With A Rebel Yell She Cried More More More

So the popular lyric of a Billy Idol Song pops up and as is always the case I write about it-I have little idea as to why though I did of course following my bleary eyed post this morning decide to remind myself of the A-Team opening sequence and as expected it seemed like it was just yesterday that I was a regular viewer-In 1972 A crack Commando Unit was sent to a Maximum Security Stockade For a crime they did not commit-they promptly escaped to the Los Angeles underground-yada-yada-yada.

So that was the background story of a US Special Forces Unit from the Vietnam Era though again it can be noted that it was in fact based around a group of four much like the 4 Gospels that I mentioned earlier-and many a multiple choice question sheet of course asking for option answer A answer B answer C answer D-yes you can get more than the standard four though I do think that these things are perhaps in place for a reason of some description or at least it is an easy learning process when you think you can have a four within a four within a four within a four within a four-that of course returning once again to the idea of the FRACTAL type mathematics-whereby no matter where you go  within your zoom the mathematic will lead to a similar story or SCRIPT assuming any given group of peoples have been taught along the same thinking patterns and so on etc.

That same rational can also be applied when we look at many a LA-DI-DA MODALITY.  So a standard DECK of 52 playing cards has Four Suites and Likewise most TAROT decks whilst consisting of 78 Cards usually follow  the same Four Suites System-I have the odd one or two decks that break from such systems and whilst well thought out-I think you get to a point whereby such a system or methodology can become UNWIELDLY or out-of-hand.  That might be laughable to some folks though I think in ACCELERATION terms and so on that is where the most sensible LOGIC Happens.  When we look at PATTERNS we do not think UNLIKE THE MONTHS of the YEAR that a MISSING SEASON EXISTS-although it can clearly be pointed out that you can go to either Pole and only find one SEASON WINTER-or go to the EQUATOR and only find One Season-Summer.

So that is of course where we come up with other methodologies-we learn four seasons and then discover well actually this LONGITUDE and LATITUDE does not meet the given Standard MODEL.  I have of course seen many methodologies over the years that seek to compensate for these kinds of things-many very well though out-you could perhaps think of the Earth whilst being a Globe as having a CUBOID BOX around it-so that box enables you to work in a differing Mathematical System-whereby much like our water displacement when we get into a bath-it is often easier for many people to CALCULATE Depth Width Height of the CUBE Mathematics and then ask further mathematical type questions as to whether we can calculate Displacement of SPACE.  I am unsure how Geologists come up with EARTH WEIGHT Estimates though again these things perhaps come down to estimations as to the makeup of differing substances.  We do of course know that in reality everything has a Vibrational Frequency at Sub-atomic levels and so on and know matter how deep we think we have gone a next generation model comes along that gives further insight into what was previously only speculated upon.  Much like we had telescopes Magnifying glass then Microscopes and then we moved further into the Frequency Of All Things Systems-Magnetic Resonance Imaging and so on being a case in point-you perhaps get given some radio active isotope of some description and these scanners can trace the movement of said isotopes throughout your body and so on.  Likewise we know from our assorted courses that many a kind of information can be chunked up or chunked down and used accordingly in that fashion.

An interesting area for myself of course is that we often think of Hospital Heart monitors as showing that drum like sign wave pulse and I was thinking well actually a sign wave is not going to work in only 2 dimensional space either-and when you go to the laboratories and son on you do find that these things are often broken down into the Engineering CAD like system that I spoke of previously-whereby you have your top-down, your side view, your sliced view and perhaps a composite WHOLE.  And these things can again be considered to happen with EACH and EVERY FREQUENCY that we run through-whether that is down through the SONIC SPECTRUM or LIGHT SPECTRUM and so on-so you could actually consider yourself to be a COMPOSITE OF A COMBINATION of ALL FREQUENCIES and KNOWN SPECTRUMS and likewise in theory at least we can seemingly separate out all these things until you go into the realms of SCIENCE FICTION type devices such-as TRANSPORTERS and DR WHO like REGENERATIONS.

