Is Their A Rational Behind The Inconsistency

What inconsistency are you talking about Dave?

So we have in recent months suddenly found ourselves involved with talk of major war operations within the middle east and  suppliers of huge quantities of Western oil supplies-so as per usual everyone goes into CONSPIRACY theories as to how much funding originated from Western Governments to these Islamic State Groups in the first place and are they really all part of the same cause? Or have various agencies and media simply created a GENERIC TITLE ISIL ISIS and so on.

This of course a well known debate in the sense that for many years when Russia was sitting duck in Afghanistan the American CIA were said to be funding the local Rebel groups-some of whom later went on to become part of Taliban or Al Queda and so on-depending on where the Pendulum was swinging in SPIN DOCTORING. Likewise such information became redundant when American Led NATO Forces became the sitting ducks for the militias-and most underlying news and film type stories have emphasized how there is little regard for MAP BOUNDARIES and BORDERS-so Pakistan for instance has long been said to have regions that are just as dangerous to Allied forces irrespective of who is in charge and who the Internationally recognised Government Is.

So many of these Countries still operate on tribal law and culture and how you acknowledge and respect these customs (according to anecdotal reports and media) can go along way as to how any outsider is treated.  So it cannot be said that someone is being beheaded just for being a Westerner or non-muslim and so on-especially given that we often take our cultural values and misplace them on other Cultures.  We have this issue time and again throughout History-Americans and Indians and Spanish/Portugese and South America and so on.

So the great inconsistency is that we are told and shown pictures of what appear to be militaristic militias although given that we are told they hold large tracts of land in some areas and local forces have failed to stem the tide of the growth of these so-called rebel forces where did they magically spring from?

Likewise the beheading aspect does not fit with the other militaristic aspect-yes they say all is fair in love and war though beheading is that one absolute TRIBAL KING MENTALITY-again repeated throughout HISTORY-whether it was VLAD The IMPALER (Not Putin) in areas of Transylvania and Romany type Countries of Eastern Europe or Cannibals on Islands in the Carribean the BEHEADING is a somewhat DO-OR-DIE ULTIMATE of TERRITORIAL PISSING-this is what will happen to you if you cross our borders and boundaries.

Likewise in Western Culture Beheading has been somewhat watered down as a subject matter through film such-as Conan The Barbarian and the famous spinning in the Air Shot and likewise Highlander where the Sword Wielding Victor gained ever greater powers from his/her decapitated FOE.

So tribally at least there is cultural instinct into the simple fact that removal of head from body results in death and unlike James Bond keeping the villain talking the ISIS FACTION behind the beheadings are seemingly already beyond NEGOTIATION.

You come here and we will behead you and continue to behead you until you stop coming here-so in the mind of those faction they are already a STATE and only manpower on the ground will do anything about them.  Lots of Politicking is playing for time when the DO-OR-DIE DECLARATION has ALREADY BEEN DECLARED.

So everyone is running from responsibility though the simple option is to tell folks you go to those places of your own free will and do not expect us to come rescue you because we were not voted into Government on being a war mongering savagery ticket-you get caught captured all however we are perfectly willing to send your family and crying wimpering do-gooders in to SAVE YOU and see how much there politicking works with ISIS and so on-we can explain things in a civilised fashion or let the facts unfold as what is going to happen unless you are prepared to see our troops fighting on the ground and in that scenario we will once again have folks coming home in body-bags and so on. Yes sounds simple though us Westerners do tend to like clearing out our old stockpile of weapons for the next generation type weapons-though at the end of the day when you do like for like comparison of anything from gun through to missile a speeding projectile does damage.  A Blunderbuss works as well as a Luger or Magnum.

Where did that rant come from-well I do tire of the squabble and fight and I would say that FREEDOM OF SPEECH is oft given to people who heavily abuse our leaders and politicians though would not stand up and be counted and so on when the opportunity presents itself.  Having said that sometimes you do stand up to be counted and are simply rejected by the present peoples and-or persons protecting a status quo of some description-that is what very much happened to myself in the earlier years of my employment-I applied for job after job and simply refused to be OVER ACCOMODATING to the then currently accepted practice or social mafia’s etc.


Well when we look at some of the Business Greats-they very often own this company or that company and they say I’m bored or I’ve got to much on my plate-anyone want to buy this particular business in my PORTFOLIO-What Happens?

Some one else comes along and has a look and thinks yes we can do something with that business we’ll pay you $$$$ for that-the Business Great now has an external evaluation of his Company and very often UPS the ANTI is that all?  I would not sell you my mother for such a pittance I WANT $$$$$.

So they get external valuation and then REINVEST in there OWN INTERNAL ESTIMATE of the value of the company and all this is very often Hyped up through Business and Finance Media.

So you might think that the same can be carried out by person to person relations to a certain extent-yes everyone has ideas of what is and what is not acceptable within there World and the price could be said to be what you are willing or not willing to invest or give up on.

And likewise you can set your own valuation in such a manner that all comers have to respect that valuation or do one-if you have an upwardly mobile mentality and explain that you also want that for others then perhaps more folks will buy into such IDEOLOGIES-The problem very often being that for some the PRICE is CONFUSED with WRONG DOCTRINE or EVALUATION without ever trying such modalities as the assisted meditation and so on. I have recommended products that come with a great level of service-I have also pointed out that you can try some technologies for free on Youtube-so where then does RESISTANCE OCCUR when people need or demand you to be other than who and how you are and so on.  I think that we all of us can overinvest in some doctrine and it is only when you gain greater shift or realization as to greater potential for change and life long thought or wish fulfilment that you can really set some empowering goals and so on.

As to the RANTLIKE NATURE above I think that I have been working some time on my other ideas website and that requires a certain level of mental friction to occur in the self inquiry and questioning as to what I actually want to present the site and so on-so I stretch myself mentally in thinking terms to get the creativity going and this blog posts highly confusing nature is a result of those activities-again as I will be returning to that creativity type thinking and action I will probably come across as some mad-eyed Ruhollah Khomeini though I do actually think that in many ways the Muslim model as painted by our Western press is somewhat biased when you look at the day-to-day lives of ORDINARY PEOPLE LIVING ORDINARY LIVES.

Who knows when I’ll be back’ Hasta La Vista Davey

Thank you for reading, God Bless and be Well 🙂

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