Was Ian Paisley Poisoned With Salmonella

So I once saw a quote that upon attending a meal with another Irish Government Minister-that Ian Paisley requested BOILED EGGS on the grounds that it would be difficult for them to be poisoned-something along those lines and I was thinking that such a statement does little to stand up to scrutiny-we have of course over the years heard how shopping store foods have been poisoned through injection of chemicals via needle and eggs would surely fall pray to a similar tactic-though of course given that many a person likes a runny centre within boiled eggs-at what point does SALMONELLA occur?

Yes do not quote myself though I do think that when you look up the details of such bacteria you find that many of them have an inbuilt hereditary type nature to them and that is perhaps why in relation to EBOLA for instance traditional methods of destroying all and any village and inhabitants and so on has worked within Africa for so many years.  Again you might say it is a bit like the no nonsense declaration given by the ISIS Beheaders in the sense that given the unknown  nature of disease and so on-the best remedy can be to take the path of least resistance-irrespective of Public Opinion-I am surprised that we are not already calling for Africa to be Nuked in order to halt the spread of that particular bug-though we do of course have that option available and if it has already spread widely to other continents then I have zero objection to the nuclear option being used-that is a bipartisan view rather than singling out any given nation or continent as a pariah.

Where else-well I did find myself thinking once again on this issue of Singularity of ideas and CROSS-POLLINATION and so on-and again when you study enough you do find that repetition of mental pathways and patterns occur-hence folks can pattern match this blog article with other older written blog articles and you come to see that whilst I might be writing differing articles on differing subjects that very often we FIND A THEME or OVERLAY or something else that seemingly UNDERPINS or all where  all POINTS INTERSECT like the CENTRE OF A SPIDERS WEB or indeed where EVERYTHING HINGES upon like a DOOR though of course many a MODALITY encourages the rethinking of DOORS-we do of course have obvious ways in which doors can re rethought of and in some fashion that occurred in the realm of PIXAR makers of the TOY STORY and MONSTERS INC.-a film that used doors as GATEWAYS into parallel realms.

I was actually recently in my own struggling creatively manner trying to come up with getting drawing ideas and so on going and I did read a book called Creativity Inc about the guy who created PIXAR and also what is known as the Z Buffer mathematics and that was developed to carry out mathematical calculations (In Computer Graphic technologies) and this was going back to his own school days when he DREAMED of ANIMATION with COMPUTERS working for Disney.

I should probably not admit to such things though whilst I say I have never been into drawing I did go through a phase where getting books from a local library I got myself one that was related to one of the Major Cartoon Animation Studio’s-I cannot recall which one it was either Warner Bros or Hanna Barbara and it was because back in the teenage years when I was all into computers I was very interested in seeking to be able to draw cartoon like characters and so on and that particular book included the KNOW HOW teaching that I was going to use-though again many of these planned actions fell by the wayside-by that I mean that it can come down to MASTER MIND groups or ALLOWING or ENABLING peoples to be good at there own particular SPECIALIZATION.  I new folks who could do music and programming and so on and was seeking to find a way to get in on some of those things-unfortunately a certain amount of RELYING on others is required and the other folks involved were not particularly motivated or HELPFUL.  We often hear those kinds of tales from many a person who was in a BAND and the band falls apart simply because of Other things getting in the way or CREATIVE DIFFERENCES and so on.  So in some ways I have good all round knowledge and really am a Jack or all trades in being able to work at a basic level across multiple areas-the downside of course being that those with a CONCENTRATED field of endeavour are often more successful or more resourceful in having made LIFE PROGRESS-so you could say I was always “looking or seeking” and that is not necessary good or bad though not particularly useful as a lifelong PROJECT.

So you might say that my failure to further develop the http://www.silvertoevelocity.com website is an example whereby it was more a simple demonstration of something STARING YOU IN THE FACE that many a person is BLIND TO or believes is beyond there ability to comprehend or HARNESS-though surely by NOW everyone who has encountered some of my writings over the last few years cannot deny that the technological recommendations can make SIGNIFICANT CHANGES.

