How Can I Take A Now Unavailable Course And Teach The Materials To Others

This of course a familiar dilemma for many people in many walks of life-we have over the generations complained of how old school teaching methods have been done away with in favour of watered down schooling standards and so on and in truth the reason that I ask this question is because I found myself reviewing the Centerpointe LPIP courses that I was fortunate to have been able to take and of course the teachings and learnings and so on are as valid today as they were when originally written.

So what were the basics of the LPIP course and why did I choose to return to those particular teachings-well I think that up to the present time that one course was the one that gave myself the most initial breakthroughs-although I have of course also done many LS courses since that time they are all perhaps bringing myself to this point of a Ray Kurzweil type singularity.

So what were the features of the LPIP courses-the first was the concept and idea of a Map of Reality Expander and the second was the Accelerated Change Maximizer and the third was the Success Solution.

Having carried out my review I can see that I still have a great deal to learn in relation to those courses-having said that I was perhaps looking for triggers as to what caught the most attention for myself during this current review.

The answer to that question was predominantly related to SCRIPTS and TRANSACTIONAL ANALYSYS and was mostly centred around the teachings and doctrine of the third of the three courses-the referenced writers that Bill Harris had used were Claude Steiner and Eric Berne and Tad James and of course I will be looking at some of there particular work to see how they’re work in combination with Holosync seemingly managed to raise my Threshold and suck so much junk from my system-I think I must be once again reaching some chaos point of some description hence the review and as I said previously mad mullah type outrageous and rant like claims and so on.

So I could be quite wrong though it did seem to myself that those were the PSYCHOLOGICAL BASIS upon which my many lifetimes worth of TRAUMA and STORY were reduced to something a little more life enhancing and empowering and so on.

So the SCRIPTS that we all have can be questioned over and over again as to VALIDITY and reality-I said previously how I felt somewhat over FEARFUL over protection of historical injury and so on-though likewise I can well imagine that some people in some professions actually need and require the SENSORY ABILITES and might be concerned that they could lose them-the only way you can know that is to try such technologies for yourself-my own demeanor and so on and sensory thoughts and feelings are mostly vastly improved and seemingly I have greater CLARITY so in multiple ways the actual SENSES that anyone wants to ENHANCE are still there though without past or historical mental fog and so on.  The idea of being NOW and retuning with courses such-as 4 Seasons is to ACTIVELY bring you into a place of the present moment for action rather than a potentially miscalculated historical habit.

For watchers of THE MATRIX or ALICE IN WONDERLAND you might say these things are always in the realms of DREAMLAND though if you persevere with QUESTIONS and how you can stay focussed and so on all the better.

I have been as I say seeking to develop creativity skills and of course many such things are related to SCRIPT.  Am I saying I can’t draw because that was my childhood mantra? I am saying I cannot drum a tune on the desk with my hands because I failed to understand musical notation and so on.  So the ARTS are of course wide and varied and we can seek to utilise them in any fashion we choose though if like myself-you perhaps keep running into RESISTANCE REASONING as to progress.

So the compartmentalization for instance does not seemingly work particularly well and always leads to trying to CONTROL EXTERNAL WHAT IS, when we let go of the idea of controlling the EXTERNAL and INSTEAD CHOOSE TO CONTROL OUR INTERNAL CHOICE that is where our own growth and POSSIBILTIES come through in how we go about adapting and overcoming circumstances simply through having FLEXIBILTY in OPTIONS & CHOICES.

The other aspect related to such courses is this one where by it can be initially at least difficult to escape GRAVITY of particular INFLUENCES and THINKING PATTERNS and that is where I know I have faltered to a certain degree-far to easy having grown up watching James Bond to imagine yourself in such a Role though when we look more closely at actor SEAN CONNERY for instance-he would NOW seemingly be the IDEAL actor to Portray the Ayatollah Khomeini-he of course often critiqued on how he is able to bring his Scottishness to any role from Robin Hood and whoever else he has portrayed down the years.

Yes the patterns and roles we take on are sometimes seemingly inescapable though they can when questioned and put through all the assorted PROCESSES that we NOW have at our disposal be reinterpreted in such a way as to CHANGE to the newer best practice that is RELEVANT TODAY.

My problem is of course that in many ways as I have said I turned off the TV RADIO and so on in a somewhat ABSOLUTIST FASCIST FASHION and have been seeking to do more of my own thing-that is great though I clearly have responsibilities that still need accommodating and OUTRIGHT REJECTION of ALL inputs and influences has perhaps in some ways delayed my own progress in the CREATIVITY DEVELOPMENT.


Well how can I know what is current when I have rejected all that is current-so a double bind seemingly exists-though I really do not want to return to how things were previously-some of the actions required for success are not very enticing either-so that is why I like MEDITATION though as is often repeated I am not a GURU who has people constantly coming and seeking answers and supplying food and money to live on and so on-the downside being that as soon as you go down that celebrity route you are from a people perspective perhaps inviting criticism and negativity and all the rest of it-so suffering either way is seemingly inevitable unless a way can be found to earn and eat and live comfortably and healthily without the other coinside-IS THERE ANY MODEL THAT HAS NO SIDE-or is that calling upon an impossibility within todays present understanding of evolutionary growth and so on-another debate to be had in this game of opposites polarities and so on-so much to do and a blank sheet is of course a blank sheet until you yourself put something on it.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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