What Does That Custom Plate Say To You?

So like many a person in life-I did at one stage think that if I had the money I would buy that car and have a custom plate of some description on it-and of course when such things are buzzing around in your head you tend to pay more attention to such details as you go about your day to day life.

You might say that you see a car you quite like the idea of owning and then the vehicle is in your head and you see ten-a-penny of them as you go about your day-I for instance was thinking about this quite a lot recently and yesterday being case in point I setting out for my early Friday shift saw far more vehicles than I would perhaps see later on in the evening-I also for some strange reason found myself noticing AUDI’S they of the four ringed logo fame-not quite the Olympic logo though close enough to gain a reference comparison-further to that as the title suggests custom plates were all the rage at one time and I also managed a SULK-how so?  Well the most obvious that many a person fancies as custom plates are often related to initials and so on and I happened to see a plate that it would make sense for myself to own-and then the bomb-“I don’t want to be the white van” -I want to be the [INSERT SUPERCAR TITLE].

Yes so of course again when you think about it-we are just talking about a car number plate and it is not the end of the World to be the white van-in fact you could potentially buy the white van plate and stick it on your chosen supercar-and presto something befitting the image you have for yourself as opposed to the inconsiderate misrepresentation given by DVLA to “WHITE VAN MAN “.

Yes so WHITE VAN MAN has been a somewhat busy bee this week myself beginning to think that FORD or whoever produces them must be throwing them out at quite a rate perhaps just-in-time for our Car Tax Dodgers-Vans I assume will also be effected by the changes to the pay-and-display system.

So as you can see I have had motor vehicle affairs playing on my mind and Historically I have a related story-that again ties in somewhat with what I was writing yesterday-I once lived in a Flat at ST PETERS SQUARE and there is of course a quite popular parking spot along the Front of where I lived-in this particular story case a green vehicle(if memory serves) with partial plate IRA appeared out of the blue and was parked along that section-I myself thought WELL THAT IS TAKING THE PISS IN THE EXTREME-(of course IRA men are going to have IRA plates because it is hidden in plain view-or too outrageous to be true?) this of course was approximately 1996/7 and as a typical HEREFORD KNOW-IT-ALL I had figured or always questioned WHY HAS HEREFORD never seemingly been targeted-when the most obvious way for terrorists and so on (given the background story of LOCAL REGIMENTAL STORIES VERSUS TERRORISTS) to strike back at the regiment would surely be to take the fight to the opposition doorstep.

So car appears and then an occasion drinking buddy appears with his NEW Irish Girlfriend (Dave is going into WTF is going on MODE of course) and whilst I am sure completely innocent all these little things were going on to get the PARANOIC juices FLOWING-I should also state at this point that I have my own grudge against terrorists simply for the fact that they carried out THE INNESKILLEN BOMBING on my 16th BIRTHDAY-strange to comprehend for some perhaps-though one must remember that most of us want our Birthday’s to be Happy and Celebrated and so on and mine is of course that close to Remembrance Day anyway without some inconsiderate terrorists carrying out an infamous MASS MURDER.  Why?  Well “The Troubles” were always high on the Headlines anyway and it would be nice if Headlines on your birthday are not all NEGATIVITY and as I say I am STUCK BETWEEN BONFIRE NIGHT (CELEBRATION OF A FAILED TERRORIST ACT (and my deceased grandfather Bill’s birthday) and REMEMBRANCE DAY (Armistice Day) (11th NOVEMBER).

That is of course a POINT OF CONFUSION for some.  So Remembrance or Armistice Day is ALWAYS 11th November.

Remembrance Sunday is usually the NEAREST Sunday to that day hence the Inneskillen Tragedy falling on my birthday in 1987.

So I lived next to a LOCAL WAR MEMORIAL and that car with IRA plate was parked next to WAR MEMORIAL perhaps triggering myself non-consciously in some fashion into a heightened sense of feelings of FIGHT or FLIGHT and so on-and as I said I did have some level of Psychic Awareness or abilities though little Threshold.

So yes the outrageous LOUD and IN YOUR FACE take it to the enemy doorstep was for myself something that had never happened-or perhaps as I previously indicated-US Hereford Folks have a higher sense of security than is justified-or be thankful Dave is not a terrorist-or terrorists do not think like Dave.

The other REALITY that few of us like to face is of course that PROFESSIONALS  within the Security Realms and so on are often well aware of who each other is and so on-and whilst I am sure the men on the ground have a level of anonymity-when it comes to surveillance and so on-players are given nicknames and all the rest of it.

So what has that got to do with the TITLE-well as I have previously written I take a well known route to work and follow a similar path or ritual daily journey and because I am seeking to bring out and develop my DETAIL SKILLS I can mentally note and seek to recall information on a daily basis-so day one might have a list of characters and vehicles I encounter-day two is a comparison of the same/difference and so is day three so you become accustomed and acclimatised to what you expect and DIVERGENCIES can stand out like a sore thumb.

However having said that you do have to take into consideration SOCIETAL DIVERGENCIES.

So last night returning home from work was seemingly a night of Societal Wide DIVERGENCIES.  The Edgar Street Car Gang had seemingly dissipated early-vehicles parked in one spot on the way to work had relocated to other spots on the route-not all that strange because many a person likes to live close to work or business so you might expect such changes-also for a couple of days in a row I have become aware of STUDENTY types  who like to sit in FAERY RINGS whether on street pavement or grass drinking and putting the World to Rights.

That again is quite brief and my Friday Home is often different to the rest of the week anyway-Town seemingly having PEEKS and TROUGHS as to Pub and Club trade and business and we are seemingly in one of those zones where things are entering a BLOWOUT & HIVE socialise time.

I guess again it is just what is entering your own zone of awareness at any given and I thought yep Dave you need to pull your finger out and get some writing work done or put your other website together properly and so on-find your own focus or have it SEIZED by other parties who may not have your own best interests at HEART.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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