Likewise another idea that I can return to from recently that combines well with something written back in April is of course this idea of the Human Gyroscope whereby I previously suggested that you could consider yourself as being like an Astronaut at the bottom of the deep blue sea and in that sense all is CONNECTED.  Likewise the Spiritual Codes course perhaps enables you to have greater control over that in the sense of being able to control your own VIBRATIONAL FIELD.  I am glad that I used Holosync before these other courses though I do think that they are geared in such fashion that the ORDER OF USAGE becomes IRRELEVANT-by that I mean that you will likely decide for yourselves as to what tools and utilities and abilities you personally think as being of a worthwhile nature and likewise those that you think-nah not keen on that one-I have as you all know pretty much had a go at courses from across a FULL SPECTRUM of AREAS that can in THEORY at least BE INTEGRATED into such a fashion that you consciously or indeed non consciously simply use them almost on an as needs basis AUTOPILOT-so whilst criticism is sometimes made of some AUTOPILOT-I think that is more about RECLAIMING AUTOPILOT to SERVE in an empowering fashion when all to often as has been a certain amount of my own STORY and SCRIPT-the AUTOPILOT was set for CRASH & BURN-FLAME THE LAME-all well and good although not so good when you non-conscious responds through seeking to wipe out its own existence.  Not sure on how that works grammatically?

I think the mis-communication between brain hemispheres combined with differing knowledge type circuits (to use computing terms)within the hemispheres can lead to the PROOF OF DEATH HYPOTHESIS-whereby many a modality tries or seeks to awaken folks-the downside that we resist.  So for instance HOW CAN YOU PROVE THAT YOU CAN DO THIS THAT OR THE OTHER suggestion-when the hemispheres are trying to prove to each other that the other hemisphere is wrong or incorrect in some fashion-you might say that it is a matter of NEVER THE TWAIN though I think that given the teachings and learnings that I have put myself through and of course the level of trust that I have had to place in some of the teachers and masters that you can get to a place or point where whatever your ENDEVOUR it is running smoothly or with enough equilibrium to enable further growth and so on.

What else well the goldfish bowl syndrome of course can be applied to what I said above-and that might also relate to how we look through looking glass (Sherlock) not Alice and so on-so distortion and magic by misdirection happens to us all on a daily basis and that is perhaps one of those secrets of the NINJA.

I recall once being in a club for a quiet drink when a mate at that time decided to chat up some guys girlfriend.  We were a drinking group of three they were a group of 10 and as soon as we stepped foot outside the club KABOOM.  I remember that I was wearing a cumbersome heavy coat that perhaps cushioned my fall.  I was seized from behind by one individual and then punched directly from the front by another all shots to the HEAD and I was out for the COUNT quite rapidly whilst still standing-waking up in hospital-even though it was supposed to have been a quiet night out. So Friends like that who needs enemies-the bouncers who did not join in (such are the legalities)  were kind enough to have called ambulance/possibly police (not sure obviously) although all the gang   had dispersed into the night quite rapidly afterwards-all so I was told.

So quite simply people say why are you a loner and so on and quite simply the History of my life in any kind of gang or culture has generally ended in disasters of some description-yes I’ll be mates with folks and drink and chat with folks though getting drags into nonsenses where I did not see something coming really is not where I want to be at-at this time of life.  That perhaps possibly where my Ninja like fade into the background like a wallflower at a party comes from-people who want to be seen and heard and noticed draw attention-likewise said attention can be manipulated in such fashion that you never can truly know who is in control of the EXTERNALS.

So for instance the fear trigger from one person can set of a fear trigger around a group-likewise FAILURE to feel fear can cause the same-so I go about alone and someone who could kill be with there bare fists comes along and instead of doing that is perhaps wondering where the support or who has got this guys back is at.  That is perhaps one of those MARTIAL ART secrets that we saw from luminaries such as Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan and that guy from Kung Fu-David Caradine.  They were so in control that they were said to GLOW.

So some of that perhaps psychology-whereby if you are not triggering others then you can pass less noticed by folks whose business it is to be noticing-or otherwise.  I think the clearing out of many n undesirable script or influence can pay DIVIENDS when you APPLY yourself with dedication and determination to actually SURVIVE and USE the teachings and LEARNINGS in as best a way as possible.

Thank you for Reading, God Bless and be Well 🙂

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