At some point all these things must surely have an ULTIMATE separating out-there has to be in most of our minds a nothing for us to be something-the polarities and yin-yang aspect coming once again to the fore.  Though it has been suggested that this is the reason why most ENLIGHTENMENT TEACHING leads to the BELIEF THAT THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE ALL CONNECTED STUFF of some description that is EVERYTHING-we not knowing that we are simply this stuff-go into the speculation of God not knowing they are God-I think Dr Who did something along these Lines when they did the Professor YANA story line of The Master not knowing who he was until he opened his pocket watch-YANA also of course a cryptic YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

So what has that got to do with anything-well we capture PATTERN after PATTERN and TRAUMA after TRAUMA and MAP after MAP and some folks have worked out methodologies as to how we can separate these differing IDEAS out into BEST PRACTICE USAGE and so on.

By that I mean that we can all to often think of time as only ever being concurrent with the standard watch one second at a time-though in reality of course these are MEASUREMENTS that we use to create patterns rather understand that really all these things have been INVENTED and that they do not really exist because we already are this whole going on of it all going know where and not doing anything and so on (Yes that review of the LPIP course has seemingly stuck more than expected)-these types of comments were what much of those courses were about.

So we then come to the CONCEPT of PAST PRESENT FUTURE and we say well if I am all of the patterns and maps and so on already-because of the oneness of all things then surely all these things can be demonstrably brought to the moment-by-moment space and we will call that space a label or place called NOW.  So we can separate out into so many differing ideas of dimensions of time and space though really it could be said that none of those things are real beyond IDEAS that we have given value to in some fashion or other.

I am debating with myself of course in writing these things down perhaps repetition is what works best and seeing this and reminding myself how comparable that is with teachings and learnings that I have learnt elsewhere-USE THE FORCE LUKE-YOUR THOUGHTS BETRAY YOU-SISTER-YOU CANNA CHANGE THE LAWS OF PHYSICS.

Yes we are full of scripts and dialogues and most are harmless though clearly others are not without issue-or at least not without issue until we ourselves come to a point of understanding that our reasoning is often flawed through inaccuracies as to understanding of what the designers and creators and so on intended in coming up with such teachings and SYSTEMS.

I used to think or visualize this idea of some grand at the end of time and space-cross like shaped tele-porter that worked in a Quantum Leap type fashion-interestingly for myself it has been a thought that has reappeared in recent years since taking up meditation-I think it was something I had in early childhood with the idea of a computer or parallel type World or realm that sent myself or other peoples into differing eras and all the rest of it.  Probably inspired by shows such as Sapphire and Steel http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sapphire_%26_Steel

So again these things have been done so many times before though of course it does seem that little can be conceived that cannot be demonstrated in some way or fashion to potentially have already been though of elsewhere-those successful of course the ones that PURSUE and DEVELOP IDEAS to a PONT OF FRUITION of some description.

The UNRAVELLING has of course been where a huge chunk of my own SYSTEM and THINKING has been at in the sense that I wanted to bring myself to a point of HEALTH and WHILST the WEALTH part has not been forthcoming I perhaps have to once again plunge into the EXAMINATION OF HYPOTHESIS of thought.

The other issue was of course how can you be transported via some encaged module or with some push button device when you are already (In Theory) EVERYWHERE that you could be do or go-the practical applications are of course overwhelming to try and comprehend perhaps why so many teachers focus on saying give your self a reframe though please understand that whatever your reframe it cannot possibly be aware of all data at all points that your bodily system and so on is aware of-the conscious versus the non-conscious issue of course-HOW CAN I OPEN UP THE CONSCIOUS WINDOW? and who came up with the claim that you could not be aware of all things at all times consciously?

That is again a yin yang argument is it not?

What model or point of reference enables CONSCIOUSNESS TO BE ALIVE AND AWARE OF ITSELF?

Yes some spiritual related questions to think and dwell on and meditate on hmmmn

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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