The Ranger Isn’t Going To Like This Yogi

So I spoke on how I had during my younger years gone to a local library and pulled out a book or two on animation from one or two of the GREATS of Animation Studios-and further to that I had perhaps previously said how I was not from a background that grew up with DISNEY in the sense that I was not from a family that rushed to see all the latest new releases and so on-although the earliest films I perhaps recall seeing was The Jungle Book-it has been of course something I have made of for in more recent years in the sense of indulging myself via the indulgence of daughter-though one film that she has never wanted or requested is The Jungle Book-BOO HISS says I.

So anyway I decided that as I had recently spoken on the subject of animation and of that chap from Pixar that I would reacquaint myself with some of those sorts of books and materials-standard ART and PAINTING and so on has never held much appeal though ANIMATION does-my guess is that it is just a matter of FORM-in the sense that you could take DEADLY SERIOUS WORK and give it a DISNEY coating and so on-each studio generally building up its own style and reputation and NICHE etc.

So I liked Pixar Toy Story and absolutely Loved Toy Story 2 and then Toy Story 3 came out and uh-urggg-for myself the film was a major FLOP and one does of course have to question why-I think that ANIMATION WISE the failure was that it was TOO PERFECT.

Sounds strange perhaps to some though that was the overall feeling that I had from the film you seemingly becoming so ENCHANTED by the perfect animation and so on that everything else seemingly was lost-that can perhaps be an issue for animation story tellers and so on and I think they themselves admit to such problems.

However returning to the Historical Lecture type materials I spoke on this idea of sampling and how 100% sound-wise was generally regarded as ANALOGUE and HOW DIGITAL was regarded as a SAMPLE of intermittent slices and of course in the realms of VISION and ANIMATION the same PRINCIPLE is APPLIED.

So where standard TV at one time may have run at 24fps (Frames Per Second) an animated cartoon could get away with 12 fps and that of course is again like a sample.  However this takes us back into this other IDEA that has been proffered by many a GURU such-as Howard Gardner and many Hypnotist type NLP persons of the REFRAME and this IDEA that you can take any scenario and place yourself within it or likewise take any scenario and remove yourself from it-the idea being that you can associate with good thoughts feelings and memories and dissociate from painful thoughts feelings and memories-and yes these things can and do work-though as I have suggested my own experience is that you really are better of going down the meditation route prior to the NLP type MODELLING MODALITIES.

Now the REFRAME is CLEARLY a classic well used and known methodology-however in the realms of ANIMATION the question was perhaps asked as to CONNECTIVITY between shots-so how do you go from Jerky 12 fps to a smooth 12 fps and one of the terms that they use is the IDEA of a GESTURE and I thought AH-HA

So whilst much talk and teaching concentrates on this IDEA of a FRAME of some description and REFRAME-what if we moved into the idea of the GESTURE and REGESTURE.

I should of course explain that the GESTURE is like the suggestion that something is happening kind of perhaps like a motion blur that when run together in a SEQUENCE of GESTURES results in smooth ANIME.

So yes I though HOW COOL IS THAT.  The problem for modern Computer 3D animators is of course that you really can give life to absolutely everything (ALL OBJECTS-be they a grain of sand or a hair on the head ) within a World or Universe or Environment-though I actually have personally more enjoyed those films that have opted for some level of STORY TELLING that is not detracted from via perfection of craft-we as a species actually non-consciously prefer some level of stumbling and imperfections and so on-I recall seeing some program years ago where this very topic was discussed in that they CAN do these things.

Having said that many an EXPERT also says that given the PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT ideology that you can be better making a thousand footsteps of mistakes than having never set out on the Journey in the first place-although the classic humour is of course that you could well have someone else’s boots if you took the time to borrow them at the beginning of the journey.

