As the Chill Of the Autumn Wind

As the chill of the autumn wind circulated through the early morning streets of Hereford an eerily strange silence gripped the dim lit roads and a tension filled the air that was palpable in each footstep that our author had taken.

The occasional traffic and early morning encounters with people toing and froing  was seemingly noticed by its absence-something big was stirring and people would soon be waking to news of David Cameron’s speech and efforts at the United Nations assembly to GALVANIZE opinion towards meeting the threat posed by ISIL in support of British Interests throughout the World.

yes that is what happens when you try to be over lyrical and thought through though of course as a somewhat non-literary soul I have to really think to put such wordings together whilst these words and sentences are flowing without a pause-obviously the thought that many an author puts into there work perhaps justifies the cost and popularity of they’re efforts and rewards.

The most interesting thing was perhaps the side meeting held with Iran though that may not go down well with many other members of the United Nations you do need all Country’s to form some agreement and consensus-all well and good saying we’ll bomb here there and everywhere though it must be remembered that far to often these villainous groups simply melt away into neighbouring Countries-as was suggested by my recent article speaking on the issue of Pakistan.  So if Iran has a secure border and allows or gives access routes to allow or enable the shoring up of defences all the better-the other issue is of course that these things can be done with or without there support-as Israel have continuously demonstrated in bombing Iranian Nuclear facilities.

That is of course another somewhat strange PUZZLE in the sense that ISIS could be Israel’s greatest friend-HOW SO?  Well despite all the Jihadist talk from these groups they have been somewhat quiet on the issue of Israel-to my own knowledge at least.  So all these Countries that have long standing disputes and unhappiness relating to Israel are seemingly joining the effort against ISIS and yet Israel could seemingly in many ways sit back and cross it arms and be an outright spectator.

Perhaps when future historians look back on this time period they will be regarded as ARAB WARS relating to land and so on as opposed to Historical claims of these things being about Religion-we who have studied such matters know that Israel and the Jewish faith and indeed neighbours talking of the prophet Mohammed have the same route source and share many OLD TESTAMENT (think first 5 books) scriptures and so on.

We in the West of course seemingly find obsession with 2nd Testament Doctrine and The so-called Gospels of Matthew Mark Luke and John-my own view given what I know and haves studied is that you could join all these types of things up together in any fashion you wish so for instance I have done multiple courses with LS and I could take that teaching and then cross pollinate. That again can be done completely at random depending on your own particular course knowledge.

The real issue is perhaps that all these writers and teachers in reality might be regarded as all having gotten to a point whereby they are writing THERE OWN THIRD TESTAMENT.

So this blog could be the third testament for myself.

Yes sounds great what can I call the Books of David’s Third Testament-or you can just write nonsense that someone somewhere can latch onto and give meaning within the realms of they’re own knowledge set

Feng Shui Lavender Mach 2 bearing 724

Spring Forest Peach Mach 1 bearing 650

Genius Code Orange Mach 4 bearing 931

and so on and so forth-absolutely meaning less though I would of course have to look up the courses and wonder what the triggers for myself may have been in coming up with those names or details and so on.

That is of course as anyone who has studied cyphers and codes knows one of the main themes and issues in that traditionally at least you have to have a shared knowledge of the KEY to any given cypher in order to decrypt-however I have found as I keep on repeating that many of the MEDITATIONS can take care of these matters for you in the sense that anyone and everyone can get to a level whereby they are creating and developing they’re knowledge and dataset and so on with little need for trying to TYPECAST or FIT data to an ASSUMED COMMON KNOWLEDGE-so allies needs common data set and so on to be able to communicate-though likewise you also need shared sets of codes-if everyone is operating from a place of enlightenment whereby they pick and choose the information that they feel APPLICABLE to themselves then all interpretative requirements can take care of itself to a certain degree.

Yes it really was quite quiet on the walk home this morning I almost expected some magical big yellow taxi to pull up driven by three witches with one shared eye and the fresh prince sat in the back commenting on the dice in the mirror and then remembered tv series Taxi with Danni DeVito as the evil little boss man running the garage and so on so references really can go in to many directions and we always choose our own.  Interestingly is of course that some American car Manufacturers tend to give cars names according to Indian tribes I was think about this of course because we heard of Tomhawk missiles being used and during WWII indian tribespeople were used as code communicators because people such-as the Japanese were unable to translate the dialects and so on.

My favourite films were strangely enough some of the more weirder ones-I spoke of New York of course and that was sang by Frank Sinatra and his daughter sang these boots are made for walking though that is a digression-yes Frank Sinatra starred in Von Ryans Express and Cannon ball run II to name a couple of films though when you look at the life and times of his collection you could probably base an entire coding system on Frank Sinatra were you of that mindset.

Yes its is easy to simply run with tunes and music knowledge from your own life and times in many a circumstance-the downside of course that most modern music is forgettable and the last 10 years does not have any really standout head and shoulders above the rest types of Singers and personalities.

Where else-well I am just writing any old junk that comes to mind at present though a thought did occur to myself in relation to the A team and George Peppard who played Hannibal not Lectur Clarice-no Hannibal of I Love it when a plan comes together type quotes-yes the opening sequence of that show is so memorable that I guess that is what a hook is.


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