the MEL GIBSON ANGLE and ask whether he will be doing a follow up to BRAVEHEART-though having never watched or seen the film I cannot CRITIQUE it in any way-I just recall a lot of hoo-hah was raised as to reality-perhaps we are seeing a metaphorical repeat-he does of course since becoming a DIRECTOR actually choose some quite tough areas to create films about-perhaps his own ENLIGHTENMENT PROCESS of sorts given that we are all Saints and Sinners of ONE SORT OR ANOTHER.

Thank you for reading, God bless and Be Well 🙂

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