Yes so I feeling clearly inspired even though I do not generally regard myself as being able to draw for toffee-you could say that I now have all the assorted bits and bobs in place and all that is required is some FOCUS and that is where I seemingly fall-my HABIT being one of being a WORDSMITH and they say no-one thinks in words only symbols though IF SOMEONE WOULD LIKE TO MAY FOR MYSELF TO HAVE THE SCANS AND TESTS I really do have difficulty going the other way round-picture to word-yes I see picture though word pops up in a PREMEDITATED fashion long before any detail of what a beautiful image or however.

So maybe the inability or that split second prior to any given event is because the information is coming in the fashion of a FRAME and I am thinking or need to be thinking in GESTURE.

I have not fully though through all the necessary ins-and-outs of moving from the REFRAME to the REGESTURE though that of course is a GENIUS CREATIVE in its own write-for those that do not know in computer programming we do have the term REGISTER and that is not to dissimilar from REGESTER is it not?

So the fool in a pack of cards is of course the JESTER for the medieval king and queen and that might be regarded as the 53rd and 54th cards supplied with some decks-hmmn.

So the clues are there even within the standard non-la-di-dah decks.

What else is going on?  Well I do of course have a father who is disgusted at the lack of opposition to the LETS GO TO WAR debate in Parliament-I said so you want JIHADIST JOHN to continue beheadings and so on and his SOURCES apparently say that the video material and so on only infers the actions and that they “THE VIDEOS” originated from American Sources as opposed to the standard Al Jazera type outlets of Al Queda and so on-I have know idea how much of that is true-though he did make another comment relating to this idea of Satan being called upon to remove Satan and one cannot help to concur in many ways-though obviously not from the same perspective-I being a warmongering LETS GET AT ‘EM type person.

Yes I actually remember the First Gulf War back in 1991 and that was perhaps the first conflict that had all the IN ACTION-IN your face live coverage from downtown Baghdad and so on and I was absolutely gripped with it like an addict getting his fix-I remember watching hour after hour of that particular conflict and of course we later learned of the other stories involved with that conflict.

So as I said previously you might say I had been at the HEIGHT of my COMPUTING interest at that time-although as is known I did later go and do Elctronic Engineering and Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence.

I should also of course congratulate India on its own MARS ORBITER-my University and Robotics Lab was partially responsible for the ILL-FATED crashed Lander that occurred a few years ago-they actually had a SECOND piece or part of the CRAFT-within the lab-I guess you build your models and mock-ups and so on and various labs around the Country that were involved all had various pieces and so on-though as I say my own experience was that I was working and had access to the lab for a GPS Project that I was carrying out and the Post Graduate Students whilst I am surely working hard on that project did have a penchant for playing Medal Of Honour-Call Of Duty type DEATHMATCH games on the supercomputer Network and Plasma TV’s.  yes that was of course one of the benefits of having access to such networks and kit and so on-though just about every man and his dog can now achieve the same level of TECHNOLOGIES.  Choice being choice of course-I think Plasma was one of those that never really took off though I think given my own acquaintance and experience that they are something that could have been carried further-I guess it comes down to TAKE-UP in the MAJOR Population Centre’s and so on-though having said that given a planet of 7 Billion and a healthy sense of perspective and ratios and so on-how many BUYERS from 7 Billion DO YOU NEED TO MAKE ANY KIND OF A PROFIT?

That perhaps one of the great secrets that anyone selling just about any product can find an audience of some description if they have not got one already-as I say I have focussed on my own learnings and meditation and so on rather than a product though if someone were to come along and ask for my input or however I could well give or provide some ideas or REGESTURES and so on.

Yes early work this evening and looking forward to getting on with some of my newly rediscovered artistic type abilities-if the theory remains within ones noggin for long enough-we do of course have brains that are always instinctively searching and looking for the next reinvention of the wheel-though I have found some areas of interest more appealing and once again inspiring-maybe I’ll be making a step forward in progress as to my other website that has been un-utilised considering all these guru’s seemingly throw up new sites on a daily basis for this project or that project-I have one project that I have been seeking to develop and  maybe the necessary skills are gradually making themselves known to myself.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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