Dear Dave

Dear Dave

Any more of your lip and you might just find yourself becoming acquainted with some size twelve concrete boots.


Hi Mongo

That’s all well and good but I am a size ten and this is not Italy or downtown New York at the height of prohibition.

So you might wonder what I am speaking on and of course I simply take whatever comes to mind at any given time of year-at present part of my route to work involves the crossing of the Edgar Street Car Park and in SPIRITUAL & BUSINESS TERMS much learning can occur when you pay attention to Lorry Parks and so on.  I see that much has been spoken on immigration in relation to Calais-though my own THEORY is that in general you can get an idea of HAULAGE PATTERNS and gain great insight into where the deliveries are happening and so on and so forth.

So concrete mixers at Edgar street and I am thinking concrete boots and “she’s buried under the patio” type thoughts-there is of course the continuing search for a missing youngster-and we have multiple cases over the years of bodies and remains and so on being discovered within freshly set concrete and so on-Fred West perhaps the most recent and infamous.  Elsewhere on my route there are of course some concrete type stone bollards and I happened to have noticed that someone has perhaps shifted them or carried out a drunken test of strength perhaps-the stones happen to have ring hooks in them so may once possibly have been crane hooks or weights that they used to swing into  those larger building when knocking them down.

The other thinking was related to that was of ANCHORS-prior to the now common theme we have of metal anchors and possibly still used by some folks in some areas of the world is this idea that you can fill a net with stones and use that as an ANCHOR-I am not sure on all the water related drag and how much is actually required though am sure that these things have probably been found to be dependent on depth and current and so on.

That of course a quick and easy “MAKESHIFT” way of serving a purpose.  So Mafia famously suggest the usage of concrete boots and as I say the building and construction industry is perhaps having an up rise in business or coming to the fore so to speak in planning and application and so on.  I would probably know more if I was reading the appropriate business press and more knowledgeable etc-of course with construction comes all the associated large construction business’ The McAlpine type firms and JCB who make many an assorted vehicle “tool” for large sites-diggers and all the rest of it.

Another angle of course might be that of archaeological and I have of course on numerous occasion especially for those interested in GOLF suggested Ian Morris as a possible writer of choice-Why The West Rules For Now-War, What Is It Good For and so on-I have as I said previously found his books to have been in my on experience highly compatible with Holosync and the Latter of those two was far more noticeable in effect than the first-that having been earlier perhaps in my Holosync usage and I as reading all that group of authors anyway-the Jared Diamond type peoples.

So your advancement possibly dictates your experience and although not mentioned I did buy into his inbetweener books also-and that was more related to the statistical data analysis-so he released a book and then a book of the support data and then a further book that was along similar lines and as I say thoroughly good reads to anyone who has not read them and is interested in History and Economics and as I say I cannot prove the shift I had-though know that one most definitely occurred and was something of a shocker as it was totally unexpected.

So you might say that you find something that gives yourself a shift and decide yep that’s obviously what I want or need or like and you continue with it or run with it and so on.  Likewise of course I am reminded that one or two teachers criticise pupils for lack of LOYALTY or being like “kids in a candy store” though I have my suspicion that given my own usage of multiple courses-how can you not be like a kid in a candy store?

Having said that of course I did at one time run a shop named “The Candy Stop” at Butlins in Minehead and was highly successful in that role-the worst criminality was of course parents bringing kids in and then leaving them to shoplift as though the staff were going to allow that-I had good profits and was asked to continue working for the firm-though circumstance were not to my own satisfaction at that time-I do sometimes wonder what might have been had I stayed on working for them-though of course having grown up with grandparents running a similar type shop and garage I was perhaps more natural in a shop kind of environment-although I have worked in multiple environments since that time.

So what else?  Well I see that Liverpool had a somewhat great escape in the League Cup perhaps one of the few “BIG” clubs that still takes interest in the HOME NATION competitions and of course I had mentioned the NAME PAISLEY and Liverpool did have a great MANAGER of that same name so getting all these inter-related snippets and going lateral and so on can make all the difference in the World when you continue to pay attention and focus and so on.

I early mentioned a jack Nicholson Movie reference of course though again that was something of a horror story and again had a very famous door and axe sequence-so we all of us have lifetimes worth of these kinds of references that even if not directly applicable to our own life in the so-called NOW-ZONE could well be applicable to someone in our circle or life or MASTERMIND GROUP.

So choice is choice and I prefer to seek to enhance ideas and teachings and Soul development where possible for all-rather than being one-dimensional I seek to look for new angles and perspectives and break through where DEVILS FEAR TO TREAD.

yes always more to say and say it someone somewhere always will though of course I am still trying to get my own process idea together and it simply seems like a FOCAL BOTTLENECK for myself-perhaps putting to much INVESTITURE in the fact that I having invested in an idea have turned it into work and work of course can have many a NEGATIVE CONNOTATION for many people-clearly myself included.  So what I perhaps need to do is reacquaint my IDEA with the idea of it being something that I love and can invest time and effort in and so on-the flogging the dead horse feelings can perhaps be at there height just prior to getting that CLICK where something shifts and you begin to flow in the creativity of something creating itself-these things often regarded as this idea that SPIRITUALITY or THE WORD OF GOD or HOWEVER COMES THROUGH YOU and that is perhaps differing to many an interpretation of this ALL POWERFUL ENTITY LOOKING DOWN FROM THE SKY.

All though when you think about it of course these are things that fom an imagination POINT OF VIEW we all of us can do-you can visualise yourself up in space looking down upon the peaceful blue oceans of your homeworld below and use such thinking of course to relax yourself and so on-so such things are practice and PERSONAL VISUALIZATION PRACTICE and ART and CREATIVITY is a HIGHLY DIFFERING methodology to that of sitting like a couch potato and watching TV and so on.

Likewise it is easy to imagine that some folks think that my recommendations are CHEATING to gain this ability of that ability-I disagree-you are using tools and techniques to perhaps ACCELERATE or ENHANCE abilities that anyone can develop.

and concepts such-as cheating are of course themselves-DEBATABLE.

My saying you can have a fearless nature or presence does not for instance mean that you could still not be hammered on a night out or however one wishes t describe such events-so yes improve your MENTAL ABILITES though do remember that if you want the abilities for FITNESS and SO ON then you’ve still got to do the actual PHYSICAL SIDE such-as your gym work and swimming and martial arts and cycling and so on.  Yes you can probably think yourself slim and fit and much of that can work-I know because I had that mentality in my younger years-though likewise I also know that CONGRUENCE of BODY IN ACTION can also be of value-that is perhaps why were you to do a course such-as paraliminal walkabout you need to be doing such activities when listening.

That should be plenty for most folks to be getting on with me thinks.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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